Bass Odyssey presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016 – Things To Do In Jamaica This Summer!

Bass Odyssey presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016 – Things To Do In Jamaica This Summer!

Keeping up with the music theme of  the last couple of posts, I present to you another big event that you won’t want to miss this summer in Jamaica. Bass Odyssey presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016, a festival dedicated to the mighty Sound Systems that string up their speakers and blast music and vibes for a crowd of music loving revellers. If you want to experience a Sound Clash where different Sound Systems are pitted against each other song for song, then check out the Bass Odyssey presents SoundFest 2016 – Things To Do In Jamaica This Summer! post featured here on Sweet Jamaica….

Jamaica SoundFest 2016

Bass Odyssey Presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016

This annual event is a celebration of the Sound System Movement, recognising the important role Sound Systems play in getting contemporary music out in front of the masses. The event is proud of its cultural heritage and all music played throughout the event is in the original style with amplified speaker boxes and selectors, so that patrons can be emerged in the feel of the 1950’s Jamaican Sound Systems that heralded this movement. with 10+ Sound Systems playing at the Bass Odyssey Presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016, you will experience both home-grown and international Sound Systems at their best.

What Is A Sound System?

Sound Systems came about in 1950’s Jamaica, as a way for music connoisseurs to share music with those in the community that couldn’t afford a radio.  Speakers would be strung up, amplifying the strains of their favourite artists that they spun on record players drawing in a crowd. And so the Selector was born. Recognising the popularity of the events, Selectors soon set about turning these sessions into lucrative events by containing the area and charging an entrance fee. Quickly catching on rival Selectors set up their own Sound Systems and so the popularity of Sound System musical events spread. These type of open-air music events are hugely popular today and Sound Systems have cropped up from all corners of the world. A Sound Clash is when two or more Sound Systems ‘battle’ to draw in and get the approval of the crowd. Each Sound System takes turns to play a killer track to blast the other Sound Systems selectors mixing skills out of the water, with a ‘King’ being crowned at the end.

Bass Odyssey – A Jamaican Sound System Veteran

Bass Odyssey is one of the most highly respected and hotly anticipated Sound Systems in Jamaica. Their Selectors and DJ’s are legendary in the Dancehall Sound Clash circuit for their thumping sound systems, impeccable musical selection and the lyrical skills of their DJ’s. Their speciality is out doing their rivals musical selection with a bigger floor filler, whipping up the crowd into a frenzy of dancing, appreciative noises and upraised arms waving lighters. Bass Odyssey events are synonymous with high walls of powerful speakers strung up around the perimeter of the area, where their Selectors make the most of the pumping sound system by playing floor fillers for an appreciative crowd.

There is no better place to experience a Sound System Sound Clash than the birthplace and home of Reggae Music and Sound Systems, Jamaica. If you are looking for things to keep you occupied in Jamaica this august find your way to The BASS ODYSSEY SoundFEST 2016; formerly known as the BASS ODYSSEY Anniversary & Sound System Festival.

“Original dancehall-lawn style with sound boxes string up from some of the

most recognized sound systems in the world”

Boxed Flyer


Bass Odyssey SoundFest 2016 Venue

Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, aka Richmond in Priory, St. Ann – Jamaica

Bass Odyssey SoundFest 2016 Entrance Price

General Entry: JA$1,500 / US$15.00

Special Entry: JA$2,500 / US$25.00

Bass Odyssey SoundFest 2016 Line Up

Jamaican Sound Systems

Bass Odyssey
Stone Love
Fire Links
Bob Clarke; Special Vintage Jamaican music tribute 9-11pm

International Sound Systems

Soul Supreme; hailing from the USA
Magash; hailing from Switzerland
Fujiyama; hailing from Japan
Muamba; hailing from Brazil

Further Sound Systems to be confirmed….

Contact for more info and/or to be a part of the movement.


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