JamDung Bar and Grill – Salem, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

JamDung Bar and Grill – Salem, Runaway Bay, Jamaica
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  • JamDung Bar and Grill is a well worth a visit if you are staying in the area, or passing through between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. The staff and visitors are friendly and the night time events are fun and entertaining. It is clean and benefits from secure parking. The food is great and the drinks are reasonable.

JamDung Bar and Grill – Salem, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Runaway Bay in Jamaica is a one street town that takes in Salem and Priory when traversing between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Although the town is compact there is a smattering of food and drink outlets and establishments that are worth a mention and JamDung Bar and Grill is one of them.

Location of JamDung Bar and Grill

Okay, so the location isn’t exactly picturesque as it’s situated along the busy A1 Highway, Main Street, Salem. If you are driving it’s located on the OPPOSITE side of the road to the ocean. You can drive inside the JamDung Bar and Grill compound and enjoy yourself within eyesight of your vehicle. The main road is screened with tropical planting and once you sit down and take it the drinks, food, tunes and vibes you will forget the sound of the vehicular traffic trundling along. There are several resorts that are nearby including Jewel Hotel which is within an easy 10 minutes walk along a flat and straight road. Just keep your eyes on the road and look both ways twice, before stepping out into the road and crossing; be aware of motorbikes which may be in your blind spot.

JamDung Bar and Grill

JamDung Bar and Grill

What’s Happening at JamDung Bar and Grill

All the staff at JamDung Bar and Grill are super friendly and the other patrons make visitors feel welcome. They are open in the daytime and is it a much more sedate affair with a few locals hanging out and taking in lunch or a cool drink. The evenings are when things get hyped up and busier. Monday is Karaoke Night and Friday is Old School and Retro Music Night both of which are popular, as they are fun and entertaining nights which draw in a lively crowd.

The kitchen is nearly always open and you have to try the Roast Yam, a speciality of the venue. I also recommend the Fried Breadfruit, which is an absolute favourite of mine (check out my Breadfruit recipes here!). They also have a selection of barbecue and cooked meats and fish, if you are lucky and the fish hasn’t sold out. There is seating both under cover around the bar area and out in the open where parasol’s keep the sun off the tables and chairs.

JamDung Bar and Grill - Roast Breadfruit

JamDung Bar and Grill – Roast Breadfruit



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