Drinking Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Drinking Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

When you think of Coffee, you think of Blue Mountain Coffee. But let me introduce you to another way of enjoying it…

Platinum Blue Coffee Syrup

Jamaica never ceases to amaze me and I am yet again pleased to introduce another forward thinking and very creative Jamaican business woman, who ventured out and started up her own coffee farming business and ended up introducing a new breed of gourmet products to Jamaica and the world. The delicious and versatile Platinum Blue Coffee Syrup made  exclusively using Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans is a taste to savour in many ways.

The flagship product, a delectable Coffee Syrup can be used in many ways to enhance and flavour meals and can be used both before, during or after cooking. Meats and fish can be seasoned, basted and glazed with the syrup, it can be utilised as a table condiment or drizzled over salads, or why not try it poured over your favourite desserts such as ice-cream, pancakes, cakes, muffins or waffles…. Let your own coffee indulgences begin as this is (in our view) The #1 versatile coffee syrup which will always be at hand, as it can be stored right on the table at room temperature.

The Platinum Blue Coffee Syrup has already caught the eye of Caribbean Export, as it had the honour of being selected to take part in the Caribbean Cuisine Showcase, at Grosvenor House London, in the week of August 6, 2012 during the year of the London Olympics. You can expect this company to go far in the future with larger line of products all featuring the world renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Anntonette Abrahams, the brains behind Bloxburgh Gourmet Creations Jamaica Limited, where I found out more about her product range and her thoughts on Jamaica…

Anntonette Abrahams, Bloxburg Gourmet Creations

Anntonette Abrahams, Bloxburg Gourmet Creations

Interview Questions

1. Introduce yourself and your role in the company?

I am Anntonette Faith Abrahams residing in Saint Andrew, Jamaica, Founder and CEO of Bloxburgh Gourmet Creations Jamaica Limited.


2. When was your company established and why did you choose this career path?

Bloxburgh Gourmet Creations Jamaica Limited was established in 2009. Having worked for an international company as Accounts & Payroll Manager for more than 6 years and Accounting Supervisor for more than 5 years with a local company. I felt I had garnered enough experience at every level to venture into my own business. In 2009, I began with a small farm nested in the Blue Mountains, however that was not challenging enough for my potential. As a result, in 2010 I approached the Scientific Research Council to look into product development for value added products from Blue Mountain Coffee to boost cash flow. Thus the birth of my flagship product “Platinum Blue Coffee Syrup’.

Coffee Syrup Photo 500ml

Coffee Syrup Photo 500ml

3. Tell me about your typical working day?

My typical working day begins at 6 a.m at which time I plan my days activities. After which, I would make checks on the farm’s progress, managing administrative duties, monitoring financial activities and also getting involved in the manufacturing process even up to delivery stage. The close of my work day is usually between 10-11 p.m.

4. What is your company philosophy?

Innovation, Quality and Flavour is what we do best.

5. Where is your Head Office based and do you manufacture / produce your products in Jamaica?

Our products are manufactured at The Scientific Research Council, Saint Andrew, Jamaica.

6. Do you use Jamaican raw materials in your products?

 Yes, we use Jamaican Raw materials in our products, in fact our main ingredient is Blue Mountain Coffee. However, since Jamaica does not produce certain ingredients we use, some ingredients are imported which we purchase from local importers.

7. Are you Jamaican?

Yes, I was born in Kingston Jamaica.

8. Tell me your top 3 likes and dislikes about Jamaica?

My top likes:

  1. Our relatively good climate throughout the year.
  2. Our unique culture.
  3. Jamaica’s creative abilities.

My top dislikes:

  1. High crime rate per capita.
  2. Lack of opportunity to enhance the productive sector.
  3. The level of Corruption.


9. What new company plans and visions are you working on?

We will be undertaking a vigorous marketing initiative overseas including participating in trade missions as far as Moscow. In addition, we will be unveiling our family of products which includes our Premium Coffee Wine.

10. What is your personal favourite product that you make and why?

Our Premium Coffee Wine. This is my favourite product as it was the first product idea I conceptualized.

11. Who or what, is your inspiration or role model?

My first inspiration is God, I appreciate him giving the skills to be innovative. My role model is my mother she is a virtuous woman.

Bloxburg Coffee Syrup

Bloxburg Coffee Syrup

12. Where can we buy your products in Jamaica and overseas?

Platinum Blue products can be found at both airports in Jamaica, gift shops and in bond stores in Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Montego Bay and Negril. Also, in selected supermarkets in Kingston. Our products will be available in Greece next month. They can also be purchased online via our website: www.bloxburghgourmet.com

13. How do you love to spend your free time in Jamaica?

I spend my free time visiting the country side, reading and thinking.

14. If you could be Prime Minister of Jamaica for a day, what would you do?

The country is experiencing severe regression which one day would make a significant impact. But if given the opportunity to be the Prime Minister for one day, I would change the entire cabinet and appoint new ministers with visions for prosperity and ones who detest corruption.

15. Which Jamaican, dead or alive, do you feel made the biggest contribution to Jamaica and why?

The Jamaican in my opinion who have made the biggest contribution to Jamaica is Norman Manley. Why? He was integral in advocating for universal adult suffrage which later resulted in the new constitution of 1944.

16. If you could impart one piece of advice to inspire young Jamaicans to start their own businesses or succeed in their chosen career, what would it be?

 Believe in yourself, follow your dreams with perseverance and never settle for mediocrity, because only the best is good enough.

17. If you could change jobs, what would you do?

I would want to be an adviser to the Prime Minister in a bid to save my country.

18. Apart from your own company, what is your favourite Jamaican company and why?

I must say Digicel, they have been contributing significantly to the inner cities and sports development.

19. What do you believe contributes most to your company’s ongoing success?

Our unique quality products, good customer service, loyal customers, marketing strategy true friends and family support.

20. What do you feel your company has to offer the international and home markets, over and above your competitors?

Premium and unique products at the highest quality with a niche target market for gourmet shoppers.

21. How do you believe we as a nation can help to build Jamaica?

We can help to build Jamaica by producing more, thus cutting our import bill at least by 80 per cent. In addition, we need to stop fostering corruption.

22. What are your aspirations for Jamaica?

I would like to see a productive, peaceful and a truly independent Jamaica on route to a first world health sector and the leading Caribbean country in all aspects.

23. What are your thoughts on the ‘SUPPORT JAMAICA BUY JAMAICAN!’ post on Sweet Jamaica’s blog?

It is a good initiative in an effort to highlight the productive potential of Jamaican products. We endorse your blog completely. Continue to do this great work.

Thanks Anntonette it was a pleasure interviewing you…. anytime you need a sampler ‘hail me up!’


Want to learn more, buy something or get in touch with Bloxburgh Gourmet Creations Jamaica Limited you can do it here:

Bloxburgh Gourmet Creations Jamaica Limited

Registered Address: Bloxburgh District, Kalorama P.A, St. Andrew, Jamaica, West Indies.

Our telephone: Tel: 876-331-4643 or 1876 552 7105

Our email: sales@bloxburghgourmet.com


Bloxburgh Gourmet Creations Jamaica Limited

‘Innovation, Quality and Flavour’

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      My hope is that these interviews will serve to garner recognition for the companies and individuals and inspire not only potential clients and customers, but also other Jamaicans, so that they will have the belief that with hard work and diligence they too can make a better future for themselves and for Jamaica as a whole. If the ‘people’ in charge want to get involved all the better, hear what your country people are saying, listen to their needs and empower them through changes in legislation, polices and internal good practice that encourages and enables entrepreneurs and MSME’s (micro, small and medium enterprises) to be recognized and to prosper on the world-wide arena. Our proud Jamaican’s want a way to stand on their own two feet. Jamaica has a lot to offer and I am going to find my own way of spreading the love! Sweet Jamaica, Jamaica’s Sweet!

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