Dover Raceway St. Ann Jamaica

Dover Raceway St. Ann Jamaica

If you are looking for a day out then why not give Dover Raceway located near to Browns Town, St. Ann, Jamaica a try? Offering  enthralling first class entertainment watching Motorbike, Motor Car Racing and Kart Racing. They have major Meets taking place monthly between April and November, which generally take place to celebrate the Jamaican Public Holidays throughout the year. Dover Raceway makes a change from the usual attractions on offer in Jamaica and appeals to the whole family as there are lots of things going on to keep all ages occupied.

With lively and knowledgeable comperes and a DJ playing the latest tunes between races, Dover Raceway is a fun day out and a must see in Jamaica. We have witnessed aerial shows with remote-controlled helicopters, dance competitions for the youngsters and celebratory antics on the track with the cars doing donuts and wheel spins! The whole of Dover Raceway is well thought out, clean and welcoming with great amenities on site, such as toilets, hot food vendors, bars and drink sellers and well as stands and promotional items to wander among. It is said that Dover Raceway is the most challenging in all the Caribbean and with twists and turns and two long runs to pick up speed you will be flag waving and cheering with the warm and receptive crowds that flock to watch these thrilling and exciting events.

Pedestrian Entrance Dover Raceway

Pedestrian Entrance Dover Raceway

History of Dover Raceway, Jamaica

When I started researching about the founder of Dover Raceway, Mr Alfred Chen, I found very little information online about him. He was of Chinese decent and is credited as people person who worked tirelessly in philanthropic and political roles right up to his untimely death. Mr Chen sadly passed away at the age of just 49 in a self piloted helicopter crash in Trelawny, Jamaica on 11th October 2000 when he crashed into hills shortly after taking off. He was greatly mourned, but his legacy lives on as Dover Raceway continues to draw in the crowds and introduce world-class racing drivers to the world at large.

The following information has been taken from other websites, with the original source mentioned:

About Alfred Chen

To fulfil his desire to race, Alfred Chen built a race track in his backyard. It became known as Dover Raceway later. Other race fans were invited to join him to race and before long, it became very popular. It is now the circuit racing track in Jamaica. It is also named the most challenging and most difficult in the Caribbean. Bike races are also held at this location. I have no knowledge of car drivers dying from accidents on this track, but at least 1 bike rider have died on this course. The raceway is 1.4 miles long with a front stretch of about 0.25 miles and a back stretch of 0.24miles. The track record is held by David Summerbell in a time of about 1 min 20 sec followed by Doug ‘Hollywood’ Gore.

Find the Source Here at Google Forums, written by: G. Lawrence

About Dover Raceway

The track is a road course which has 12 curves and a straightaway that allows top speeds of over 100 mph. There is one hairpin, 180 degree turn at turn number 5 that is always a fan favourite during tight races. There are many viewpoints from which to see the races including the main gallery where you can see the 2nd half of the straightaway where the cars are at full speed and turns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This vantage point offers the widest view of the track with the most turns.

On the opposite side of the track, you can see turns 9, 10, 11 & 12 where they will accelerate up a steep hill onto the straightaway. Another popular spot is the VIP Race Tower. If you have the right wristbands, you can climb the 3 story tower for a 360 degree view of the race track. It is also quite a bit cooler up there because of the shade and you will get a nice breeze on most days at the higher elevation.

Find the Source here at wikimapia

Compere and DJ Stand Dover Raceway

Compere and DJ Stand Dover Raceway

How to find Dover Raceway, Jamaica

You can find Dover Raceway just north of Browns Town, St. Ann. If you are driving from the north coast, turn off the North Coast Highway at either Runaway or Discovery Bay and head inland towards Browns Town. There is a large sign letting you know where to turn off the main road heading into Browns Town, but we warned it is a long way to walk up a steep, winding and sometimes pot-holed road before you reach the raceway. If you reach into Browns Town itself you have come too far, turn back! If you are coming from the other direction, head out of Browns Town towards Runaway Bay / Discovery Bay about 5 minutes down the road you will see the sign post for Dover Raceway.

What is on offer at Dover Raceway, Jamaica?

But when you do reach the top it is a sight to see! There is ample parking on a grassy area, with security guards and Police Officers in attendance they ensure the safety of patrons and their vehicles. Once you head towards the ticket booth you will be given the option of a standard entry fee, or a VIP entry fee and children under 12 come in free, which is great if you have a family. They do offer pre-sold tickets at various outlets across Jamaica, which are listed further down the article. Cross over the pedestrian bridge and your nose will direct you towards mouth-watering delicious food, drink (alcohol is on sale) vendors, and some stands profiling related products, such as the sponsor of the event and engine oil and so on.

There are some seating stands which are open to the general public and others that need VIP passes to gain entry, but they fill up early and don’t give you much elbow room. However, I feel the most fun can be had by staking a plot on the grassy area right at the front. You will need to get here early to get a good spot and I would recommend wearing a hat at the very least as the sun can be scorching.

At lot of people bring tents (portable gazebos), umbrellas, seats and an igloo (cool box) filled with ice and drinks and plenty of food. Ideal foods to bring would be Jamaican Escovitch Fried Fish, Saltfish Fritters (Stamp and Go),  Fried or Jerk Chicken, Hard Dough Bread or Fried Dumplings, if you really want to get a plateful you could bring some Jamaican Rice and Peas, Jamaican Coleslaw or Jamaican Potato Salad too!

If you forget anything, don’t worry there are plenty of walking vendors selling sun hats, fedora’s, umbrella’s, as well as the obligatory cold drinks, nuts and snacks.

Motor Bike Dover Raceway

Motor Bike Dover Raceway

Dover ‘Independence of Speed’

My first taste of Jamaican motor racing came at the Independence Day celebrations with the track meet being held on 4th August 2013. It was very hot and sunny and as we had never been before we wasn’t sure what you were allowed to bring inside the enclosure we didn’t come with much. However, after about 1/2 hour in the scorching sun we had to buy and umbrella to shade us as we didn’t want to sit in the stands. There were plenty of vendors walking past so just as you felt thirsty or peckish there was a cold drink or bag of freshly roasted peanuts on offer. After a few hours we were hungry and ambled over the food court and got some tasty fried fish and chicken with rice and peas.

Independence of Speed 2013

Independence of Speed 2013

Dover ‘Heroes of Speed’

The second exciting driving meet that I attended at Dover was on October 21st 2013 and was titled ‘Dover Heroes of Speed’ to commemorate Heroes Day In Jamaica.  It was the last Meet on the 2013 season, so we were filled with anticipation for the days events. We came more prepared this time and brought back the umbrella we had bought the first time we came. We also brought a big bottle of frozen water, some good old Jamaican Wray and Nephew White Rum, a couple of icy cold sodas and some fish and crackers and other snacks!
This information was taken from The Jamaica Race Drivers Club Facebook page:
Dover Heroes of Speed Back on track! The deciding race meet for the Jamaica Race Drivers Club 2013 circuit racing championship See the return of Doug Gore’s Petcom Audi TT, David Summerbell’s Total Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Peter Rae’s Shell Mazda RX7, Natasha Chang’s Texaco Honda Civic. Witness the daring bikers Andre Norman, Adrian Blake, Stefan Chin and Robert McDonald Monday, October 21 starting at 10am Dover Raceway, St Ann Bring the entire family. Presold tickets available @ • Petcom Dunrobin • Petcom Ocho Rios • Tile City Kingston • Performance Centre Mobay • Campbell’s Wholesale Mandeville • Williams Auto Parts May Pen & Old Harbour.

Top Tips for Dover Raceway, Jamaica

  1. You can bring food, drink (including alcohol) so come armed and ready!
  2. Bring an umbrella, hat or portable gazebos and / or  sunscreen as it gets scorching hot watching the races in the midday and afternoon Jamaican sun.
  3. Many people bring seats, cushions or anything else they can find to sit on and make the viewing more comfortable.
  4. Get there early, there are qualifying races happening and the covered seating stands and good spots on the open grassy areas fill up quickly.
  5. Bring your own igloo (cool box) and fill it with ice and drinks, don’t forget some water and food to keep you going if you are drinking alcohol in the sun. If you don’t have an igloo, try freezing a bottle of water and / or a couple of sodas and bring them with you. As they melt out in the sun you will be provided with cool drinks all day, and if you have food it will help keep it cool until you are ready to eat it.
  6. If you don’t want to bring anything with you there are promotional stands, walking vendors selling hats, umbrellas, nuts, drinks, name it! Plus there is a good choice of food and drink stands to keep you watered and fed.
  7. Look out for the Jamaican favourite driver Natasha Chang, she is a bullish driver and is sure to always get the crowds on their feet with her exploits on the track!


Spectator Stands Dover Raceway

Spectator Stands Dover Raceway


About the Jamaican Racing Drivers Club – JRDC

The following information about the JRDC has been copied from the official JRDC website which can be found here.

The Jamaica Race Drivers Club was revived in 2003 to organize and promote motor racing, primarily at the Dover Raceway located just north of Brown’s Town, St. Ann. The Club has an active membership of approximately 80 competitors, led by an executive body comprised of 9 members. Events are held primarily on holiday weekends: Easter Monday; Labour Day; Independence Day and Heroes Day. The Dover events are usually two day events with qualifying on the first day followed by a full calendar of races in a variety of classes, including a special street car class, motorcycles and full fledged race cars, and attract crowds of between 4,000 to 14,000 spectators.

The Club improved the physical infrastructure at the track, including but not limited to:

  • The erection of a new pedestrian bridge at the spectator entrance.
  • The renovation of the current pedestrian bridge on the front straight.
  • The improvement of the track access road.
  • The expansion of the parking area.
  • The erection of vendor facilities
  • The provision of covered spectator stands.
  • The increase in the numbers of Bays
  • The provision of Media monitors (tele communications)
  • Live Broadcast Streaming.
  • The provision of wireless routing for the internet savy
  • The creation of a new access road
  • The increase of vending stalls
  • The increase of exhibit booths

The prize monies paid to winners in our events has also been raised and has increased the quality and quantity of the competitor entries. The JRDC plans to continue the innovations debuted in 2006 with respect to Race Driving schools held at the Track to encourage and develop nascent competitors in a safe and organized manner.

The JRDC would also like to increase our partnerships with corporate Jamaica, as we see many mutually beneficial linkages which exploit the rapidly growing subculture of automobile racing, both locally and internationally.

Contact: Jamaica Race Driver’s Club, 54 Molynes Rd Kingston 10 Ph. 758-JRDC (5732).

Office is in the Deluxe Medical Centre complex beside YP Seaton.

Find the JRDC website here:


Motor Cars Dover Raceway

Motor Cars Dover Raceway

Jamaican Motorsports

Dover Raceway (t): 975-2127

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