Ultimate Guide to Jamaican Sodas (What Jamaicans Really Drink!)

As you can expect from a tropical destination blessed with an abundance of fresh fruits, Jamaica has many delicious and satisfying sodas with fun fruity flavors. Whether your preference is for a spicy ginger beer made with real Jamaican ginger, ice cold Kola Champagne, or lip-smacking Fruit Punch you’ll have plenty of choices to quench your thirst the Jamaican way!

There are many overseas brands of sodas on offer in Jamaica, but why stick to the ordinary when you have extraordinary flavors that have an undeniable Caribbean twist? If you’re here on vacation supping an authentic Jamaican soda will give you the flavor of Jamaica in thirst-quenching form!

As with most soft drinks, these examples of Jamaican sodas have to be chilled to get the most satisfaction, as no one loves a room-temperature soda! Or even better leave the soda to chill in the freezer for a while until you get that slushy texture which is super delicious, especially with the Jamaican flavors, such as pineapple, or fruit punch.

So let’s get into it, with our list of must-try Jamaican sodas, that can be bought island-wide:

1. Ting

Ting Image Credit @tingjamaica
Image Credit @tingjamaica

Ting is probably the number #1 favorite soda in Jamaica. Highly popular since it was created in the 1970s, this Jamaican soda is made from Grapefruit and sweetened carbonated water. With a mildly sweet, citrusy flavor that is unmistakably Jamaican.

The word ‘Ting’ means ‘thing’ in Jamaican patois and it’s been said that ‘Ting is the thing to drink‘! Once you have a taste of this delicious and refreshing drink you will be saying the same thing.

‘Making up one-half of the iconic Jamaican alcoholic beverage ‘Rum and Ting’, alongside many other cocktails, Ting is a versatile and staple chaser that is served at all Jamaican social events from parties to funerals!

2. Old Jamaican Ginger Beer

Jamaican Ginger Beer Image Credit @toni_tourdecomida
Image Credit @toni_tourdecomida

Jamaican-grown ginger is highly prized worldwide for its supreme flavor profile, nutritional benefits, and the spicy kick it imparts when used as an ingredient in recipes.

Thought locally to be beneficial to health and digestion, authentic Jamaican Ginger Beer is a popular non-alcoholic beverage that is drunk by children and adults alike… although it is also popularly used to chase rum!

Jamaican Ginger Beer is typically made with real Jamaican ginger and sweetened with sugar cane to give that one-of-a-kind authentically Jamaican spicy-sweet flavor, unlike the artificially flavored and sweetened versions offered overseas.

If you’re looking for a chaser for Jamaican rum, try a ‘Rum and Ginger Beer’ for an authentically Jamaican-tasting alcoholic beverage!

3. D&G Soda

D&G Soda Image Credit @dangjamaica
Image Credit @dangjamaica

If you are looking for an authentically Jamaican soda to try when you’re visiting you have to try a D&G soda. Established in Jamaica in 1918 by Eugene Desnoes and Thomas Hargreaves Geddes, D&G produces a range of beverages, including five different flavored sodas that are well-loved island-wide.

With fun flavors that hit the spot when you’re hot and thirsty, D&G has 6 delicious tropically inspired flavors to choose from: Kola Champagne, Midnight Grape, Cream Soda, Pineapple, Green Apple, and Orange. Best served ice cold!

4. Bigga Soda

Bigga Soda Image Credit @bigga
Image Credit @bigga

Bigga is another authentic Jamaican soda brand that is widely available and popular among the locals. As the first locally made beverage developed by The Jamaica Drink Company in 1996, its colorful, fruity flavors have been inspired by the vibrancy of Jamaica and its people.

Best served chilled for a fruity blast of flavor, choose from Ginger Beer, Pineapple, Fruit Punch, Cream Soda, Apple, Orange, Jamaica Kola, and Grape.

5. Boom

Boom Image Credit @boomenergydrink
Image Credit @boomenergydrink

If you enjoy a boost from an energy drink, Boom is the number #1 Jamaican brand to give you that temporary edge. With a suitably unusual taste that seems to be the norm for energy drinks, Boom is Jamaican-made and much more competitively priced than Red Bull, which is also popular in Jamaica.

Whether you drink it alone, or as a chaser for rum, or vodka, Boom is a popular choice for the party crowd who love to catch a vibe and enjoy themselves!

WARNING! As energy drinks have been documented to make the heart race, take care with the amount of consumption of these types of products. Enjoy in moderation.

6. Malta

Malta Image Credit @maltajamaica
Image Credit @maltajamaica

Malta is a Jamaican drink made by the D&G group, that is popular as a non-alcoholic beverage. With a unique malty, flat, but fizzy flavor it has an unusual taste that is loved by Jamaicans but is somewhat of an acquired taste if you aren’t used to it!

Other Popular Sodas Sold in Jamaica

Jamaica has its fair share of home-grown sodas that are fruity, fun, and delicious and if are visiting the island or want to stock up on some authentic Jamaican sodas we would HIGHLY recommend trying something from the list above while you have the chance.

However, it wouldn’t be a fully inclusive and comprehensive list if we didn’t include a few of the international brands of highly popular sodas that are sold in Jamaica and enjoyed by Jamaicans.

Fun Fact! Did you know that many international brands, are bottled under license in Jamaica and will have a slightly different taste from internationally made versions, as the manufacturing process and water used will be different in each region?

Check out this list of the top international brands of sodas sold and enjoyed in Jamaica:

  1. Chubby Soda
  2. Schweppes
  3. Mountain Dew
  4. 7up
  5. Sprite
  6. Pepsi
  7. Coca Cola
  8. Canada Dry
  9. Red Bull
  10. Fanta
Chubby Soda Image Credit @chubbysoda
Image Credit @chubbysoda

FAQ’s ABout Jamaican Soda

Everything you wanted to know about Jamaican sodas, but didn’t know who to ask!

What is the most popular soft drink in Jamaica?

The most popular soft drink in Jamaica is Ting, which is a carbonated soda with grapefruit. Ting has a mildly sweet, citrusy flavor that is unmistakably Jamaican.

Rum and Ting is a very popular choice of Jamaican alcoholic drink that is enjoyed at any time of the day!

What flavor is Jamaican Kola?

Jamaican Kola is much lighter in color and taste than regular cola and has a sweet, cream soda, fruity, bubblegum taste.

Is Kola Champagne Alcoholic?

No! Despite its name Kola Champagne is totally alcohol-free and is much lighter tasting than regular cola, having more of a sweet, cream soda, fruity, bubblegum taste.

What is Caribbean soda?

While every Caribbean island has its own carbonated drink offering, Jamaica’s grapefruit-flavored Ting, is classed as an exemplary example of a Caribbean soda.

What is Jamaican cream soda?

Jamaica Cream Soda is a creamy flavored, clear soda that is reminiscent of the taste of ice-cream soda floats.