Earth Hour Jamaica 2014

Earth Hour Jamaica 2014

What is Earth Hour?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) conceived the idea for a symbolic event showing a commitment to making positive action for the environment and Earth Hour was born. This campaign encourages governments, businesses and individuals to switch off any non-essential lights for one set hour. The event started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007, but has now spread to include 152 countries participating in the Event, which is being held today, the 29th March 2014.

Nelson Mandela

 “Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our

future as humanity on this planet” 

How is Jamaica Celebrating Earth Hour?

Jamaica is joining the events marking Earth Hour for the second year running and is celebrating the initiative with a free acoustic reggae concert in Kingston at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre. The concert is being used as a medium to show Jamaica’s ongoing commitment to tackling climate change and raise public awareness of the issues. At 8.30pm participants at the concert will release 100 lanterns to officially mark Earth Hour, whilst other Jamaicans across the island are being asked to turn off any non-essential lights.

The concert is being organised by, in partnership with Flow and includes acts Rootz Underground, Jesse Royal,  I-Wayne, Iba Mahr, Runkus and the Old Skl Band, Aisha Davis, Sezi, Stephanie, Sevana, Dann-I, SkyGrass, Nature, Jah Bouks, Charmaine, Ikaya, Ruth Royes, BLACKasCOLE, Dburnz, Machu Ezra, Eva Hype, D’Yani, Cali P. The concert will be hosted by Jah9, Bay-C of T.O.K, Stephen Newland of Rootz Underground and Keida.

Earth Hour Jamaica Concert

Earth Hour Jamaica Concert

What do the Organisers Hope to Achieve?

We hope that more companies locally will participate in the fight against climate change and spread the word about this movement. We will print and distribute 1,000 tickets which will allow FREE access to the event. A $500 fee will be charged at the gate for patrons without a ticket. Proceeds from the concert will go to Jamaica Environment Trust, a non-profit, non-governmental membership organization who operate Jamaica’s largest environmental education program, the Schools Environment Programme.


Soundbites About Earth Hour

Thoughts from some of the people involved in Earth Hour.


Andy Ridley, CEO and Co- Founder, Earth Hour.

“People from all walks of life, from all nations around the world, are the lifeblood of the Earth Hour global community. They are true beacons of hope, demonstrating what happens when innovation and passion come together to address the biggest challenges of our time. They have proven time and time again that if you believe in something strongly enough, you can achieve amazing things. These stories aren’t unique, this is happening all over the world,”

Gail Abrahams, director of corporate communications for Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited, operators of the Flow brand.

 “Climate change is one of the most important issues affecting our planet. Our partnership for the Earth Hour concert enables us to demonstrate our commitment to action on climate change via initiatives to minimize our negative impact on the environment. As a technology company, we use this opportunity to highlight the importance of smart and responsible use of technology so that we are solving problems rather than creating more for the future.”

Alex Morrissey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at

“We’re grateful to have Flow on board again for the second Earth Hour Concert. With Flow’s assistance, we will make progress on our efforts to transcend into a national movement through their reach to a wide cross-section of customers. It’s great to have corporate Jamaica demonstrating their firm commitment and recognition of the importance of efforts to save our planet. Our music has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to convey important messages to Jamaicans. This Earth Hour Concert provides an opportunity to increase awareness of environmental issues in Jamaica. We are excited to join with these talented artistes and the organisers of Earth Hour for this incredible event and encourage as many persons as possible to attend.”

Some of these soundbites were originally from an article in the Jamaican Observer.

Earth Hour Jamaica 2014

Earth Hour Jamaica 2014

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