1. Birgit

    I like the idea, it’s great. I also have to say that I sometimes just don’t understand how things work here in Jamaica. we trying since some time to get hold of old car tyres to use them for the foundation for our house/hut. Also a good way to recycle them and much cheaper than concrete blocks and cement. i’d even love to build a earthship outof old tyres. The idea was to get them for free and only pay for the delivery. This way the company could get rid of their old tyres too. but I couldn’t find any up to now.
    If anyone knows where to ask I am more than happy. We are located in St. Elizabeth.

    1. Post author

      Hey Birgit

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. That sounds like an interesting plan and an innovative use for old tyres (tires) as a foundation. I am not quite sure what an ‘earthship’ is and I would love to hear more about this part of the plan!

      Have you tried contacting any tyre (tire) dealers in the local area? I know that there is a huge amount of old tyres at Riverton Dump, which has been in the headlines due to its sheer magnitude of scale. However I am not sure if it is possible to collect from there, as part of the controversy was to do with how the tyres where to be recycled and by whom. But, you could maybe give them a try?

      Let me know how you get on and I’d love to hear more about the plan to construct a ‘earthship’.

      Bless up Jules

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