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If you would like to get exposure with ‘Sweet Jamaica’ we offer opportunities for sponsorship and advertising on our website and across our media channels. We can review just about anything for you, or your business and write an original and unbiased article that we will feature on our website, or yours. Our freelance work includes both commissioned and submitted pieces that are original and not published elsewhere.

  • We have up to 33,000 visitors a month and growing
  • Get in touch if you would like to ADVERTISE on Sweet Jamaica
  • We have affordable rates and plans starting from a minimum of three months for sponsorship and advertising
  • Reach your audience with a combination of adverts, company / product articles and social media inclusion
  • You can read freelance work on the following websites: Trip Advisor, Retirement and Good Living, ‘This is Jamaica’ Documentary, Ex-Pat Blogs and more

Opportunities with Sweet Jamaica…

  • Sponsorship and Advertising on ‘Sweet Jamaica’ –  website based advertising, with opportunities for additional presence across all of our social media channels. Including hyper-links directly to your website. Advertise your business, property, product, service or website and more, with a box or banner advert.

  • Articles and Reviews (carried out at our offices) –  You can be featured on the ‘Sweet Jamaica’ website and additionally across our social media channels with a personalised, unique and unbiased article or review. Please note: this option is for office based commissions only.

  • Articles and Reviews with Personal Attendance Want us to come to you? We outsource our services and will attend an event, launch, business place, attraction, group, property, hotel or even individuals, with a story or idea to tell. We will produce a personalised, unique and unbiased article or review which will be featured on the ‘Sweet Jamaica’ website and across all our social media channels.  

  • Product Testing – If you have a created or designed a product you that would like tested, we can produce unique and personalised content written for your personal use across your own online presence or through other published channels.

  • Freelance ContentWe will produce unique and personalised content written for use across your own online presence or other published channels.

  • Build a WordPress based websiteWe will build a website presence for you using WordPress. and submit it to the search engines.



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