Dengue Fever in Jamaica Continued….

Dengue Fever is still posing a risk to Jamaicans and visitors to the island as the recorded cases of the illness are continuing to rise, with 5 suspected deaths to date.

The rain that is pelting the country may provide new breeding grounds for the Aedes Aegyti mosquito which transmits the virus as new vessels and containers fill with water. Efforts to disperse areas already containing stagnant water are now also put at risk as people are encouraged to stay indoors due to the Tropical Storm Sandy which is threatening to lash the island from tomorrow.

To give an update on my friend who contracted Dengue Fever, they have finally recovered from Dengue Fever after 2 weeks, although they are a little slimmer! They feel fit and healthy again and do not complain of aching anywhere in the body, bones or head, their appetite has come back and their body is functioning normally again. Which is a big relief.

Nowadays I religiously burn destroyer coils and wear mosquito repellant on exposed skin everyday,  I also sleep under a mosquito net every night, just because the worst is over for my friend it does not immunise anyone from contracting the virus again…. And they say prevention is better than cure.

The latest news in Jamaica is that of 23rd October 2012

The Jamaican Information Service is recommending and reminding persons who are suffering from severe symptoms of Dengue Fever or Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) to visit the nearest health facility immediately. The whole article can be read here:

The Health Minister The Hon. Dr Fenton Ferguson is dedicated to tackling the problem which is getting worse and comments:

He noted that so far some 450 communities have been fogged; over 3,500 premises visited and approximately 5,000 containers inspected. “All containers found to be breeding sites for the aedes aegyti mosquito, which transmits dengue, have been treated,” the Minister said.

He pointed out that the intensified programme is expected to last until December 2012, but will be continued beyond that date if the need arises.


The Minister confirmed an increase in dengue fever cases for this year, noting that as at September 29, there were a total of 1,215 suspected cases, of which 345 had been confirmed. This compared to 887 cases in 2011 and 3,202 in 2010, which had been regarded as an outbreak year.


There have also been five suspected deaths associated with the disease, with one confirmed case, via autopsy. The victim was a 15 year-old male of Kingston and St. Andrew, who also had the sickle cell disease.


Dr. Ferguson said all parishes have been affected to date, with Kingston and St. Andrew showing the highest incidence of the disease, with 599 or 50 per cent of the cases.


The breakdown of suspected cases in the other parishes include: 71 cases in St. Catherine; six in St. Thomas; 19 in Portland; 36 in St. Mary; 67 in St. Ann; 20 in Trelawny; 66 in St. James; 38 in Westmoreland; 24 in Hanover; 30 in St. Elizabeth; Manchester, 128; and Clarendon, 82. There are an additional 29 cases for which no parish has been designated.


Read the full article from the Jamaican Information service at: