One Love Music Festival Jamaica 2016

One Love Music Festival Jamaica 2016

One Love Music Festival Jamaica 2016

This year the memory of the One Love Peace Concert lives on as Cedella Marley (daughter of Bob Marley) the CEO of Tuff Gong International stages the first annual One Love Music Festival in Jamaica. The event is hosted over two days from 4th to 5th February 2016, at Rose Hall Great House Lawns and Aqueduct, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The event is a celebration of Bob Marley’s life and legacy, with fundraising for the Bob Marley Foundation at its heart. The Bob Marley Foundation works in partnership with the Rose Town Foundation and the Sandals Foundation to support projects in poverty relief, the environment and education.

The One Love Peace Concert 1978

The One Love Peace Concert is synonymous with Bob Marley’s impromptu unification of bitter rivals and political leaders Michael Manley (PNP) and Edward Seaga (JLP) in 1978. There was political warfare on the streets of Jamaica and Bob Marley was in exile in London, England following an assassination attempt in 1976. It was decided to hold a Peace Concert, with Bob Marley agreeing to headline the show being staged at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. On landing in Jamaica his aircraft was swamped with revellers ecstatic that he had returned back to Jamaican soil. During the concert Bob called the two political leaders on stage and encouraged them to shake hands. Bob then lifted their joined hands above his head in triumph and as a plea to the people of Jamaica to unite in the name of peace and love. Following this unprecedented act Bob Marley was later awarded the Third World Peace Medal by The United Nations in New York.



The One Love Music Festival Charity Gala Cocktail Reception

The One Love Music Festival starts off with a Charity Gala Cocktail Reception on the lawns at Rose Hall on the 4th February 2016. Here you will be able to hobnob with international celebrities whilst taking in the culinary delights of top name celebrity chefs gourmet food stations. The day will be capped off with intimate live performances from Marcia Griffiths and Benjy Myaz, amongst others.


Charity Gala Cocktail Reception

Charity Gala Cocktail Reception

One Love Concert

The second day of the One Love Music Festival will see a star studded concert taking place at The Rose Hall Aqueduct. The gates open at 7:00pm and the concert kicks off at 8:00pm. The concert boasts a host of Jamaican and International favourites and up and coming acts, including Morgan Heritage, Akon, Kymani Marley, Skip Marley,  and a host of other performers.

One Love Music Festival

One Love Music Festival


The Bob Marley Foundation

The Bob Marley Foundation was started in 1986 as a means of providing much needed resources and financial, educational and cultural assistance to projects, communities and organisations in Jamaica. Funded by proceeds from donations and the charitable outlets of both The Bob Marley Museum and Tuff Gong International, the foundation serves to continue Bob’s legacy for uplifting the people of Jamaica, the land of his birth. The Honourable Robert Nesta Marley O.M had an opinion on life unlike most others, unperturbed by the glamour and riches of fame he was selfless and preferred to help others and use his name to make a change and give hope to the lives of many. The Foundation has social interventions at its core, such as: The Marley for Education, School Support, and Marley for Health and Marley Social Welfare projects among others.


The Vision for The Bob Marley Foundation is to positively impact those around us

through Education, Culture, Healthcare and Sustainable Development enacting lasting

change through One Love, One Voice, One Heart





One Love Music Festival and Bob Marley Foundation Links and Websites

If you want more information about Bob Marley,  the One Love Music Festival and the Bob Marley Foundation check out the websites listed below:

The Bob Marley website can be found here: Bob Marley

The Bob Marley Foundation website can be found here: Bob Marley Foundation

The One Love Music Festival Facebook page can be found here: One Love Music Festival

BUY TICKETS ONLINE for the One Love Music Festival here: One Love Music Festival Tickets

BUY TICKETS in person for the One Love Music Festival at Fontana Pharmacy islandwide and Spice World Supermarket, Montego Bay.



All images and videos copyright and credited to the ‘One Love Music Festival’, Bob Marley Foundation and Tuff Gong International. All images are reproduced from the Bob Marley Foundation, Tuff Gong International and One Love Music Festival archives.



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