Bresheh Enterprises a ‘Jamaican Made’ Success Story

Bresheh Enterprises a ‘Jamaican Made’ Success Story

I have a new bag crush. I have wanted to get a backpack for a while as a hands free alternative to my usual luggage, but haven’t seen anything that took my fancy. That is until now. I recently came across a socially aware luggage company that has launched in Jamaica and I am now desperate to get my hands on one (or two) of their gorgeous bags! Bresheh Enterprises is a home-grown company set up by two special twenty-something brothers with one industrial sewing machine on their veranda in Kingston, Jamaica and a bag of drive and tenacity. Bresheh Enterprises a Jamaican Made Success Story in the making has got my attention. Support Jamaica! Buy Jamaican!

Who and What Are Bresheh Enterprises?

Who and What Are Bresheh Enterprises? The story of the Bresheh brothers, Davian and Randy McLaren and how they came to set up Bresheh Enterprises is an inspirational one. The brothers wanted to translate their love of Jamaican culture into a business venture and choose to initially tackle the imported luggage and accessory market with a line of their own. This seems logical when you consider that Randy was a successful social entrepreneur trained at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, whilst Davian had plenty of retail experience and was naturally creative, already successfully remodelling shop bought backpacks whilst at school. ‘Bresheh’ is a Jamaican term for ‘Breadfruit’, (which is one of my favourite foods to eat in Jamaica) and the McLaren brothers celebrate it in all it’s glory and versatility in this range of Jamaican inspired luggage.

Copyright Bresheh Enterprises

Copyright Bresheh Enterprises

Bresheh Enterprises is Launched

Like many young Jamaican’s the brothers had big dreams and on 1st August 2015, they launched Bresheh Enterprises on their home veranda full of hope for the future. The McLaren brothers wanted to bring a high quality alternative to the mass imported luggage market in Jamaica, whilst creating local employment opportunities. And so, by pushing forward and utilising the brother’s respective skills, Bresheh Enterprises was born. The brothers design and produce all of their luggage line right here in Jamaica, for the Jamaican and international market.  Nearly one year later, the Jamaican Made accessory line with the brother’s flair for design and 100% customisation, is quickly knocking spots off the competition. Their initial tenacity has paid off as the Bresheh Brothers sold close to 150 bags in less than 3 months of launching and have completed 500+ orders to date. If you would like more information or would like to order a bag from Bresheh Enterprises you can check out their website here….

Bresheh Enterprises Goals in Their Own Words…

Bresheh’s goal is to capture the good vibes and high energy of Jamaican culture in a range of high-quality, locally manufactured products, beginning with bags. Bresheh bags are locally made and 100% customizable, allowing customers to choose the design, size, colours and materials used. Customers can also add their names, initials, logo or social media handles to further personalize the bags. Bresheh also offers after sales support to guarantee their customers’ ongoing satisfaction. The Bresheh Collection is ideal for students, teachers, corporate professionals, musicians, gym enthusiasts, companies, government agencies and event planners.” Randy McLaren

“Bresheh is an enterprise with a social mission. Apart from providing jobs for young people, our intention is to include tags in each bag that will carry information on how to report child abuse, sexual and intimate partner violence. Additionally, 5% of every bag sold will be donated to wards of the state, juvenile offenders and reintegration programs. Via partnerships with schools, we plan to start a scholarship fund to assist students needing financial and development support.” Randy McLaren

Bresheh Bag A Dreams

Bresheh Bag A Dreams

Bresheh Bag a Dreams – A Crowd Funding Project for Bresheh Enterprises

The McLaren brothers have a crowd funding campaign on, which is governed and organised through Jamaica National Small Loans Division. The ambitious brothers are hoping to raise US$10,000 to grow their business to the next level and to start their social mission objectives. Show some support and get behind the Bresheh Bag a Dreams – A Crowd Funding Project for Bresheh Enterprises.

How will the funds be used?

  1. Industrial sewing machines
  2. Embroidery machine
  3. Fabric cutting machine
  4. Raw material
  5. Product Development

“This means that we will be able to train and employ more people, give back more in scholarships and grants which is part of our social mission. We will also be closer to rolling out an empowerment and training programme for underserved/unattached youth.” Randy McLaren

How You Can Help Bresheh Enterprises Reach Their Crowd Funding Goals

Randy McLaren has this message on how you can help support the Bresheh Enterprises crowd funding project:

“THANK YOU!  This project cannot happen without your help! Thank you for believing in us and encouraging us as artists and manufacturers. With this success, we hope to bring you more products inspired both by the versatility of the breadfruit and the culture of Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world.” Randy McLaren


Copyright Bresheh Enterprises

Copyright Bresheh Enterprises

Disclaimer: All images and quoted text, copyright Bresheh Enterprises. 


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