1. Angel

    Thank you for this fascinating history of the `Original habitants > Tainos of Jamaica`.
    I do hope that more evidence will be discovered about these people and their way of life.

    I do not agree with the information referring to the `Tainos` all being wiped out ?. I can recall in the parish of Westmorland > My Papa identifying and growing up with the `Tainos` of Jamaica. (Not the Indians from east india). What is quite interesting about these group of people are the strong connections with the native Indians of > the Americas…

    1. Post author

      Thank you for your feedback Angel, I am glad you enjoyed the article. I would love to hear more about the Tainos you are referring to in Westmoreland, please get back to me if you have any further information on this. We may get to re-write the article if there is evidence we have overlooked! Bless up Jules

  2. Santos. dead pabon

    no we are not done completely we’re just emerging back into society I consider myself Taino
    from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico

    1. Julian

      Interesting you say this because for years Puerto Ricans were unaware or denied their “Indian” heritage. That was until the University of Mayaguez did a DNA study that proved many on the the island have native blood that goes back centuries. Unfortunately still to this day many Puerto Ricans that are obviously of mixed taino or carib race say they’re black and white.

  3. Danny Miami

    I met a ninety year old Jamaican lady whom her daughter stated was indian she was of short stature and did not resemble an east indian I strongly believed she is of taino heritage. She was a copper complexion with long silver color hair. she could easily been placed in the Dominican rep. or Puertto rico Haiti or cuba they have lied to us these people mixed with the Africans. if you eat cassava bread you are eating taino food.

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