#PrayforMia Mia-Skye Baldoue Appeal – Support Jamaica

#PrayforMia Mia-Skye Baldoue Appeal – Support Jamaica

Pray for Mia-Skye Baldoue – Support Jamaica

Have you ever seen a video clip of someone suffering and it made tears drop from your eyes? Well that was what happened to me after I discovered the story of Mia-Skye Baldoue, a four-year Jamaican girl who met in a car accident in September 2016 resulting in complications with her brain. The strength and fear in this little girl since her accident was inspiring and made my blood run cold at the same time.

Mia’s story has really touched my heart so I am sharing it with you my readers. So that maybe some of you will be touched enough to help reach the Funding goal. Please help share this around the world and there will be enough people banded together to help Mia in her arduous recovery.


New Instagram Account

I recently set up a Sweet Jamaica Instagram account (okay, okay I know I’m slow) and was looking around on the site when I came across a feed of a Jamaican mother who was in distress about her child who had been hospitalised. The raw emotion of the mother asking for prayers and the image of the child lying unconscious in the hospital bed, started a lump in my throat as I read on.





Mia was Involved in a Car Accident

As I clicked on the feed and starting read earlier posts,  I discovered that Mia had been travelling in a vehicle that was involved in a collision in Linstead, Saint Catherine resulting in head injuries to the child. Mia was rushed to the Bustamante Hospital in Kingston where a piece of her skull was removed to try and reduce the swelling to her brain. The delicate piece of skull was placed in Mia’s abdomen to try and give it a chance of survival, so that it could be replaced when the time was right.




A Mothers Worst Fears

As I scrolled down the feed I noticed a recent image of Mia all dressed up and pretty, ready for her first day back at school. Days later her mother received a phone call that was to change her life forever. After being advised that Mia may be brain-dead, or unable to walk or talk again, Mia’s mother took to Instagram to ask for your prayers for her daughters recovery. As I scrolled down the page I started praying for Mia too, as I anxiously read on.

Before Mia’s injury she was bright as a button, her mothers joy and blessing. Mia was constantly putting smiles on everyone’s face with her cheeky humour and adorable comebacks, many of which have been captured by family members on home videos and posted to social media sites.


Little Miss Mia-Skye


Bustamante Hospital – Mia’s Surgery

Since Mia’s first surgery she has made a miraculous recovery and has been able to walk and talk again. Her strength, courage and determination has been tested and proven after the accident. Mia is a strong, bright and voracious child, but she isn’t out of the woods yet. In some of the posts you can tell she is really scared and in pain, it is heart-breaking.

Mia-Skye Baldoue Go Fund Me Page.

Engineering a Piece of Custom Fit Prosthetic Skull

The piece of skull that was uncomfortable and sore in little Mia’s tummy for so long, was unfortunately found to be unusable when it was removed from her abdomen. This has left a void in Mia’s skull leaving her traumatised and recovering brain unprotected. Mia’s family have no choice but to seek medical expertise to create a prosthetic piece of skull, which will need to be fitted in another life threatening operation.

As Mia grows the prosthetic will need to be replaced regularly. So that it still fits correctly, requiring her to go through several operations throughout her childhood.

Courageous Mia was unable to immerse herself in water for 89 days as she had to keep her stomach dry, to protect the stitches securing the piece of skull internally. The only joy to come out of the futile exercise was from an excited and joyous Mia as she took her first full bath again…

Mia-Skye Baldoue Go Fund Me Page.



How You can Help Mia-Skye



If this story has touched you and you would like more information or to help, I would like to direct you to Mia-Skye Baldoue Go Fund Me Page. Mia’s family is trying to raise $30,000 (US dollars) for her surgeries, rehabilitation and on-going medical costs through the online campaign.

All donations will be gratefully received as every little helps to achieve the target amount.

Pray for Mia

Send Prayers

Supporting Ms Sasha Sepaul. Mia’s mother is going through a lot too and could use your prayers and best wishes. If you would like to follow Ms Sasha Sepaul’s Instagram account for updates on Mia and to send your love and prayers it can be found at @badgyalbam

Follow the hashtag #PrayForMia


Sending Love and Respect to Mia and her Family

I would like to personally like to send my prayers, love and respect to Miss Mia-Skye Baldoue and her mother Ms Sasha Sepaul and the rest of the family. May God shower you in blessings Mia today and always.


Copyright and Credits: All images and videos credited and copyright of the family of Miss MIA-SKYE BALDOUE; Ms Sasha Sepaul and Ms Toni-Ann Tate


Going back to the hospital yesterday was such a reminder of how good God has been to us. Kids that we left there who weren't as critical as Mia, were still there when we went back…sigh… As her tummy was being dressed yesterday her doctor kept saying "mommy I hope u know Mia is a miracle baby… Patients who come in, in her condition rarely make it to this point"..I told her its the prayers… and I know that God worked thru her as she tried to save her life. I remember hearing the doctors telling me that first night what it is they need to do and thinking " dear God a it dis.." But u see faith… It can truly move mountains! And the God we serve… Is a wonderful, merciful, forgiving, healing, miracle working God. I DOA know bout anybody else but I know I'm not deserving of all that He has done for me. I keep looking at all the posts I've made since all this and I keep thinking.. Bam yuh nuh see everything we beg God fi do di Boss just a come all the wayyy thruuu for u!! Mi wuda wicked if mi Neva talk… So we prayed that everything was OK at her evaluation and it was. Surgery date set for the next 2 weeks. GOD IS GOOD!!!! So let's pray that within the next 2 weeks she doesn't get sick and her body doesn't absorb anymore of the bone in her tummy… Thank u Jesus! Thanks #teamMiaSkye mi love unu… All the persons who send me their own personal stories with similar injury.. Unu give me hope. Thanks as always for the prayers and msgs… #prayforMia #justiceforKhajeelMais

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#Prayers4Mia 🙏❤

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I love her….God loves her even more…..God bless our baby girl Mia-Skye 🙏🙏

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Mia-Skye Baldoue Go Fund Me Page.

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