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Things to Do at Jakes Hotel, Treasure Beach

Jakes Hotel, Villas and Spa is a Caribbean boho-chic resort on Jamaica’s low key south coast. Despite it’s laid back appeal there is plenty to keep you occupied on the main Jakes property, all presented in Jakes signature style. Everything on site, from the pool, to the bar, to the spa has been designed in a non-intrusive, artsy cool way. If you are looking for an authentic place to stay in Jamaica, with first class dining and plenty of things to do Jakes may just have it all?

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Jakes Hotel, Villas and Spa – The Rooms

It is easy see why people fall in love with Jakes Hotel, where the vibes are easy-going and there is a room to suit your every need. During our three night stay we fell for the charms of the ‘Caribbean Boho-Chic’ south coast resort and I would definitely go back given the chance.

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Jakes Hotel Review – Arrival and Coral Room


Jakes Hotel, Villas and Spa is probably the most talked about place to stay in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. The quintessential bohemian hang-out on the untouched south coast that has grown organically over the last two plus decades as an antithesis to the all-inclusive hotels huddled on the north coast. With a  three night mini break on the very near horizon I seized the opportunity to make a reservation at the hip Treasure Beach hotel to see what all the fuss was about and explore the area.

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Breakfast at Smurfs Café in Treasure Beach

If you are in the vicinity of Treasure Beach you need to find your way to Smurfs Café & Sports Bar. A Treasure Beach institution, this unassuming ‘Café’ has a roomy shaded seating area at the back and the host Miss Dawn serves the BEST BREAKFAST EVER!

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Welcome to Treasure Beach and the South Coast – Saint Elizabeth

Welcome to Treasure Beach – Saint Elizabeth

As a long time north coast dweller I have always wanted to visit the south coast of Jamaica, or more specifically the area around Treasure Beach and Black River. So I recently took the opportunity to drive down to the parish of St. Elizabeth, fondly known St. Bess, the ‘Bread Basket of Jamaica’,  to explore the area and celebrate a special occasion in the progress. Follow me on this adventure in the next few posts as we start to explore Saint Elizabeth!

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Surviving Jamaica as a Solo Female Traveller – Guest Post

Introducing Zoe

I stumbled upon the Instagram feed of a young English woman who is a languages graduate, a volunteer, an English as a foreign language teacher, a Carnival lover, a Vegan AND a successful serial solo traveller, to name a few of her talents and interests! I admire the way she is forging her own path by travelling around the world experiencing different cultures, by working, volunteering and generally having a good time – mostly on her own.

This got me thinking about all the travelling I have done in my life and how after moving to Jamaica, I have kind of stopped ticking places off my bucket list (I really must get back to that…). It also brought home how much I love that feeling of ‘wonderment’ when you travel somewhere new and made me realise that I have become accustomed to the way of life in Jamaica with each passing year of living here.

I decided to reach out to the multi-faceted Zoe to ask her to write a guest post on Sweet Jamaica. As I thought it would be fun to share her take on the Jamaican experience. Plus I also asked Zoe to share some tips for visiting Jamaica as a solo female traveller and how to go about finding volunteering work in Jamaica. Zoe graciously agreed and I am excited to share her Guest Post with you!…


Surviving Jamaica as a Solo Female Traveller

I’m probably not the only girl who was told that planning to go travelling in Jamaica alone was a stupid idea. A lot of my friends and family seemed to think I was going to get kidnapped (or worse), when most of them had never actually been there, so they were probably just basing their opinions from some out-dated films, videos, rumours or news articles. Anyway, I’ve now travelled to Jamaica twice by myself, for a total of almost four months, and I’m still here to tell the tale! I think about Jamaica almost every day and would absolutely love to be able to go back again some time.

Every culture has some great aspects and some not-so-great aspects, and Jamaica is no exception, so there were definitely some times when I felt annoyed and some times when I felt scared, but overall it was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I thought I’d share a few things that I think could be helpful for anyone planning to travel to Jamaica, especially as a solo female traveller.



Volunteering in Jamaica

The first thing is volunteering. There are a few backpacker hostels that offer ‘work exchanges’, meaning you can volunteer at the hostel bar or reception part-time in exchange for a free bed and sometimes food. If you’re interested in this, check out websites such as Workaway or Worldpackers.

I volunteered for a few months in a hostel in Kingston, and it was really helpful for getting to know people because I ended up becoming friends with some of the staff and their families, so I had local people to hang out with who I knew I could trust. It also gave me an insight into parts of the island I hadn’t visited, because guests who’d travelled around the island would often share their stories with me.

As well as hostel volunteering, there are a few local charitable organisations in Jamaica that welcome volunteers. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find information about these online, but luckily I managed to find out about the Trench Town Reading Centre through a blog post.

I emailed them after having found their contact details on their website, and they told me they’re always open to volunteers, even if it’s only for a one-off visit, so I went along a few days later. If you’re in Kingston and you like children, I would definitely recommend that you contact them and arrange a time to volunteer. The kids are cute and friendly and it’s something worthwhile to do on your trip. Again, this could help you learn more ‘inside’ information about the area and it could lead to some new friendships.



Using Google Maps in Jamaica

Aside from volunteering, something I found incredibly helpful in Jamaica was Google Maps! Surprising, right? In Kingston, if you want to get from A to B but you’re not sure how the public transport works, if you ask Google Maps for directions, it tells you which bus to take and where to take it from. (This only applies for the official government buses, not the coaster buses).

There’s nothing wrong with asking people for directions and transport advice on the street, but personally I felt a bit better having some background knowledge even if I ended up asking people too.

I also used Google Maps for learning some road names before going to new areas, so I would know I have to pass X, Y and Z road on the left or right before reaching the restaurant/museum/bar I was looking for. This helped me to feel more confident as I was walking along by myself, and I could ask a stranger “X Road is just along here, right?” rather than seeming completely lost and asking “excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the museum?”.



Dealing with Sexual Advances as a Single Female Traveller

When you’re walking along by yourself, don’t be surprised if you’re bombarded with more compliments and nicknames than you’ve ever had before in your life! Guys on the street normally called me things like “whitey”, “pretty girl” and “sexy girl”, but sometimes it would just be something like “blue blouse” if I was wearing a blue top.

In my culture it’s not normal to speak to people like that, and it can be a bit surprising at first when you’re in Jamaica, but just remember they give nicknames to everyone and it’s completely normal.  I ended up having some very funny and interesting conversations with people who came to speak to me on the street, and sometimes it led to me eating at a nice restaurant I didn’t know about before, or hearing about a concert that I didn’t know was going to happen.

If you find that certain boys are too persistent, or you don’t have time to stop and talk, or you just don’t feel like having a conversation, don’t be afraid to tell them. I often just said “I’m going to be late for work so I can’t stop now” (which wasn’t even a lie really because I was often on my way to volunteer at the hostel). I know some girls who made up stories about their Jamaican boyfriend (who didn’t actually exist), and once they told the boys that their boyfriend was supposed to be meeting them in five minutes, that was often enough to end the conversation.

Weekend in Portland
Weekend in Portland


In Conclusion

Jamaica is a beautiful place and I feel lucky to have experienced it, but as a solo female traveller, always remember the general tips for travelling, including not carrying much money, carrying money in two separate places (e.g. pocket and bra), not telling absolutely everyone where you’re staying, not walking around alone after dark if you can avoid it and listening to your instincts.

All the travellers I met in Jamaica were having a great time, so don’t let the rumours stop you. Book that flight, pack your backpack and get out there! Take a coaster bus where music plays loud enough for a 1000 person venue, buy local fruits at the market, eat Jamaican food from a little wooden cook-shop with no name, learn some patois, swim under a waterfall, drink a Red Stripe, go to a live dancehall/reggae show, laugh and smile with Jamaican children, talk to an old Rasta man about the meaning of life, and so much more.



Walking in the Blue Mountains
Walking in the Blue Mountains


Contact Details and Links

If you would like to learn more about Zoe’s experiences of world travel you can check out her website Travel With Zoe and her social media channels.

I have also included the links for the Volunteering Websites that Zoe mentioned in the post.


Zoe’s Website Travel With Zoe

Zoe’s InstagramZoeReeve93


Volunteering Websites



Trench Town Reading Centre 


Thinking of moving to Jamaica


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Paint and Sip in Jamaica – Art Parties for all Levels

Painting and colouring for adults is having a bit of a moment of late. Hailed as the next ‘best thing’ for relaxation and freeing the mind from the weariness of life, even the most uninitiated are turning into wannabe art fiends.

You too may have felt a Picasso moment coming on whilst carefully shading in your colouring book with your new pastel coloured pencils. Which may of whet your appetite for something a little less ‘colour between the lines’ and a little more paint brush, easel and watercolours.

Before you start doubting yourself, I know that painting, or should I say, creating a masterpiece, isn’t going to be easy for beginners. But I have an almost guaranteed way of indulging your creative side and making your first foray into painting a successful and more importantly a relaxed and fun one.

Let me introduce you to Stephanie Lue Yen, a published artist and entrepreneur, who has set up her own company ARTify! catering to budding artists in Jamaica.

Exclusive Interview with Stephanie Lue Yen

I caught up with Stephanie to the get the lowdown on ARTify, her fantastic Art Camps, Paint and Sip parties and all her other exciting business offerings. Whilst tapping her for all the things she loves to do in Jamaica and a quick flick through her ‘little black book’ for good measure.

If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, or already live here and fancy dabbling in some art, Stephanie will be sure to engage and entertain groups of children and adults alike with her warm and personable attitude and professional work….


All About SLY – a brief introduction

Stephanie Lue Yen was born in St. Andrew to a large and diverse family and was raised mainly by her mother after her father sadly passed away when she was young. Proud of the dynamics of her mixed ethnicity Stephanie absorbed Chinese, Jamaican and European cultures, forging a love of Art, languages and travelling.

Stephanie muses that her artistic streak was inherited from her mother, who was always sewing. Her natural talent was strong and she remembers being the most creative out of her friends and siblings. In her early years at High School, buoyed by her inspirational first art teacher Miss Lynch, the foundation was set for Stephanie’s love of Art in all its many facets.



Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts

After graduating from High School, Stephanie prepared her portfolio studying Graphic Design and Painting at the prestigious Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, on a part-time basis. But despite being accepted into their Bachelor of Fine Arts program, she put her true love to one side and shrewdly opted to study business, completing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Most of Stephanie’s adult life was spent pursuing a regular 9 to 5 office job, working for Technology and Tourism Companies, whilst pushing her Art to the lexicons of a hobby, or plan B. But there was always a nagging feeling that this wasn’t her true calling and Stephanie took a philosophical approach to her future “with age comes wisdom and the appreciation of how important it is to nurture your talents and feed your soul with the things you are passionate about” and so Stephanie turned to her Art again.

“To me, my creativity is my strongest characteristic. At the core I am an artist and my goal is to build a career around my passion.”     


‘SLY’ The Professional Artist

With little formal instruction from her early days, Stephanie honed her skills with enthusiasm, raw talent and practice. The dedication paid off.

With seven years of professional success under her belt showing and selling her work privately and through galleries such as ‘Island Art and Framing’ in Orchard Village Plaza, the artist known as ‘SLY’ is well and truly on the map. Ever the art chameleon, Stephanie Lue Yen (SLY) art is very different from what you will see at an ARTify party where the crowd participation calls for an easy to follow piece.

Not one to sit on her artistic laurels, Stephanie dreams of hosting a public exhibition after the recent successful release of her first complete collection “More Than Words”.




Launching ARTify!

Imagination Camp – Arts and Crafts Summer Camp for Kids

In summer 2016, Stephanie launched ARTify in Jamaica, with an Arts and Crafts Summer Camp for kids “Imagination Camp”. The camp run by Stephanie and her dear friend was a success, where they spent two weeks teaching twenty children aged between 5 and 10 years old, about the elements of art and foundation techniques. The basis behind the camp was to make art fun and accessible for children so that they too would have an appreciation of the Arts…

Our camps are small and intimate so each child gets special attention and it really is like a family for the 1-2 weeks. We pride ourselves on making quality art. In our first summer camp, kids learnt the elements of art so much that they could apply them on their own and even talk the talk. They painted on canvas and made mixed media crafts. I know it sounds serious but if you follow us on Instagram (@imaginationcamp_ja) you will see it was all fun.”

The first camp was a hit with the parents, but it was the enthusiasm of the children enjoying the art so much that filled Stephanie’s heart until she was spurned on to share her with others.


Paint and Sip! Artify Jamaica
Paint and Sip! Artify Jamaica


Paint and Sip

Bolstered by the success of the kids parties, the entrepreneur ventured into paint parties, or Paint and Sips. This was a natural progression for Stephanie as she had instructed some Paint and Sips as a guest artist in the past and had realised that people were opening up to the creative world. The special thing about an ARTify! Paint and Sip, is that you get the opportunity to get up close and personal with Stephanie herself, as she hosts all her own events.

Stephanie specialises in catering for private groups as she had noted there is already a certain chemistry when everyone knows each other and they “let it go” a bit more than a public group.  If you are interested in booking an ARTify party they can host an event at your own home or in one of their preferred venues in Kingston, such as Cannon Ball Cafe or The Haven.


“What separates us from the others offering paint parties is that you really have a lot of                                                          input into your event. You know who the artist is ( i.e. Me 🙂 ) and the host or group                                                              chooses what we paint, so it’s always something that fits the tastes of the guests. As an                                                          artist I know it isn’t fun to paint something that doesn’t inspire you. When it is at one of                                                      our venues, we assist with organising catering and decorations and so on, if requested.”


Stephanie has simplified the process of choosing a piece to paint, with a gallery of paintings on the ARTify website that clients can select from. There is a wide selection to choose from, but if you don’t see something to suit your taste or occasion, you can let them know what you have in mind and they will create a unique piece based for you.

What ARTify can do for You

ARTify’s main services include paint and craft parties for private groups, adults and kids. They are a great way to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette and showers, but it can be any occasion; such as, over the Christmas a couple asked them to host a Paint and Sip because they had a friend visiting. They are also fun team experiences for companies, associations and other groups. Or, just because! Art (and drinking) is always fun.


The Future of ARTify! in Stephanie’s Own Words

As is the way with artistic people, Stephanie has the urge to continually keep evolving and creating…

“I didn’t want to be limited. Art has no limits! I wanted to create a brand that represents the creative life, the go-to for creative experiences, creative products and services. To ARTify is to improve the environment and life through art, expand experience and enrich the world through artistic actions. We host arts and crafts camps and workshops, paint and sip and paint parties, plus we create custom pieces for events and we make Jamaican crafts. We are just getting started!

Then, there are our Jamaican crafts. The first one to launch is our UN-WINED Candle which is made using repurposed wine bottles. Repurposing or “upcycling” is very important to me. I’m always thinking of how something can be made into something else or better. I call it “future eyes”. I see potential where people see junk.  We currently offer 3 Jamaican fragrances –  ortanique, coffee and pimento, we have also added citronella to the lot because mosquitoes can be a problem on the island. They are made in Jamaica by Jamaicans. We have other Jamaican-made crafts on the way.

We are open to any creative request. We’ve been commissioned to make backdrops and handmade signs for events. Crafting is so much fun. If you don’t enjoy it, let us do it!”


UN-WINED Scented Candles Artify! Jamaica
UN-WINED Scented Candles


 ARTify! Insider Guide to Jamaica

If you want to do Jamaica like one of it’s most fabulous home-grown artists,  check this insiders guide from the gorgeous and talented Stephanie Lue Yen…

“Growing up in Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica, my fondest childhood memories include going to all the Craft Fairs at Christmas and seeing all the local crafts, especially pottery and jewelry. Another favourite is going to Hellshire Beach with my family for a good fried fish. I still do both things 🙂 ”


ARTify! on Why Jamaica is an Ideal Vacation Destination

“One great thing about Jamaica is the diverse landscape. Foreigners just think of the beach but we are blessed with stunning beaches, and mountains, rivers and waterfalls. The landscape offers such varied experiences. It’s hard for me to choose a favourite.

There are a lot of organised attractions for tourists and luxury all-inclusive hotels where you want for nothing. But there are also the real authentic Jamaican experiences, when you mingle with local people and enjoy the island the way we do. Like adventuring off the beaten path to beautiful swimming spots and trails that aren’t on google maps, eating Jamaican street food and maybe stopping impromptu at a street dance. Whether you’re looking to just relax in comfort or to get out there on an adventure, Jamaica has it.”

Places Fixed on ARTify’s Jamaican Speed Dial

  • The Haven on Hillcrest Avenue: a quaint outdoor bar with a friendly vibe
  • Cannon Ball Cafe in Barbican: when I’m not hosting a paint party there, I stop in for a cup of tea or their super yummy Power Salad.
  • Cellar 8 in Manor Park: great cocktails and food with a lovely ambience
  • Island Art and Framing: not just because my art is displayed there 🙂 It’s a great gallery of local paintings and locally made wooden furniture. Your eyes will be happy. It’s both a gallery and framing store so typically the persons in there are artists themselves or they appreciate art. I absorb all the positive energy!
  • Azans Supercenter in Regal Plaza: they sell everything there for the home and I get a lot of inspiration for decor projects

ARTify! Favourite Island Hide-aways for a Weekend in Jamaica

“In St. Ann I stay in the district called Bamboo at ‘Chippenham Park’ a lovely Georgian style house with neighboring egg farm. The house is over 200 years old and is really high up so it gets very cold (for a Jamaican). It’s a great place to snuggle by the fire-place or gaze at the stars and leave the city stress behind. The 3 bedroom house is available for vacation rentals.

In Portland, Kanopi House is a beautiful property with several villas built mostly from wood. Kind of a tree-house, jungle vibe and its right on the Blue Lagoon.

I can’t leave out Eits Cafe in the Blue Mountains! Let me just say “rustic relaxation”. Rustic wooden rooms, breathtaking views, a great restaurant, and the sound of the river always in the background. Look it up!”

Artify on the ‘Support Jamaica! Buy Jamaican!’ campaign on the Sweet Jamaica website…

I would like to commend Jules for the “Support Jamaica! Buy Jamaican!” Campaign. I especially admire that as a foreigner she has recognized all that is positive about Jamaica and has made it her mission to help showcase that internationally. I’m a firm believer in buying local as much as we can, especially when it comes to supporting our local farming and food manufacturing industry. As a local business or artisan it is often difficult to compete with imported goods which are usually priced cheaper. But it is important not just to support our economy but to nurture the talent and morale of our people. Every time that we support a local business or artisan, that is what we are doing. We are saying, “I appreciate what you are doing, Don’t stop!” – Stephanie Lue Yen

Contact and Bookings for ARTify!

If you want to get in touch with Stephanie at Artify, the best place to start is their website. All their products and services are listed and you can contact them using the contact page.

Email at

We are also on:

Artify! Website

Facebook as Artify Ja

Instagram @artify_ja 

Instagram @imaginationcamp_ja




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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bless up, Jules

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Match Resort – Port Antonio, Jamaica

Match Resort Review – Port Antonio, Jamaica

The austere front aspect of Match Resort in Port Antonio belies the welcoming interior and friendly staff tucked away inside. After thumping our small wheely suitcases up the steps from the parking lot we were greeted by a cheery reception area with a leather settee and bar stools up by the counter. After settling into the settee I noticed there was a locked fridge stocked with soda, water and beer and a few snacks for sale, along side a small selection of souvenirs.

After a short wait a member of staff briskly appeared from the stairwell at the other end of the room and warmly greeted us.   We were asked if we had a reservation and after going through the formalities we were handed a form to fill in with our details. The receptionist asked if we needed any help with anything and recommended the on-site bar and Scotch Bonnet Restaurant if we wanted a bite to eat. We agreed that we would drop off our bags in the room and then come back down for a swim and to order food.


Match Resort Port Antonio
Match Resort Port Antonio

Second Floor Room with a View at Match Resort

Once we had been given our keys we were warned with a smile that whilst the room was on the second floor and there wasn’t a lift (elevator), it would be worth the climb as it was a nice room with an ocean view from the balcony.

We left the reception area and walked up the first flight of stairs which gave access to bar and restaurant which overlooked the outdoor patio area and swimming pool. Continuing up the stairs we noted that the building was actually an L-shape and had a lot more rooms than we anticipated.

When we finally reached our room we unlocked the door into a freshly renovated room with twin beds, an en-suite bathroom, and a balcony with the most beautiful view of the ocean in the distance. There was also a small fridge, TV and cable, free Wi-Fi, built-in wardrobe, chest of drawers and a mirror. The en-suite bathroom had a bathtub and overhead shower, with complimentary mini bars of soap and a shampoo dispenser over the bathtub.  The balcony had a table and 2 chairs and directly overlooked the terrace area and swimming pool area.

Overall my review of Match Resort accommodation is that the room was very clean and pleasantly decorated throughout. The A.C. and Cable worked and the beds were comfortable. There were complimentary toiletries and fluffy towels.



Match Resort Swimming Pool Terrace

After refreshing ourselves we changed and went down to the terrace area and ordered our meal before heading to the pool area. The pool was on a lower terrace to the restaurant and bar area and was reached by walking down a stone clad walkway flanked with beautiful flowers.

There were a few sun loungers and the area was pleasant enough, but the pool had leaves floating on the top and my friend complained that it the water looked a bit murky. But we had the pool to ourselves so we made use of this by doing laps up and down until our legs and arms turned to jelly, whilst chatting and keeping our heads well above the water!

One other person came down to the pool whilst we were there. After we had swam and chilled out around the pool for around 45 minutes we decided to go back to the room and bathe as the food wasn’t ready.

When we passed the bar we told the barman that we were going upstairs and pointing to our balcony overlooking the terrace we thanked him when he said he would call us when the food was ready.

We went back upstairs to the room with quivering legs and showered and got dressed. After about 40 minutes we were ready and hungry, so we decided to go back downstairs and sit on the terrace as we hadn’t been called for our meal. The barman hurried over and apologised for the wait and took our order for drinks. The terrace was pretty in the evening festooned with lights and well stocked bar area. Our food arrived after about 15 minutes of sitting downstairs on the terrace.

Scotch Bonnet Restaurant

So after a long drive, a pre-meal swim and about a 1 hour and 45 minutes wait, I was ravenous when the plate was placed in front of me…. But what a plate of food! It was presented with spiralized raw cucumber, carrot and beetroot on the side, with the fish and garlic potatoes elegantly stacked and centered in the middle of the plate with a salsa style topping.

I have to say that after quickly snapping the photograph I dove into the food, I ate literally everything on the plate. The potatoes were just the right texture with a delicious and full garlic flavour which complimented the fish and garnish perfectly, the spiralized vegetables were fresh and light and put the crunch on the plate.

Overall I would highly recommend the food. I don’t know whether it was because the food was so good, or that I was so hungry coupled with the cordon bleu sized proportions, but I could have eaten this twice over!  Needless to say, I sent my compliments to the Chef and gave them top marks for this unexpected meal.

After dinner we sat and enjoyed a drink on the terrace before returning to our room to relax, ready for the next day’s events. A short while later we heard a knock at the door and my friend returned smiling with two plates of cheesecake that the management had thoughtfully sent up, as a gesture for waiting so patiently for our meal.

We gratefully ate the cheesecake and after flicking through the cable and mainly chatting we settled down to rest.



Match Resort – Breakfast Included

When we arrived at the Hotel we were informed that breakfast was included and we had a choice of a traditional Jamaican, English or American style breakfast which would need to be pre-ordered. I went for the Jamaican breakfast that came with Ackee and Saltfish and boiled hard food, whilst my friend went for bacon and eggs.

The next morning we went down for breakfast and sat inside the restaurant where you could help yourself to tea and coffee. When our plates were served they were huge portions and my plate was far too much for me to consume in one early morning sitting! I love Jamaican breakfast, but cannot manage the standard (fill you up until lunch) portion size you get served! Non-withstanding my food was good (the hard food was a tad salty) and my friend cleared her plate of eggs and bacon.

Match Resort Amenities

  • Air-Conditioned Rooms
  • TV and Cable
  • Private Balconies
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • En-suite bathrooms with hot water shower
  • Outdoor pool and terrace
  • On-site Scotch Bonnet Restaurant
  • Bar with Terrace
  • Tour Desk
  • Free Parking
  • Ocean and Mountain Views
  • 5 Minutes from Port Antonio Town Centre and San San Beach
  • Toiletries, soap, shampoo, towels, linens
  • Closets and Room Safe
  • Transportation, tours and airport shuttle can be arranged

Conclusion – Match Resort

I would recommend the Match Resort if you are looking for budget priced accommodation in Port Antonio.

The twin room cost in the region of  US$80.00 for bed and breakfast, which is very reasonable for the overall experience. The room was clean and comfortable and the staff were really friendly and very accommodating.

The Scotch Bonnet Restaurant was a hidden gem and the terrace was inviting and would be ideal for an intimate setting in the evening. The menu has a selection of fine Jamaican, International and fusion dishes; average price of JA$1,200 – $1,500 per main meal. Rum and Coke was around JA$600.00 per glass.

Match Resort Address

Match Resort
Dolphin Bay 
Port Antonio


Boardwalk Bistro at Island Village, Ocho Rios

If you are looking for a stylish beachfront eatery with a finger-licking menu and authentic Blue Mountain Coffee, I have found the spot in the coolest corner of Ochi!

If you live or work in the surrounds of Ochi, the Boardwalk Bistro is ideal for when you to get away from it all and avoid the crush of the town. Visitors to Ocho Rios and passengers from the nearby cruise ship pier, will love the warm Jamaican hospitality and beautiful settings without having to hike for hours to get there.

Boardwalk Bistro – Island Village, Ocho Rios

If you haven’t been to Island Village before you are in for a treat! The Boardwalk Bistro is set among the wooden buildings and lush surroundings that make up the beautiful settings of the Island Village complex.

There is a selection of stores, cafe’s, restaurants and entertainment facilities set around a boardwalk that incorporates picturesque natural spring lagoons (seek them out to see the fish), tropical flowers and fruiting trees.

If you look around you, will see that this complex is dreamy and creates the ambiance of an authentic Jamaican village, I love it!

Boardwalk Bistro
Boardwalk Bistro

The Boardwalk Bistro, Ocho Rios

The Boardwalk Bistro is nestled at the far end of the shops and a mere 10 steps away from the private sandy beach at Island Village, in Ocho Rios. You can relax and people watch in the shaded alfresco eating area directly on the boardwalk whilst enjoying your meal, or take in some intimate Jamaican ambience by sitting inside the Bistro.

The interior of the Boardwalk Bistro has a warm and inviting, carefully thought out decor. The main feature being a stunningly fluid Jamaican Guango wood counter that wraps around one wall.

The Bistro’s open kitchen is situated in full view of the dining area, so you can watch the chefs in action and take in the sights and smells of the cooking before you get to sample the food. The sea breeze along with the huge extractor and ceiling fans helps to keep this area cool.

Take a moment between mouthfuls of food to admire the sweeping Guango wood counter and the tables and chairs which are smooth and weighty and handcrafted from locally produced Guango and Cedar wood.

Then take in the masks and pictures adorning the walls depicting early Jamaican and African scenes, which are gently lit by the stained glass wall sconces in the evenings.

The beach front location is ideal if you want to leave your older children nearby on the beach, whilst you take in a Blue Mountain Coffee or a Jamaican Red Stripe Beer on the cool and shady boardwalk!


Inside the Boardwalk Bistro Island Village Ocho Rios


The Menu at the Boardwalk Bistro

The Bistro is a champion of getting the right mix of local and international foods on the menu. So whether you are in the mood for something new, or an old favourite, you are sure to find something to tempt you.

Although you can get plated foods, the Boardwalk Bistro is an advocate of eating with your fingers. They serve many of the foods in paper stuffed into decorative wire racks forming cones, with ramekins for dips on the side. Ideal for finger dipping!

Jamaican Flavours on the Menu

  • Breakfast: Jamaican style, served with boiled yam, banana and dumpling
  • Jerk Chicken or Pork
  • Curried Mutton
  • Brown Stew Oxtail
  • Snapper (fish)
  • Coconut Curried Shrimp
  • Salt-Fish Balls
  • Soup
  • Rasta Pasta
  • Chefs Salad
  • Chicken Bites
  • Stuffed Chicken Breast
  • Bammy, Rice and Peas, Sweet Potato Fries, Plantain Chips, Johnny Cakes, Festival


International Flavours on the Menu

  • Breakfast: English, Continental, Eggs Your Way, Waffles
  • Cheese Burger
  • Cheese wonton
  • Pita Pizzas
  • Boardwalk Pitas (filled pita bread)
  • Wraps
  • White Rice, Potato Wedges


Soda Float Boardwalk Bistro
Soda Float Boardwalk Bistro

Drinks and Desserts

The Boardwalk Bistro serves a their own brand of  100% Blue Mountain Coffee, the much celebrated ‘Strawberry Hill’ coffee brand, alongside teas and iced coffees. Plus they have a range of smoothies, shakes, juices, soda floats, sodas and water.

If you want something alcoholic they have wine, beers, cocktails and many ways of serving the Jamaican staple Rum! If you have any room left, they also have a small selection of desserts on offer.


My Experience of Eating at the Boardwalk Bistro

I visited the Boardwalk Bistro for a lunch date with a friend and we took residence on one of the much coveted teak tables on the boardwalk overlooking the beach. We were served  in good time by a smiling waitress who handed us menus with botanical illustrations of Jamaican fruits and trees on the front, which I absolutely adore (I know I have weird Art crushes!).

We decided to go for finger foods to share, so we selected some Jamaican and International side order options from the menu.

We went for Salt-Fish Balls, Cheese Wontons, Bammy and some Plantain Chips.

As soon as I saw it on the menu I couldn’t resist ordering a Cream Soda Float, which reminded me of my Dad, who used to make them for us as children. It didn’t disappoint and the ice-cream was nice and creamy.

The food was served in paper covered baskets and wire racks, so we took a basket each and filled it with a few of the fried delights and started tasting! Overall the food was really good.

I especially loved the Salt-Fish Balls, which were a perfect mixture of juicy, salty, bouncy, frittery crispy deliciousness and the Plantain Chips, which tasted as though they had dropped straight off the tree to the chopping board. The Cheesy Wontons were suitably crispy and cheesy and gave a little international edge to the other Jamaican side orders.

Despite ordering fried foods which were presented in unforgiving paper packaging, I noted there was a distinct lack of oil on the paper. Which I always use as a good measure of whether the food will be overly greasy and dripping in fat. So full marks to the Chef for achieving the crunch without the grease!

If I had to find one little fault about the whole experience, it would unfortunately be the bammy. Which is one of my all time favourite Jamaican side orders. It was a bit tough, like it hadn’t quite been soaked long enough before it was fried. But non-withstanding we ate most of it anyway!

We were full after eating the food, so I slipped the paper out of the rack with the remaining Plantain Chips (too good to waste!) and took them with me to nibble on whilst wandering around the Island Village shops afterwards… Delicious!

Our meal including drinks, came in at around $1,800 (Jamaican), not including the tip we added. We thought the cost was very reasonable for the ambiance, service and what we ordered. Highly recommended!


NYAM Boardwalk Bistro
NYAM Boardwalk Bistro

 Want to Visit the Boardwalk Bistro?

The Boardwalk Bistro can be found in Island Village Plaza, at the far west end of Ocho Rios Town Centre.

There is ample Parking and clean Washrooms located in Island Village Plaza. The Car park, Washrooms and The Boardwalk Bistro are fully accessible by wheel chair users. 

If entering the plaza through the car park entrance, you will pass the washrooms (stop first if you want to refresh yourself before finding a table) as you walk through the archway. Immediately turn right and follow the boardwalk towards the sea. The Boardwalk Bistro is the last shop on the right-hand side.

If you are coming from the Cruise Ship Pier, head straight down the street passing Oceans 11 and take the first right across a small bridge to the boardwalk, which leads to the sandy beach. The Boardwalk Bistro is the first shop you pass on the corner, conveniently located directly opposite the beach.

If you are coming through the main entrance, walk past the cinema and down the steps, continue past the water feature, lawn and washrooms and follow the boardwalk towards the sea. The Boardwalk Bistro is the last shop on the right-hand side.

Boardwalk Bistro Address

Shop 1/2 Island Village Plaza, Turtle Towers Road, Ocho Rios, Jamaica


(876) 398-2582 / (876) 384-9578


Maybe I will see you there when I come back! 


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Visiting Ocho Rios and want to learn more about what is has to offer? Head over here…

Little Dunn’s River Ocho Rios – Beach in Saint Ann, Jamaica

The pull of a beautiful waterfall with crystal clear water cascading into the ocean is hard to resist. Little Dunn’s River in Ocho Rios, Saint Ann, is a secret (not so secret among locals) alternative to the tourist masses descending on it’s more famous sister, Dunn’s River Falls. When I had a free afternoon after a few days of heavy driving recently, I jumped at the chance to experience Little Dunn’s River for myself. The descent to view the falls is an adventure in itself and if you love the simple things in life a visit to Little Dunn’s River will be sure to please you too.

If you are in the vicinity of Ocho Rios and want to experience a waterfall and beach setting, without all the hands tied together climbing en-mass part, check out Little Dunn’s River Ocho Rios – Beach in Saint Ann, Jamaica. 

How to get to Little Dunn’s River

If you are driving from Ocho Rios, take the highway out-of-town towards Saint Ann’s Bay. As you leave the town you will drive past Reynolds Pier and the helicopter base on your right hand side, keep going. Look out for a lay by on the RIGHT hand side, where there is a couple of small single storey white buildings. Park on right hand side of the road ONLY, out of the soft shoulder and on the grass verge; do not park on the opposite side of the road in the soft shoulder.  If you get to Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Ridge you have gone too far, so go ahead and carefully turn round! You have arrived at Little Dunn’s River.

If you are driving from the direction of Saint Ann’s Bay and beyond, head along the highway towards Ocho Rios. Once you pass Dunn’s River  Falls on your right, Dolphin Cove on your left and Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Ridge on your right hand side… look out just around the next corner you will see the lay by. Park your vehicle! You have arrived at Little Dunn’s River.

Entrance to Little Dunn's River
Entranceway in Layby

Entrance Fee and Access to Little Dunn’s River

Little Dunn’s River is accessed from one of two inconspicuous gateways off the pathway in the verge. The first of which has a double door gateway, the second further along the trail has a single gateway. You will normally see a couple of guys ‘manning’ the single gate and they will probably ask for a donation to keep the beach clean; use your discretion. However, Little Dunn’s River and the beach is officially free to enter and you do not have to pay for parking.

It is quite hard to traverse the descent to the falls and ultimately the beach. Therefore, I would not recommend Little Dunn’s River beach and falls for the infirm or unfit! Once you enter through either of the gateways you go down some concrete steps to a platform area. You can either go the right where is the beach area is hidden behind a tree bowing down into the ocean, or go the left where there is a stepped descent to another platform area where the falls are visible. Either way ends up taking you to the ocean. There are not really any falls to climb per se, but you can climb down a small area into the ocean and sit under one of the lesser waterfalls for an invigorating massage!

Steps leading to Little Dunn's River
Stairway to Beach

You have arrived at Little Dunn’s River.

Little Dunn’s River is open to the public and it’s a little more relaxed than some of the ‘paid for’ beach experiences. Many of the beaches in Jamaica have been bought by investors and commercialised so that there is no access to the public. This is a shame as everyone loves going to the beach and having a cooling and refreshing dip in the ocean and many of the locals are priced out in this way.

The actual ‘beach’ at Little Dunn’s River is very small , a sandy slither with a couple of bent over trees to sit on. Don’t bother coming with the whole beach caboodle as there won’t be room to spread out on the sand! There is a wide, shallow and clear area of water directly where the river (falls) enter the ocean which is nice for a dip for non-swimmers and the young. There is a couple of lines with floats directing swimmers away from the rocky areas under foot. If you want to swim and go deeper you can go beyond the bowed over tree to a warm and sandy area of the seabed…. Lovely!

Little Dunn’s River is a chilling spot to marvel at the beauty of nature, enjoy a dip in the ocean and to have an invigorating sit down under the waterfalls. The beach is really small, hence the low score, but the falls are beautiful. The ocean is shallow and calm and there is plenty of space to splash around and swim out. The facilities are limited and the washrooms are right at the very top (although I never checked they were open). There are a few vendors selling drinks and snacks, one of which was perched right on top of the falls! The whole area was very clean and I noticed the beach vendors regularly sweep off the debris on the sand. I arrived around 3.00pm and there were plenty of people around, after about an hour the crowds thinned and we could get a chance to go under the falls. I spent a few hours here to relax and unwind and really enjoyed myself.

Little Dunn's River Waterfall
Little Dunn’s River Waterfall


Crystal Clear Waterfalls
Crystal Clear Waterfalls


Little Dunn's River Ocho Rios
Little Dunn’s River Ocho Rios


Small Sandy Beach
Small Sandy Beach


The trail
The trail


Waterfall at Little Dunn’s River

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Bass Odyssey presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016 – Things To Do In Jamaica This Summer!

Keeping up with the music theme of  the last couple of posts, I present to you another big event that you won’t want to miss this summer in Jamaica. Bass Odyssey presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016, a festival dedicated to the mighty Sound Systems that string up their speakers and blast music and vibes for a crowd of music loving revellers. If you want to experience a Sound Clash where different Sound Systems are pitted against each other song for song, then check out the Bass Odyssey presents SoundFest 2016 – Things To Do In Jamaica This Summer! post featured here on Sweet Jamaica….

Jamaica SoundFest 2016

Bass Odyssey Presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016

This annual event is a celebration of the Sound System Movement, recognising the important role Sound Systems play in getting contemporary music out in front of the masses. The event is proud of its cultural heritage and all music played throughout the event is in the original style with amplified speaker boxes and selectors, so that patrons can be emerged in the feel of the 1950’s Jamaican Sound Systems that heralded this movement. with 10+ Sound Systems playing at the Bass Odyssey Presents Jamaica SoundFEST 2016, you will experience both home-grown and international Sound Systems at their best.

What Is A Sound System?

Sound Systems came about in 1950’s Jamaica, as a way for music connoisseurs to share music with those in the community that couldn’t afford a radio.  Speakers would be strung up, amplifying the strains of their favourite artists that they spun on record players drawing in a crowd. And so the Selector was born. Recognising the popularity of the events, Selectors soon set about turning these sessions into lucrative events by containing the area and charging an entrance fee. Quickly catching on rival Selectors set up their own Sound Systems and so the popularity of Sound System musical events spread. These type of open-air music events are hugely popular today and Sound Systems have cropped up from all corners of the world. A Sound Clash is when two or more Sound Systems ‘battle’ to draw in and get the approval of the crowd. Each Sound System takes turns to play a killer track to blast the other Sound Systems selectors mixing skills out of the water, with a ‘King’ being crowned at the end.

Bass Odyssey – A Jamaican Sound System Veteran

Bass Odyssey is one of the most highly respected and hotly anticipated Sound Systems in Jamaica. Their Selectors and DJ’s are legendary in the Dancehall Sound Clash circuit for their thumping sound systems, impeccable musical selection and the lyrical skills of their DJ’s. Their speciality is out doing their rivals musical selection with a bigger floor filler, whipping up the crowd into a frenzy of dancing, appreciative noises and upraised arms waving lighters. Bass Odyssey events are synonymous with high walls of powerful speakers strung up around the perimeter of the area, where their Selectors make the most of the pumping sound system by playing floor fillers for an appreciative crowd.

There is no better place to experience a Sound System Sound Clash than the birthplace and home of Reggae Music and Sound Systems, Jamaica. If you are looking for things to keep you occupied in Jamaica this august find your way to The BASS ODYSSEY SoundFEST 2016; formerly known as the BASS ODYSSEY Anniversary & Sound System Festival.

“Original dancehall-lawn style with sound boxes string up from some of the

most recognized sound systems in the world”

Boxed Flyer


Bass Odyssey SoundFest 2016 Venue

Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, aka Richmond in Priory, St. Ann – Jamaica

Bass Odyssey SoundFest 2016 Entrance Price

General Entry: JA$1,500 / US$15.00

Special Entry: JA$2,500 / US$25.00

Bass Odyssey SoundFest 2016 Line Up

Jamaican Sound Systems

Bass Odyssey
Stone Love
Fire Links
Bob Clarke; Special Vintage Jamaican music tribute 9-11pm

International Sound Systems

Soul Supreme; hailing from the USA
Magash; hailing from Switzerland
Fujiyama; hailing from Japan
Muamba; hailing from Brazil

Further Sound Systems to be confirmed….

Contact for more info and/or to be a part of the movement.


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Appleton Special Dream Weekend 2016 – Things to do in Jamaica this Summer!

The summer event season is in full force in Jamaica! The Appleton Special Dream Weekend is another of the big name international music festivals taking place in Jamaica this summer. In it’s 8th year, this hotly anticipated week-long event is held in Negril between July 28th and 1st August 2016. With a whopping 9 separate day and night events being held between 28th July and 1st August this promises to be classy and internationally attended music festival. Tickets are selling like hot patties, so act now if you are travelling to Jamaica and want to attend.  Appleton Special Dream Weekend 2016 – Things to do in Jamaica this Summer!


Appleton Special Dream Weekend 2016 Event Schedule

DREAM LIVE Concert @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Cayenne Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Jul 28 @ 10:00 pm – Jul 29 @ 4:00 am

Admission: $3,000

Food and Drink: On Sale

The Appleton Special Dream Weekend 2016 kicks off with the Magnum Dream Live concert, held at Cayenne Beach in Negril, Jamaica. The first event is hosted by Miss Kitty and boasts performances from Bounty Killer, Popcaan, Spice, Ding Dong, Masicka, Bella Blair, with music by Coppershot and Chromatic.

Dream Live Concert
Dream Live Concert


Celebrity Playground (Red & White) @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Wavz Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Jul 29 @ 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Admission: $6,000

Food and Drink: Inclusive

Dress Code: Red and White

The Hennessy Celebrity Playground event is a daytime affair starting at 2.00pm, giving you plenty of time to sleep off last nights hangover before you get out there again! The beach setting will be sure to perk you up anyway, as it is held on Wavz Beach in Negril, Jamaica. Featuring Chromatic, Jazzy T and Kurt Riley the all-inclusive party with the red and white dress code is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Celebrity Playground
Celebrity Playground


Twisted Spiritz (Glow) @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Cayenne Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Jul 29 @ 10:00 pm – Jul 30 @ 4:00 am

Admission: $4,500

Food and Drink: Drink Inclusive

Such is the party spirit of Appleton Special Dream Weekend in Jamaica, that as one event ends, another starts! The Twisted Spritz Glow party is also held on Cayenne Beach in Negril, shortly after the daytime event. With Music by Coppershot, Illusion and DJ Tyrone from Canada this Skyy Vodka sponsored event, offers drinks inclusive of the entry price.

Twisted Spiritz Glow Party
Twisted SpiritzTwisted Spiritz Glow Party



Daydreams (All White) @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Wonderland, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Jul 30 @ 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Admission: $7,000

Food and Drink: Food and Drink Inclusive

Dress Code: All White

The second of the Appleton Special Dream Weekend beach parties is Daydreams White Sands. popular and sophisticated event, with its all white dress code and Moet and Chandon Champagne sponsorship this all-inclusive event will be jam packed with revellers. With music by Coppershot, Chromatic and Crazy Neil.

Daydreams All White
Daydreams All White



Yush (90s) @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Cayenne Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Jul 30 @ 10:00 pm – Jul 31 @ 4:00 am

Admission: $5,000

Food and Drink: Drink Inclusive

Saturday evening’s entertainment at Appleton Special Dream Weekend is the Yush Event held on Cayenne Beach in Negril, Jamaica. This Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum sponsored event is sure to get the crowd jumping with a live performance from dancehall star Elephant Man and friends, with the evenings music being taken care of by Kurt Riley and Jazzy T.




Wet ‘N’ Wild (Water Party) @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Cayenne Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Jul 31 @ 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Admission: $9,000

Food and Drink: Food and Drink Inclusive

Are you ready to get Xtreme Wet and Wild at the Sunday funday event at the Appleton Special Dream Weekend?! Take in one of Jamaica’s top waterpark attractions at this daytime, all-inclusive Appleton Special Sponsored event. This promises to be an action packed event water party held at Negril’s, Kool Runnings Adventure Park. There will be a live performance by Cardi B, with music by Chromatic, Code Lank, Coppershot and Redd Heat.

Xtreme Wet n Wild
Xtreme Wet n Wild



World Vibes (Hardcore Dancehall Juggling) @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Wonderland, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Jul 31 @ 10:00 pm – Aug 1 @ 4:00 am

Admission: $4,500

Food and Drink: Drink Inclusive

The World Vibes worldwide domination event is being held at Wonderland in Negril, Jamaica. This Sunday night event is hosted by Badda-Bling of D-Unit and features music by Foota Hype, Boom Boom, Redd Heat, dancehall favourite Tony Matterhorn and Rebel Tone, Canada’s World Clash Champion.  This Appleton Special Dream Weekend event is sponsored by Appleton Special and ticket price is inclusive of drinks.

World Vibes
World Vibes



Igloo (Cooler Party) @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Cayenne Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Aug 1 @ 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Admission: $3,500

Food and Drink: On Sale. Or, bring your own igloo with food and drink inside!

The final beach party of Appleton Special Dream Weekend is the Igloo The Global Cooler Party. This beach party is a little different from the others as you are invited to bring your own igloo ( cool box) packed full of drinks and food for you and your friends. Come and celebrate Jamaica’s Emancipation Day at this event, with music by Coppershot, Ricky Platinum, Illusion and Selecta Shane.




Dream J’ouvert (Paint, Water & Powder Soca Party) @ Negril, Jamaica

Location: Cayenne Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Date and Time: Aug 1 @ 10:00 pm – Aug 2 @ 4:00 am

Admission: $4,500

Food and Drink: Drink Inclusive

The final event of the Appleton Special Dream Weekend is the Dream Jouvert powder, paint and water Soca event. This event held on Jamaican Emancipation Day, promises to be a spectacle of sight and sound with a carnival atmosphere with a coloured powder throwing frenzy as the show stopper! The VIP area is a powder free zone, otherwise expect to get covered in coloured powder at this lively event in Negril, Jamaica! With a live performance on stage by KES and music by Kamal Bankay and DJ Smoke with Appleton Special sponsored event is one to take part in.

Dream Jouvert
Dream Jouvert




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Reggae SumFest 2016 – Things to do in Jamaica this Summer!

If you are travelling to Jamaica next month don’t miss Reggae SumFest 2016, this week-long festival is being held in different locations around Montego Bay, from the 17th to 23rd July. The summer has officially arrived in Jamaica, with the school holidays starting and the weather heating up, so get ready for summer! Summertime in Jamaica is always full of events, shows and beach parties and one of the most famous ‘Reggae SumFest 2016’ is gearing up for 17th to 23rd July. The Reggae SumFest festival celebrates Jamaican music at its best, with concerts, beach parties, shows, events and even a street party parading through the ‘Hip Strip’ in town. Reggae SumFest has provided first class entertainment to locals and visitors to Jamaica for the last 20 years, so don’t make this year pass without taking part! Reggae SumFest 2016 – Things to do in Jamaica this Summer!



Reggae SumFest 2016 Official Calendar of Events and Locations

Beach Party | JULY 17 | Aquasol Theme Park; Walter Fletcher Beach Complex, Montego Bay

Blitz – All White Edition | JULY 19 | Pier One; Waterfront, Montego Bay

Sound Explosion | JULY 21 | Pier One; Waterfront, Montego Bay

Dancehall Night | JULY 22 | Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex; Freeport, Montego Bay

Reggae Night | JULY 23 | Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex; Freeport, Montego Bay


Reggae SumFest 2016 Artist Line Up and Entry Information

If you want to attend Reggae Sumfest 2016, you can attend any or all the events taking place over the week-long festival. Pre-sold tickets are available at the Official Reggae SumFest website and at select tickets outlets located around the island of Jamaica. Check out the official Reggae SumFest 2016 Website for full ticket information. Where you can also buy Weekend and VIP Passes. If you leave it to the last-minute it is possible to pay a little extra at the gate to attend these Reggae SumFest events; please note these tickets may be limited.

BEACH PARTY | Aquasol Theme Park | JUL 17

Presold J$1,800 / US$15

At Gate J$2,000 / US$17

Line Up: Bambino, Chromatic, ZJ Sparks, DJ Crazy Neil, Ikel Marvelus & Team Shella, Powered by SUPER STRONG
Hosts: Miss Kitty and Yanique Barrett

Gates Open: 4 pm



Presold J$2,300 / US$19

At Gate J$2,500 / US$21

Line Up: Kurt ‘The Party Animal’ Riley, DJ Kentucky, DJ Smoke

Gates Open: 8pm


Presold J$1,800 / US$15

At Gate J$2,000 / US$17

Line Up: Stone Love, Metro Media, Black Kat, Pieces, Firelinks, Tony Matterhorn, Powered by SUPER STRONG

Gates Open: 8pm


Presold J$3,200 / US$27

At Gate J$3,500 / US$29

VIP J$6,000 / US$49

Line Up: Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Popcaan, I-Octane, Agent Sasco, Dexta Daps, Romain Virgo, Nesbeth, Spice, Ding Dong, Ishawna, Chi Ching Ching, Tanto Blacks, Charly Black, Ryme Minista, Harry Toddler, Masicka, Vershon, Devin Di Dakta, Jahmiel, Don Andre, Teejay, Savage, Ricky Teetz, Dre Zee

Backing band: Ruff Kutt Krew, Warrior Love

MC’s: Ms. Kitty, GT Taylor, DJ Bones

Gates Open: 7 pm
Show Time: 9 pm

REGGAE NIGHT | Main Venue | JULY 23

Presold J$4,700 / US$39

At Gate J$5,000 / US$41

VIP J$7,500 / US$62

Line Up: Super Cat, Barrington Levy, Luciano, Sanchez, Tarrus Riley, Busy Signal, Christopher Martin, Nature, D-Medz, Nicky Silk, DannI

Backing band: Warrior Love

House Music: Ikel Marvelus & Team Shella

MC’s: Barry G, Elise Kelly, Paula-Anne Porter

Gates Open: 7 pm
Show Time: 9 pm



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Jamaica Travel Guides and The Travellers’ Choice Awards 2016 on TripAdvisor

Okay, so everyone has heard of the global travel review phenomenon TripAdvisor, right? Well the number one vacation review site has my attention for two reasons this month. Firstly, I have followed the ongoing Travellers’ Choice 2016 award winners with interest and secondly, I have some exciting news to share with all that I have kept quiet about for a while. I’m talking about my Jamaica Travel Guides and The Travellers’ Choice Awards 2016 on TripAdvisor…

TripAdvisor Travel Guides

I am super excited to share this news with you all!  I was commissioned by TripAdvisor to produce a series of Travel Guides for Jamaica, and I am proud to tell you that two of them have been published and are available to view online NOW! My published Travel Guides give information for visitors to Jamaica who are looking to spend time in the beautiful and lively Parish of Saint James. Located on the north coast, towards the west of the island Montego Bay is a tourist haven, with bundles of things to do to wile away the hours. Check out my Travel Guides for Saint James, Jamaica on the TripAdvisor website and give it a ‘Thumbs Up!’ if you found it helpful.

Click the images to be redirected to my Travel Guides featured on TripAdvisor:

3 Days in Saint James Parish

3 Days in Saint James Parish


Guide to Saint James Outdoors

Guide to Saint James Outdoors

Travelers’ Choice Awards

I am also excited to share this second piece of TripAdvisor news… ‘Jamaica has hit the top spots again at the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2016 on TripAdvisor’. The reviews have been tallied and the votes have been calculated. Yes, that’s right the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2016 Award winners have been announced! As usual my eyes are always peeled to see how Jamaica has fared in the awards and I am happy to see Jamaica has scooped a fair few so far. Every year TripAdvisor holds the Travelers’ Choice Awards to honour the most popular destinations around the world. These are some of Jamaica’s achievements this year:

Travellers' Choice Trip Advisor

Top 10 Islands in the Caribbean

  • 1st Place – Jamaica

Top 10 Islands in the World

  • 3rd Place – Jamaica

Top 10 Destination’s in the Caribbean

  • 3rd Place – Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • 4th Place – Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Top 25 Hotels in the Caribbean

  • 5th Place – The Rock House, Negril, Jamaica
  • 12th Place – Jamaica Inn, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • 16th Place – Sandals Royal Plantation, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Images above of Hotel Winners in Jamaica, copyright TripAdvisor.


TripAdvisor is the number one online destination for up to the minute travel advice from its online community of review giving travel fiends. If you are thinking of going ANYWHERE you must try TripAdvisor, as chances are someone has already reviewed where you are planning on going, including reviews from me – SweetJamaicaJules! There is plenty of advice and reviews on all the popular destinations, accommodations and places to visit prior to your visit to Jamaica. So check it out!

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Sweet Jamaica and The Bus Stop Mission ‘Sunchimes’

Whilst browsing online recently I came across an advertisement for an enterprise called ‘The Bus Stop Mission’, based in Salem, Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Intrigued by the accompanying images I clicked the link to see what it was all about. I was so inspired by what I was reading that I reached out to them to see how I could get involved and help spread the word. So here it is! I am really pleased to introduce them to you all and to tell the story of Sweet Jamaica and The Bus Stop Mission ‘Sunchimes’.

What is The Bus Stop Mission all About?

The Bus Stop Mission is a charitable organisation that provides a time exchange service for Jamaicans who have no employment, and as an alternative to begging. They have a variety of tasks that can be carried out in exchange for vouchers,  which are redeemable in the discount shop, or which can be used for inclusion into the various programs that they run. Adults and children can earn food, clothing, toiletries and school supplies to fulfill an immediate need, by creating the most beautiful hand-made crafts from recycled materials. These hand-made creations are then offered to local gift shops for sale, so that the profits can be used to buy more craft materials and to (re)stock the Discount Shop. I really think this is such a wonderful idea, creating employment opportunities where there are none and using recycled materials is good for the environment too – double bubble!… and Totally Genius!

Mission Statement of ‘The Bus Stop Mission’

The Bus Stop Mission will provide training and opportunities for people to learn that they are greatly blessed and their time, talents, and resources are a blessing, which can benefit themselves and others.

Most people who don’t have food to eat or clothes to wear, do have time to share. The Bus Stop Mission offers an alternative to begging. We offer low-cost food, school supplies, necessities, and classes to help you stretch your dollar as far as it will go. Those who don’t have the money to afford what we offer can trade their time and/or talents for store and program vouchers.

Our classes and activities are offered to teach new skills and help each student recognize the value of their own time and talents.

We are located at the Stop Light/Bus Stop in Salem, Runaway Bay p.o. St. Ann, Jamaica

– Each Day is a Gift from God, how we use it should honor Him!
Bus Stop Mission Making Crafts
Bus Stop Mission Making Crafts

How Does The Time Exchange Program Work?

The best part is that everyone is welcome to come to the Mission to exchange their time for goods or educational courses. Adults are invited to stop by the Mission to work and be involved in learning a new skill in a social and happy environment where they can earn items they need from the Discount Shop. Mothers are welcome to bring their young children with them to the Mission and can work for diapers, baby clothes and food, while their children play in a fun and safe haven. School age children can turn up before or after school and on Saturdays, before joining the Saturday Camp activities after 11:00am, where they can work towards a voucher to be redeemed for items from the shop, or a weeks worth of school lunches.

What ‘Tasks’ can be Carried Out on the Time Exchange Program?

The main activity and the one I am most excited by is the making of beautiful and original ‘Sunchimes’. These glistening, twinkling beauties are crafted using recycled tumbled (sea) glass, craft wire and beads artfully strung from a piece of wood. They are designed to not only look beautiful but also to sound beautiful. As the breeze hits them they make the most soothing and mood enhancing sounds that add to the eye catching and decorative looks. The beauty is that everyone who makes these ‘Sunchimes’ is known as an ‘Artisan’ and deservedly so. They provide a creative outlet for the artisan making the Sunchime and they are welcomed to include their name and age (if they are under 18) on the tag, so that they can get recognition for their work.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this scheme, just turn up at The Bus Stop Mission and join the Time Exchange Program to earn vouchers too! Please pass on this information to others if you feel they would benefit from the scheme too.

There is a variety of tasks you can perform if you don’t want to make the Sunchimes, which include:

  • Sweeping, raking or picking up trash
  • Working in the vegetable garden
  • Collecting and cracking almonds from trees on their property
  • Sorting, washing, mending, ironing or folding clothes for the Discount Shop
  • Collecting glass bottles that can be recycled and used for crafts
  • Assisting with the making of meals for our kids lunch program and our wobye meal program  wobye = work for the bread you eat
  • Mentoring or tutoring a child in the homework help program
  • Making crafts that will be sold in their shop or to craft vendors around the island
  • Teaching or assisting with a Saturday or evening class
  • Assisting with their Saturday youth program or movie night

Please Note: Each task will be assigned a voucher amount.  No cash is offered.  Voucher amounts for each task will be determined based on a reasonable time expectation for completion of that task.

Making Sunchimes at The Bus Stop Mission
Making Sunchimes at The Bus Stop Mission

The Bus Stop Missions’s Discount Shop

The discount shop provides low-cost necessities to the community, including food, clothing, toiletries, shoes, school supplies and basic work tools.  Used clothing and shoes will be the main items available in the Discount Shop. This shop is the primary income source to support all other aspects of the Bus Stop Mission.  The major operating expense is the cost of inventory and shipping for items sent from the United States, as well as the salary of their employees.  (100% of all money remaining after expenses are paid is used to support the other projects of the Mission).

Available Courses at The Bus Stop Mission

The Bus Stop Mission also offers a range of low-cost, fun, hands-on, night and weekend classes that can be exchanged for vouchers. The courses include:

  • Sellable crafts
  • Sewing
  • Child care
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Basic accounting and money management
  • Swimming lessons
  • Kayaking for beginners
  • Snorkeling for beginners
  • Basic reading
  • Basic maths
  • Cooking

Giving a Donation to The Bus Stop Mission

If you wish to make a donation to The Bus Stop Mission, they have this list of items that they would be happy to receive and that would assist in the daily running of the Mission. These items can be brought directly to The Bus Stop Mission, in Jamaica,  or sent to Mission Control at: 16795 State Route E, Rolla, MO  65401,USA; where it will be shipped to Jamaica in their next shipping container.

This list of needs has been copied directly from The Bus Stop Mission website:

“For The Bus Stop Mission to achieve its goals we ask, (we need) your prayers, your time, your talents and your unwanted or unneeded items.”

  • Glass Bottles – These will be used to make a variety of crafts.  Even broken glass of unusual color or pattern is welcome
  • Plastic shopping bags – We crochet these into mats
  • Newspapers – To cover our tables when making crafts
  • Outgrown or unwanted clothing – These will be sold in our discount shop.  (and yes we need belts, clean underwear, bras and socks)
  • Shoes – While school is free in Jamaica, every child is required to wear a school uniform including black or brown shoes (not tennis shoes) There are no cheap school shoes available in Jamaica and one pair can cost a weeks wages.
  • Books – We have the greatest need for children and teen reading books.  (It is hard to develop a love of reading if you don’t have a single book.)
  • Home & Kitchen necessities including sheets, blankets, pots, pans, utensils, etc.
  • Folding chairs
  • Beach towels
  • Masks, fins and snorkels
  • clothes washer
  • clothes drier
  • 2 burner gas stove
  • refrigerator
  • Solar panels
  • sewing machine

The Bus Stop Mission on the beach
The Bus Stop Mission on the beach

Volunteering with The Bus Stop Mission

If you would like to contribute some of your free time and skills to others, then why not think about volunteering? The Bus Stop Mission is seeking volunteers, and values the hands-on assistance.  Their mantra is that ‘ Your time is a blessing and we would be blessed to have your assistance in any of the following areas ‘:

  • Sort, wash, iron, or mend clothing
  • Help at out Saturday Kids Camp
  • Help keep the grounds clean
  • Help at our Movie Night
  • Assist a child with his/ her homework

Assist with or teach one of our classes.  Can you teach others to:

  • Sew
  • Crochet
  • Count money
  • Weave a basket
  • Make a craft
  • Be patient with children
  • Use a computer
  • Perform basic math
  • Recognise basic words

Sweet Jamaica and The Bus Stop Mission Join Forces…

I am really pleased to announce that I am joining forces with The Bus Stop Mission through my sister company LonJam Trading. We wanted to get involved a help the Mission with their on-going fund raising and employment opportunity scheme by becoming a stockist of the ‘Sunchimes’ and the other craft items that they make. The sale of these items serves two important roles, firstly it enables the Mission to continue offering work opportunities to unemployed Jamaican’s and secondly the money raised through the sale of these items pumps back into the Mission to keep the Discount Shop stocked and to buy more craft materials…. And so the circle continues.

I would really appreciate if you could help me to support the Mission by browsing through the selection of the most beautiful and unusual ‘Sunchimes’  that I have on offer. These beauties are a real talking point and make an ideal decoration to hang where the breeze and  sun will catch them, as they sound as good as they look. They also look beautiful hanging on a wall, tree, outdoor garden structures, veranda’s, decking, ceilings and more. Why not get creative and share you pictures of places you have hung them in your home? These items come directly from the Jamaican artisan’s hands and each piece is individual and original, so no two pieces are the same. Act fast to get the piece that you love the best, as once it’s gone, it’s gone! You can help to raise funds for this amazing enterprise by getting in touch with me if you wish to buy one of the pieces I have on offer and by spreading the word to others who may be interested.

Thank you! Bless Up Yourself!

Sunchimes For Sale!

If you would like to help support The Bus Stop Mission you can buy a Sunchime from me! Click the link to my Facebook Page, or check out the next post, to view the images. The retail prices are:

  • 9 Strand Sunchimes –  Priced at:  JA$6,000 Or, £33.50 Or, US$50.00
  • 7 Strand Sunchimes – Priced at: JA$4,800 Or, £27.00 Or, US$40.00
  • 5 Strand Sunchimes – Priced at JA$3,600 Or, £20.00 Or, US$30.00
  • 3 Strand Sunchimes – Priced at JA$2,400 Or, £13.50 Or, US$20.00
  • 1 Strand Sunchimes – Priced at JA$1,200 Or, £7.00 Or, US$10.00

Please Note: These prices are NOT including postage. Please send me an email with the #Number that you like and I will give you a price for postage and packaging to your worldwide address.

Beautiful Sunchimes
LonJam Trading Beautiful B.S.M. Sunchimes


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Paradise Lost Jamaica – EDM and Reggae Festival Spring Break 2016

Paradise Lost Jamaica – EDM Festival

In case you haven’t noticed EDM or Electronic Dance Music is slowly taking over the globe and where better to party than the tropical haven of Jamaica. Paradise Lost is a 3 day, 3 night, Spring Break EDM (electronic dance music) and Reggae Festival taking place in Ocho Rios, Jamaica from 10th to 12th March 2016. Organisers are hoping that patrons will be dazzled with the star line up including big name DJ’s, international Pop Stars and home-grown Jamaican Acts that are gracing the stage. There will be 3 stages offering acts on a scenic beach location, with on-site camping, a festival village full of vendors, water sports activities, excursions and more.  All of this to contribute to an explosive and enjoyable Spring Break 2016!

BassNectar at Paradise Lost Jamaica
BassNectar at Paradise Lost Jamaica

Paradise Lost Jamaica – Musical Line Up

Paradise Lost Jamaica will play host to international and local grown talent with a line up that includes both EDM and Reggae acts on the rostra. International acts ‘Big Gigantic’, ‘Bassnectar’ and ‘Tiesto’ are headlining the event on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night respectively and will be offering up pulsating EDM Beats. Sean Paul and Busy Signal, both Jamaican Reggae / Dancehall artists,  who had musical success with their EDM song releases, also make a much-anticipated appearance. Check out one of my favourite Jamaican artists, the Grammy nominated ‘Jah Cure’ who will be performing  Friday night (1:00am) on the main stage. Look out for other acts booked including: Alric and Boyd, Arif Cooper, Electra, Kamal Bankay, King Jammy’s, Audian, AlunaGeorge and Titans of Sound. This event is an all day and all night event, so get ready for some serious partying at Paradise Lost Jamaica.

  • Thursday – Acts start at 3:00pm, with the last act coming on stage at 4:00am.

  • Friday – Acts start at 2:30pm, with the last act coming on stage at 5:00am.

  • Saturday – Acts start at 1:00pm, with the last act coming on stage at 5:00am.


Tiesto at Paradise Lost Jamaica
Tiesto at Paradise Lost Jamaica

Paradise Lost Jamaica – The Location

Jamaica not only benefits from a tropical climate, the verdant island with its wealth of breathtaking natural beauty will feed all the senses as soon as you arrive. Paradise Lost Jamaica makes the most of the scenery by taking over ‘Grissly’s Plantation Grove’ in Richmond, St. Ann, some 20 minutes drive outside of Ocho Rios town centre. With a complete festival ‘village’ centered around private beaches you will have the opportunity to eat, sleep and breathe the atmosphere for 3 days. If you are camping on-site you get to enjoy the festival experience for 5 days, as patrons are welcome to arrive at the festival on the 9th March and can leave on the 13th March.

Additional Extras at Paradise Lost Jamaica

The organisers of Paradise Lost Jamaica have thought of everything, including some of these additional extras to make your stay easier and more enjoyable.

  1. The Meal Plan – For US$25.00 a day you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in one of the hospitality tents. Eat all you can, buffet style dining with a delicious hot meal in the evenings
  2. Shuttles – The organisers have arranged daily shuttles to the venue from Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Kingston
  3. Parking – Purchase a parking spot at the venue
  4.  Merchandise Pack. For US$59.00 the official Paradise Lost Jamaica 2016 merchandise pack comes with festival t-shirt, beach towel, beach bag, sunscreen, sunglasses, and other great items!
  5. Camping – Stay right on-site in a beach location with 24hr security. You can even rent a tent if you don’t want to bring your own.

EDM Roots in Jamaican Dub Music

Although you wouldn’t immediately associate Jamaica with EDM Music, it isn’t as unfamiliar as you may initially believe. The early predecessor to EDM, Dub Music was originally started in Jamaica in 1966, some 50 years ago with Dub Step artists including, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Osbourne ‘King Tubby’ Ruddock and Errol Thompson dominating the music scene. Some of these early artists are still producing new material today and today EDM is all over the music scene.

Welcome to Paradise Lost.


Paradise Lost Jamaica – Ticket Prices

General Admission: 1 Day – Thursday US$79

1-Day ONLY entry to Paradise Lost
1-Day Access to all Stages
1-Day Access to Vendor Village
Access to Exclusive Package Discounts

General Admission: 1 Day – Friday or Saturday US$149

1-Day ONLY entry to Paradise Lost
1-Day Access to all Stages
1-Day Access to Vendor Village
Access to Exclusive Package Discounts

General Admission: 3 Day – Weekend Pass US$299

Weekend entry to Paradise Lost
Access to all Stages all weekend
Access to Vendor Village
Access to Exclusive Package Discounts

VIP Admission Passes to Paradise Lost Jamaica

VIP Admission: 1 Day Pass US$249

Choose Friday or Saturday
VIP Only Entrance
VIP Beachfront Stage
Access to Private VIP Beach
VIP Lounge (with full cash bar)
Private VIP Restrooms
Souvenir Laminate and Lanyard
Parking Pass for one car

VIP Admission: 3 Day Weekend Pass US$479

Weekend Pass
VIP Only Entrance
VIP Beachfront Stage
Access to Private VIP Beach
VIP Lounge (with full cash bar)
Private VIP Restrooms
Souvenir Laminate and Lanyard
Parking Pass for one car

VIP Admission: 3 Day Weekend Pass 4 Person Group US$1999

4 x Weekend Passes
All Weekend VIP Package Inclusions
Separate VIP Package Check-In Only Tent
Reserved table in VIP Lounge (with full cash bar)
Golf Cart ride to your table
Exclusive VIP Level Discounts and Offers
Complimentary Parking Passes

VIP Admission: 3 Day Weekend Pass 8 Person Group US$4250

8 x Weekend Passes
All Weekend VIP Package Plus
Private Evening Sunset Cruise
Reserved table in VIP Lounge (with full cash bar)
Golf Cart ride to your table
Separate VIP Package Check-in Tent
Exclusive VIP Level Discounts and Offers
Complimentary Parking Passes

For further ticket information please click here to go to the Paradise Lost Jamaica website.


All images and videos copyright and credited to ‘Paradise Lost Jamaica’. All images are reproduced from the ‘Paradise Lost Jamaica’ website.



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Calabash Ital Rastarant – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

If you want to try authentic Jamaican food with a twist, then you must try ‘Ital Food’. Nowadays following a ‘clean diet’ is all the rage, but Ital food has been following these principles since its inception. Tasty, healthy, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes are cooked with a flair that is innately Jamaican. Calabash Ital Rastarant is located in Ocho Rios town centre and offers a selection of dishes for breakfast, through lunch and to dinnertime and beyond.

Calabash Ital Rastarant

I am a Vegetarian, so it is a real treat to go to a restaurant where I can choose anything off the menu. Calabash Ital Rastarant is one of my favourite Vegetarian eating spots in Ocho Rios because of the sheer choice and my hardcore meat eating friends love it here too. They have a wide and varied menu with a lot of familiar Jamaican dishes cooked in a meat free format. Including, Vege Chunks, Tofu, Steamed Vegetables, Curried Chickpeas, Ackee, Porridge, Soups, Stews, Vege Burgers and more. If you can’t decide what to order ask for a mixed box, this is a selection of all the different foods cooked on the day served with rice and peas, or hard food (boiled provisions). The food is fresh and delicious and surprisingly affordable. The restaurant has a clean seating area inside and a few tables out on the balcony, alternatively you can buy take away food and they even do delivery in the Ocho Rios region. They have a selection of natural juices on offer too alongside coconut water and other beverages.

Calabash also sell natural products, supplements, t-shirts, incense, accessories, DVD’s, books, posters and beauty products to name a few of the items on offer.


Calabash Ital Rastarant Location and Opening Hours

Shop 8
7 James Avenue
Ocho Rios

Telephone Number: 876-570-5565

Calabash also offer a delivery service in the Ocho Rios region.

Opening Hours

Mondays to Thursday  7:00am- 10:30pm

Friday and Saturday  7:00am- 11:30pm

Sunday  9:00am- 9:00pm


Calabash Ital Rastarant
Calabash Ital Rastarant

Food Prices at Calabash Ital Rastarant

  • $380 small food
  • $450 medium food
  • $500 large food

What is ‘Ital Food’?

The word ‘Ital’ is derived from the word vital. As Rastafari believe that food and the health and well being of the consumer are all connected. It is part of the faith of the Rastafari in Jamaica and there are certain ‘rules’ of preparing, serving and cooking certain foods stuffs. ‘Ital Food’ is Vegetarian and Vegan based and is considered a ‘clean’ diet, as it contains no preservatives, colourings, flavourings, tinned foods and in many cases even salt is omitted. The food is delicious, fresh and full of nutrients to increase ‘Livity’, or our life energy.




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JamDung Bar and Grill – Salem, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

JamDung Bar and Grill – Salem, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Runaway Bay in Jamaica is a one street town that takes in Salem and Priory when traversing between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Although the town is compact there is a smattering of food and drink outlets and establishments that are worth a mention and JamDung Bar and Grill is one of them.

Location of JamDung Bar and Grill

Okay, so the location isn’t exactly picturesque as it’s situated along the busy A1 Highway, Main Street, Salem. If you are driving it’s located on the OPPOSITE side of the road to the ocean. You can drive inside the JamDung Bar and Grill compound and enjoy yourself within eyesight of your vehicle. The main road is screened with tropical planting and once you sit down and take it the drinks, food, tunes and vibes you will forget the sound of the vehicular traffic trundling along. There are several resorts that are nearby including Jewel Hotel which is within an easy 10 minutes walk along a flat and straight road. Just keep your eyes on the road and look both ways twice, before stepping out into the road and crossing; be aware of motorbikes which may be in your blind spot.

JamDung Bar and Grill
JamDung Bar and Grill

What’s Happening at JamDung Bar and Grill

All the staff at JamDung Bar and Grill are super friendly and the other patrons make visitors feel welcome. They are open in the daytime and is it a much more sedate affair with a few locals hanging out and taking in lunch or a cool drink. The evenings are when things get hyped up and busier. Monday is Karaoke Night and Friday is Old School and Retro Music Night both of which are popular, as they are fun and entertaining nights which draw in a lively crowd.

The kitchen is nearly always open and you have to try the Roast Yam, a speciality of the venue. I also recommend the Fried Breadfruit, which is an absolute favourite of mine (check out my Breadfruit recipes here!). They also have a selection of barbecue and cooked meats and fish, if you are lucky and the fish hasn’t sold out. There is seating both under cover around the bar area and out in the open where parasol’s keep the sun off the tables and chairs.

JamDung Bar and Grill - Roast Breadfruit
JamDung Bar and Grill – Roast Breadfruit



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Road Running Races in Jamaica 2016

Running Events Ltd – Rule. The. Road.

Road Race Running in Jamaica is fun, lively, safe and enjoyable way to take in the sights and help charities in Jamaica. The events are well organised and warmly received by the participants walking and running around the routes. For the 2016 road race calendar Running Events Ltd is staging a total of 18 road races throughout the year (and growing), with the road races supporting various charities. Running Events Ltd isn’t only for fun and exercise. The company reported that it raised over J$100,000,000 (one hundred, million Jamaican dollars) throughout its 2015 road racing calendar for education, healthcare, special needs, youth development and help for the homeless. If you are looking for a way to keep fit, make new friends and do good for charity then check out the race calendar below for Road Race events across Jamaica in 2016.

Running Events Calendar 2016
Running Events Calendar 2016

Sagicor SIGMA Corporate Run

The first road race being held in the Jamaican calendar is the Sigma City Run 2016, being held on the 21st February 2016. If you would like to register to take part go to the Running Events Jamaica website, registration closes on 5th February 2016. The beneficiaries chosen this year are: Children with Cancer, Jamaica Cancer Society Mammography Unit and Black River Hospital pediatric Unit

Sigma City Run 2016
Sigma City Run 2016

Kingston City Run

The second road race in the 2016 Running Events Ltd calendar is the Kingston City Run being held over three days, from 11th to 13th March 2016. Promising to have a carnival atmosphere from the Friday night welcome party, with Bacchanal Jamaica on board providing the pulsating rhythms and vibes for the night. The second day has a more sedate Lifestyle Expo and Pre Race Party being held at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Race day is held on the 13th March and incorporates a 5k, 10k and Half Marathon road race around the streets of (New) Kingston. The whole weekend can be enjoyed inclusive of registration price for those entering the race. For more details check out the Kingston City Run website.

Kingston City Run
Kingston City Run

Contact Details for Running Events Limited

Mailing Address:
Running Events Limited
87-89 Tower Street
Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: (876) 967-4903
Fax: (876) 922-0155


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One Love Music Festival Jamaica 2016

One Love Music Festival Jamaica 2016

This year the memory of the One Love Peace Concert lives on as Cedella Marley (daughter of Bob Marley) the CEO of Tuff Gong International stages the first annual One Love Music Festival in Jamaica. The event is hosted over two days from 4th to 5th February 2016, at Rose Hall Great House Lawns and Aqueduct, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The event is a celebration of Bob Marley’s life and legacy, with fundraising for the Bob Marley Foundation at its heart. The Bob Marley Foundation works in partnership with the Rose Town Foundation and the Sandals Foundation to support projects in poverty relief, the environment and education.

The One Love Peace Concert 1978

The One Love Peace Concert is synonymous with Bob Marley’s impromptu unification of bitter rivals and political leaders Michael Manley (PNP) and Edward Seaga (JLP) in 1978. There was political warfare on the streets of Jamaica and Bob Marley was in exile in London, England following an assassination attempt in 1976. It was decided to hold a Peace Concert, with Bob Marley agreeing to headline the show being staged at The National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. On landing in Jamaica his aircraft was swamped with revellers ecstatic that he had returned back to Jamaican soil. During the concert Bob called the two political leaders on stage and encouraged them to shake hands. Bob then lifted their joined hands above his head in triumph and as a plea to the people of Jamaica to unite in the name of peace and love. Following this unprecedented act Bob Marley was later awarded the Third World Peace Medal by The United Nations in New York.



The One Love Music Festival Charity Gala Cocktail Reception

The One Love Music Festival starts off with a Charity Gala Cocktail Reception on the lawns at Rose Hall on the 4th February 2016. Here you will be able to hobnob with international celebrities whilst taking in the culinary delights of top name celebrity chefs gourmet food stations. The day will be capped off with intimate live performances from Marcia Griffiths and Benjy Myaz, amongst others.


Charity Gala Cocktail Reception
Charity Gala Cocktail Reception

One Love Concert

The second day of the One Love Music Festival will see a star studded concert taking place at The Rose Hall Aqueduct. The gates open at 7:00pm and the concert kicks off at 8:00pm. The concert boasts a host of Jamaican and International favourites and up and coming acts, including Morgan Heritage, Akon, Kymani Marley, Skip Marley,  and a host of other performers.

One Love Music Festival
One Love Music Festival


The Bob Marley Foundation

The Bob Marley Foundation was started in 1986 as a means of providing much needed resources and financial, educational and cultural assistance to projects, communities and organisations in Jamaica. Funded by proceeds from donations and the charitable outlets of both The Bob Marley Museum and Tuff Gong International, the foundation serves to continue Bob’s legacy for uplifting the people of Jamaica, the land of his birth. The Honourable Robert Nesta Marley O.M had an opinion on life unlike most others, unperturbed by the glamour and riches of fame he was selfless and preferred to help others and use his name to make a change and give hope to the lives of many. The Foundation has social interventions at its core, such as: The Marley for Education, School Support, and Marley for Health and Marley Social Welfare projects among others.


The Vision for The Bob Marley Foundation is to positively impact those around us

through Education, Culture, Healthcare and Sustainable Development enacting lasting

change through One Love, One Voice, One Heart





One Love Music Festival and Bob Marley Foundation Links and Websites

If you want more information about Bob Marley,  the One Love Music Festival and the Bob Marley Foundation check out the websites listed below:

The Bob Marley website can be found here: Bob Marley

The Bob Marley Foundation website can be found here: Bob Marley Foundation

The One Love Music Festival Facebook page can be found here: One Love Music Festival

BUY TICKETS ONLINE for the One Love Music Festival here: One Love Music Festival Tickets

BUY TICKETS in person for the One Love Music Festival at Fontana Pharmacy islandwide and Spice World Supermarket, Montego Bay.



All images and videos copyright and credited to the ‘One Love Music Festival’, Bob Marley Foundation and Tuff Gong International. All images are reproduced from the Bob Marley Foundation, Tuff Gong International and One Love Music Festival archives.



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‘Reggae Mekyah’ – Reggae Month 2016 Jamaica

If you love reggae music and are going to be in Jamaica in February 2016, you are in for a treat. Check out the Jamaican Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) annual Reggae Month activities on offer. JaRIA  plays host to the staging of the ninth annual Reggae Month festivities in February 2016 in Jamaica, the birthplace of Reggae music.

Reggae Month celebrates reggae music in all its facets throughout the month of February with events, lectures, tribute concerts, nightclub events and more. Culminating in the JaRIA Honour Awards on the 28th February 2016 where finalists will be chosen from a plethora of awards across many categories.


Reggae Month Event Schedule 2016

reggae month 2016 calendar
reggae month 2016 calendar


Reggae Open University Schedule – Reggae Month 2016

Every Tuesday and Thursday in February, Reggae Open University takes place at the Vera Moody Concert Hall, located at the School of Music, Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. Engaging the community on issues affecting the music industry and creative arts as a whole the forums serve to provide a medium for debate. Media briefing begins at 5:30pm for the first Tuesday ONLY with panel discussions beginning each week at 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

  • February 2nd: Reggae Music Mekya – Creative City Status.
  • February 4th: The Debate of Foreign Acts outselling Local Acts – Reggae Mekyah Buy Nah Sell Yah
  • February 9th: Talking Drums
  • February 11th: Colour Museum presents Jamaican African Dance Art
  • February 16th: Towards National Models for Music Industry development
  • February 18th: Immigration, Trade & Terroism…
  • February 23rd: The Music of the NDTC
  • February 25th: From Vinyl, CDs, to Cyberspace

Reggae Wednesdays

Each and every Wednesday at 5.30pm in February a concert will be staged at Mandela Park, Half-Way Tree, Kingston. Commencing on 3rd February 2016, the initial line up will consist of performances from Half Pint, Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibblies, U-Roy, Big Youth, Mary Isaacs, Grace Thrillers, Lloyd Parks and the We People Band. With sets being played by Radio 1 Extras, David Rodigan, Toddla T and Seani B, the Akwaaba Drummers and Stone Love. One of the highlights of Reggae Month, every Wednesday throughout February a different line up will perform live at Mandela Park.


reggae wednesday banner
reggae wednesday banner

Reggae Month 2016 Concerts and Tributes

There are also concerts and tributes to enjoy from the JaRIA endorsed Bob Marley celebrations at The Bob Marley Museum on the 6th February, to the Bob Marley Tribute Concert at Sabina Park on the 7th February. Another legend Dennis Brown is also honoured with an annual concert being held at the Waterfront, in downtown Kingston on 27th February.

JaRIA Honour Awards 2016

Reggae Month 2016 culminates at a high profile event the ‘JaRIA Honour Awards’ being staged at The Courtleigh Auditorium on the 28th February 2016. Whereby 24 individuals in 17 categories will be honoured for their outstanding contributions to reggae music, ‘the heartbeat of Jamaica’.



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Jamaican Mango Punch Recipe

Jamaica has an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables on offer and making a punch or juice is a sure fire way to get a hit of goodness in your system. Drink this Jamaican Mango Punch Recipe as a healthy snack, or enjoy a glass with a meal for a fruity, naturally sweet beverage.

‘Natural Punches’

This recipe is taken from a soon to be published eBook ‘Natural Punches’ from an aspiring Jamaican chef and mixologist, called Olando Hutton. Olando has a flair for making the most of the readily available seasonal Jamaican fruits and vegetables in mouth-watering and body enhancing drink recipes. He is also a talented chef and has a series of eBooks coming out that showcase his Jamaican recipes with a twist.  Hailing from the parish of St Ann on the north coast of Jamaica, Olando’s Jamaican Mango Punch Recipe will bring your taste buds straight to the Caribbean!

Jamaican Mango Punch Recipe

You Will Need:

  • A sharp knife
  • A blender
  • A chopping board
  • A bowl


  • 2 lb sweet Mangoes – preferably Julie Mango or East Indian Mango
  • 1/2 litre of ice cold water / or just ice



  • First wash your hands and get all of your ingredients and tools ready
  • Peel the skin from the Mango and remove any imperfections from the flesh
  • Cut the meat from the seed
  • Add Mango flesh and ice cold water to the blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Serve in a tall glass
  • Enjoy!
  • If your Mangoes aren’t sweet enough you can always add a little sugar to taste…

Makes 1 and 1/4 litres of Jamaican Mango Punch


Jamaican Mango Punch
Jamaican Mango Punch



Introducing NEW Rising Star Petraa and her single ‘Love is Eternal’

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing my friend and up and coming Reggae, R’n’B and Dancehall artist, Petraa. With links to the UK, Canada and the Caribbean, she is set to be an international superstar making her mark in the industry within the coming year. Multi-faceted and vocally talented, Petraa’s musical style ranges from sweet and sensual to raw, real talk, story telling.  A singer, song writer and outgoing performer, Petraa has grown as an artist with a passion for singing since a tender age. Petraa re-started her musical journey anew in 2015 in Jamaica, the land of the great and the glorious in the music scene. Here we share her story and get an insight into what she is all about and what you can expect from her in 2016 and beyond.


Petraa’s Interview with ‘Sweet Jamaica Jules’

Hi and welcome to ‘Sweet Jamaica’ Petraa, it’s great to get a chance to sit down and have a chat so that we can introduce you and your newly released single to our readers. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Please introduce yourself…

Hi Readers and Fans! My name is Petraa. I am an Up and coming Reggae, R’n’B and Dancehall artist currently living in Jamaica but originating from Leeds, in the U.K. I moved to Canada after growing up in England but due to my love and passion for music I recently moved to Jamaica to pursue my music career.


What brought you to Jamaica specifically?

Music! My love, passion and drive for it. I like to compare myself to a hungry Rottweiler waiting to be let off my leash lol. I love music, especially Reggae and Dancehall, and because I am an artist practising the craft, it only seemed fit that I do this in the land of where it originated, Jamaica.  


What do you most like about living in Jamaica?

Waking up to sunshine, fresh air, green trees and happy people. I love to just be immersed in Jamaican culture, especially when it comes to the music. I love how serious people take the craft of music in Jamaica. To be an artist in Jamaica, is to be very well respected. You can’t be an artist here and not take it seriously. I’ve also found that when it comes to the music scene here, as long as you have the talent, passion and drive, you will meet like -minded individuals to share and grow your music with.


What have you been up to in Jamaica in 2015?

This year has been a great year for me, jumping into the Jamaican music scene. Prior to this year, I had  taken some time out of the music industry to pursue other non musical ventures. Being back on the scene this year and in Jamaica, I have had the opportunity to meet and perform with a lot of great artists such as Lady Saw, D’ Angel,  Producers, Radio hosts and  DJs and had the chance to perform in a few shows.

While here I have also been going to the studio. I recently recorded my single ‘Love is Eternal’ with ‘Di Lab Records’, a studio based in Exchange, St. Ann. While there, I also recorded a number of dub plates and  jingles. Due to its success, ‘Love is Eternal’ has been featured on a variety of mix-tapes throughout Jamaica. Currently, ‘Love is Eternal’ is playing on radio stations in Jamaica, including Irie FM. The song has also been getting air play in the UK and I recently  did an interview with VRL Radio to promote the single.

How much creative control do you have over your music?

As an unsigned artist, I have full control over my music and sound, especially when it comes to style, lyrics, rhythms and direction. I think it’s important for an artist to be able to exercise this right because it’s that freedom that allows a person’s artistry to show and can be related to by their fans. When it comes to my music, I work with producers to custom make sounds that represent and showcases  the many sides of Petraa. Also because I write my own songs, it allows me to be able to discuss topics and issues close to me and my fans.

What sort of image does your music portray?

My music portrays a sweet, sexy, rude gyal style.  Because I grew up experiencing both sides of the track. I’ve experienced struggle and success and my style, sound, and swag is a representation of that. When it comes to my image, how I am is a true representation of who I am.

As an Artist, is there anything special you would like to accomplish?

Yea, there is a lot I would love to accomplish, just wanna make sure there is enough time lol… Honestly, I would love to accomplish and create a great body of musical works, with the type of sound that can be played and enjoyed by people in years to come. Also I want to use my artistry to do some philanthropic pursuits, starting with giving back and making donations to schools and educational institutions in Jamaica.  


What can people expect to see at your live performances?

Well,  fans can expect to see an energetic, lively stage show. I’m an artist that likes to go hard with my performances. I want my fans to not only hear me, but feel me. Whether I’m accompanied by a live band or  backing track,  you’re gonna see an artist that isn’t afraid to bring it and be immersed in the music. When I go on stage I try to put myself in the shoes of my audience and bring them the kind of performance I would go and pay money to see myself.


Tell us about your single?

‘Love is Eternal’ is a R’n’B and Reggae song influenced by the genre of Lovers rock. It talks about the innocence of meeting someone and enjoying that real connection.

What was your inspiration for the track?

Lol, Mmmm, it’s based on a past relationship. It was written at a time when I was very much in love. Even though the relationship didn’t last, at least I have a song capturing what it was.

Why did you choose to record this track in Jamaica?

I felt Jamaica was the best place to record because nowhere in the world knows reggae music and its sound like Jamaica. Because my music is heavily influenced by Reggae and Dancehall, it only seemed fitting that I recorded my music in the land of where it originated. Not to mention, the Sound quality is amazing in Jamaica. When it comes to making sound recordings, the engineers are great at creating that live sound using various music programmes.

Where did you record the track and who are you currently working with?

I recorded the track  with Christopher Coombs at ‘Di Lab Records’ in Exchange, St. Ann, Jamaica. I am currently working with Raymond Dizzle from ‘Dizzle Entertainment’ to set the wheels in motion to promote ‘Love is Eternal’ and other up and coming ‘Petraa’ releases.


Petraa Love is Eternal
Petraa Love is Eternal


What do you have planned for 2016?

I would like to travel  with my music, and hopefully get a chance to do performances and shows in other countries. My aim is to release my singles and do a few collaborations with more established artists in Jamaica, allowing me to showcase my versatility. By the end of the year, I would like to be able to look back and see my accomplishments for the year.  I also would like to increase my fan support online and on road, to be able to build a relationship with them so they can go on this musical journey with me.


When and where can we buy the Song?

Well, the song is currently available for listening on YouTube. Type in ‘Petraa  ‘Love is Eternal’ (new reggae 2016)’ and it will pop up.  The single will be available for download on iTunes and other musical distribution sites in the next few weeks.


Petraa in the beginning
Petraa in the beginning


What artists do you enjoy listening to?

That’s like one of the hardest questions to ask me, I listen to such a variety of artists. Let me see… I enjoy listening to Marcia Griffiths, Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Chronixx, Aidonia, Popcaan, Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Nikki Minaj, Drake, Rihanna, Future. I also love eras of music like the jazz, rhythm and blues era of the 1930s in America like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald,  Motown, Reggae from the 50s to 70s and  R’n’B  from the 90s.


If you could perform with 10 artists dead or alive who would it be?

  1. Marcia Griffiths
  2. Bob Marley
  3. Jah Cure
  4. Mavado
  5. Aidonia
  6. Popcaan
  7. Chronixx
  8. Erykah Badu
  9. Nikki Minaj
  10. Drake


Name your Top 10 favourite tracks of all time?

  1. Marcia Griffiths – Dreamland
  2. Stevie Wonder – Ribbon in the sky
  3.  Lauryn Hill – Zion
  4. Bob Marley – Forever loving Jah
  5. Erykah Badu – Tyrone
  6. Floetry – Say Yes
  7. Mary J Blige – Share my World
  8. Maxwell – This Woman’s Work
  9. Luther Vandross – If Only for One Night
  10. Minnie Riperton – Loving You


How can fans keep up to date with what you are doing next?

Well, my fans are welcome to stay in touch through social media to keep up to date with everything I am doing, be it shows, single releases or Petraa News in general. They can do this by following me on:

Official Website:






The National Gallery of Jamaica

National Art Gallery of Jamaica

The National Gallery of Jamaica is located on the Waterfront in Downtown Kingston and is well worth a visit. The entrance is found on Orange Street, where a large statue sits outside the entrance. Internally the layout of the Gallery is light and airy with an open plan area downstairs with double height ceiling which is utilised for exhibitions. There is an unusual double staircase leading up to the second floor which due to the double height ceiling, forms a mezzanine floor, come wrap around balcony effect, enabling you to look down to the open plan floor below. This would give a great birds eye view of the proceedings when an exhibition is being held. The mezzanine floor has artworks along all the walls, with several rooms extending from it that house the permanent collections. The National Gallery houses different genres of art to appeal to all ages and tastes, from Taino artworks and artifacts, to work from Edna Manley and the great Mallica ‘Kapo’ Reynolds, to modern and contemporary artworks.

The permanent Galleries include:

Art in Jamaica, c1000 – c1900.
Jamaican Art – The Twentieth Century.
The Edna Manley Gallery.
The ‘Kapo’ Gallery.
The AD Scott Collection.


Where to get the National Gallery of Jamaica Latest Updates

There is also a regular exhibition programme, which is advertised on the National Gallery of Jamaica Blog which compliments the Permanent Galleries and takes over the main space in the gallery. You can also check out the newly refurbished National Gallery of Jamaica Website which gives more information about the galleries and the artists. Although the National Gallery is not vast in size, the overall quality of the content of the Gallery more than makes up for it, and the visit can easily be tacked onto a day of sight seeing in Kingston. Depending on how much of an art aficionado you are you could view the Gallery in a couple of hours, non-withstanding visits to the Coffee Shop, come Gift Shop, which you pass through on the way out. I love this Gallery and cannot wait to visit again.


Copyright National Gallery of Jamaica
Copyright National Gallery of Jamaica


General Information about the National Gallery of Jamaica

Opening hours:

Tuesdays to Thursdays: 10 am to 4:30 pm
Fridays: 10 am to 4 pm
Saturdays: 10 am to 3 pm
Last Sundays: the NGJ is open every last Sunday of the month, 11 am to 4 pm


Adults: JA$400
Senior Citizens and Teachers accompanying student groups: JA$200
Children and Students with ID: free
Guided tours: JA$3,000 (general); JA$2,000 (schools) – by appointment only


Contact Numbers:

1.876.922-1561/3 (Lime fixed line);

1.876.618-0654/5 (Digicel fixed line)


12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston (entrance on Orange Street). On the waterfront in Kingston, look out for the large Digicel building which is located nearby.

Food and Drinks:

As a general rule, food and drinks are not allowed in the galleries and refreshments can be bought and consumed in our coffee shop. During receptions and other functions, food and drinks may be allowed in certain designated areas.


Large bags and backpacks are not allowed inside the NGJ and must be left with the security desk. Our Security Staff is authorised to search handbags, parcels or other items being taken into or out of the NGJ and we ask for your kind co-operation when a search is requested.


Parking is usually available on the adjoining UDC parking lot. An hourly rate applies on weekdays – free on Saturdays. Entrance to the parking lot is on Orange street, first entrance on the left after passing the NGJ building.

Curbside parking is not permitted in most of the areas around the NGJ.

Copyright National Gallery of Jamaica
Copyright National Gallery of Jamaica




2 Bedroom Detached Property in Rose Hall, Montego Bay for Short Term Rental

Sea Views at Rose Hall

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Montego Bay, Jamaica, then this 2 bedroom detached property maybe ideal for you.

This tastefully decorated detached property boasts sea views and modern, comfortable furniture for your entertainment and relaxation during your stay. Located in a picturesque area just outside of Montego Bay, known as Rose Hall, it is a pleasant 20 minute drive from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. The property is situated in a large and safe housing scheme that is quiet and secluded and gives you a home away from home feel, as you are integrated into a community setting. It is ideal for a family, or two couples who want to experience Jamaica from the comfort and privacy of their own setting away from the crowds in a hotel.

The property is fully tiled and grilled and has a small grilled veranda to the front where you can sit and chill out and catch a cool breeze! There is a gate and driveway at the front of the property and there is a lawn that wraps around all sides of the house to chill out in and play games; please note the fence at the sides of the property is made of wire and posts and may not be suitable for under 5 year olds, without supervision.

There is a large master bedroom with a King-size Bed, ample storage space and a ceiling fan. The second bedroom is also a good size and has a double bed and a single bed, storage closet and a ceiling fan. The large open living area runs the length of the house and has front and back doors and a ceiling fan to keep you cool and breezy. The Sitting Area includes a large L shaped sofa that is ideal for spreading out and relaxing on, whilst watching the wide-screen TV and Cable, or whilst surfing the Wireless Internet. There is a modern glass dining table and six chairs to enjoy home cooked meals with family and friends, ideally located next to the open plan Kitchen. The fully fitted kitchen includes an electric oven, microwave, toaster, kettle and fridge / freezer, alongside all the essentials for creating and consuming self-catering meals. The bathroom has a bath with shower attachment, with the convenience of a water pump and hot water; there is a solar-powered water heater on the roof and a back-up water tank on the premises.

Local Amenities

There is a small local shop located less than 5 minute’s walk away from the property, where you can buy all your kitchen basics and a cool beer, or a drink of Jamaican Rum! There is also a business area located a 5 minute drive away in the scheme, that has a medical centre, a couple of Jamaican Cook Shops (Take Away), a small shop, hairdresser and so on.  If you drive out of the scheme in a westerly direction, towards Montego Bay you will find The Half Moon Golf Club and Shopping Centre located 3 minutes’ drive away from the house, along with a Gas Station (Petrol Station). Less than one minute further you will find the famous Scotchies Restaurant, a Police Station and numerous beach bars. The crossroads at Ironshore is 4 minutes’ drive away and has Burger King and an ATM Machine on one corner, a Gas Station on another, the Blue Diamond Shopping Centre on another, and finally the large and modern Whitter Village Shopping Centre, where you will find many stores and a Dentist. Continue a further 12 minutes’ drive and you will reach the airport. The Hip Strip in the town, which includes Aqua Sol (water and amusement park), Doctor’s Cave Beach, Margaritaville, and many other restaurants, shops and bars is less than a 5 minute drive from the Airport.

If you drive out of the scheme the other way, in an Easterly direction towards Falmouth and Ocho Rios, you will reach the nearest beach ‘Chill Out Beach Hut’, a beach bar and grill. There are other beach bars along this strip, some not as fancy as others. The nearest Gas Station (petrol station) in this direction is 8 minutes’ drive away, you will need to pull off the highway on the left hand side of the road, where you see the sign for ‘Chill Out Beach Hut’ and drive down the slip road until you reach it. The attractions of Ocho Rios are about 2 hours’ drive away, if you are cruising and taking in the scenery.

The Fine Print!

Please note: As the hot water is solar heated it is in limited supply and can be less in times of cloudy weather. On occasions there is water and electricity outages in Jamaica. The property has a water tank that supplies water to the house in times of water outages, which uses a pump to supply the kitchen and bathroom. We have some emergency lighting in the house in case of power outages. Please help us be more sustainable by turning off the ceiling fans when not in use or when leaving the property.


Montego Bay

Montego Bay in Jamaica is one of the top resort destination towns in the Caribbean. The modern and airy International Airport is located just 20 minutes drive away from the property, creating easy links to travellers from all over the world. Montego Bay has a thriving hip-strip where you can enjoy dining, shopping, drinking and other amusements and of course the beach. There is also downtown Montego Bay with its bustling shops, banks, craft and food markets and other amenities. Rose Hall is a picturesque area just outside of Montego Bay which boasts several Golf courses, horse riding and further shopping malls and amenities with easy driving distance. There are the historic sites of  Rose Hall Great House and the top 5 Trip Advisor rated things to do in Rose hall are, Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, Half Moon Beach, Tennis and Golf Club, Half Moon Tennis Club and Half Moon, Rose Hall Spa.



If you are interested in booking this modern, spacious detached house in Montego Bay get in touch below!

CFW Caribbean Fashion Week Kingston Jamaica

Fashionista’s and A-listers will be flocking to the fabulous CFW (Caribbean Fashion Week) being held in Kingston between the 11th and 16th June 2014.  Now in its 13th year the award-winning event promises to be a festival of sights and sounds with Caribbean and International designers showcasing their collections, alongside top-notch musical performances. The organisers ‘Pulse’ have pulled out all the stops and CFW 2014 is lauded to be the best year yet with the launch of ShopCaribbeanFashion and shopping lounges at the event where you can leave with your favourite looks. Stunning runway shows will tantalise the senses, alongside star-studded performances from Sizzla, Ninja Man and Sheila E to name a few.

The opening Night of CFW is 11th June 2014, the collections will be shown at the National Indoor Sports Centre over the preceding nights, with the Wrap Night heralding a full-set from Sizzla and includes performances from Sheila E (legendary Prince Drummer). Many creative African’s will be featured at CFW 2014, including Zambian designer Sabina Mutsvati and two Ethiopian designers Fitkirte and Mahlet. Additionally, Ethiopian model Yardanos and traditional dancer and entertainer “Kuri”, Kuribachew Woldemariam will feature.

The event takes place at a number of Kingston addresses including the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston, the Spanish Court Hotel, PULS8 in New Kingston, Villa Ronai in Stony Hill and the Red Bones Blues Cafe.

CFW Banner
CFW Banner

The Launch of Shop Caribbean Fashion

The latest venture of Pulse, the team behind CFW is the launch of Shop Caribbean Fashion  an e-commerce offering that showcases some of the designers featured. You can buy 6-piece capsule collections from some of the designers showing at CFW, alongside other treasures. Building to the excitement of CFW the site will go live at the opening night of CFW 2014 enabling the fashion hungry to snap up their favourite looks from the shows.

CFW Bio by Shop Caribbean Fashion

Caribbean Fashionweek is produced by Pulse, a fashion and entertainment company which pioneered the development of the fashion and modelling industries in the Caribbean. The company is listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange and was the first of its kind to be publicly listed. CFW began in 2001 and one of its essential features is to showcase the fashion design talent of the region to the rest of the world, and drive export opportunities for Caribbean designers. The event has grown in status and attracts world-class entertainment and a plethora of internationally successful models, however the focus in 2014 has returned to creating a platform for designers to monetize their creative enterprise globally.

The launch of will allow international fashion lovers to purchase directly from the Caribbean catwalk online or in person by attending the shows.

This Bio information and the images on this post have been reproduced from the Shop Caribbean Fashion website.

Get more information on CFW 2014 on the Pulse Caribbean Fashion Week website….


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Welcome to ‘GATFFEST’ The Jamaican Film Festival

Calling all Film Lovers! If you are a film buff or an aspiring short film-maker get involved with The Greater August Town Film Festival ‘GATFFEST’. Jamaica’s very own Film Festival is being held between the 24th and the 27th April 2014 in Kingston and is hotting up as a ‘Must See’ event in Jamaica. Now in its second year, GATFFEST invites attendees and participants to the event which showcases short films from both local and international film makers, in six categories. The four-day event, mainly being  held at The Courtleigh Auditorium includes an invitation only Red Carpet Premiere Screening, free Film Workshop and August Town Community Town Tour, as well as two $500 entry Film Nights culminating in an Awards Show. GATFFEST is affiliated with the Orlando ‘Love Your Shorts’ Film Festival a respected offering from America.

How did The Greater August Town Film Project Start?

The Centre for Tourism and Policy Research at the University of the West Indies (UWI) conceived the University Township initiative, out of which the Greater August Town Film Project a community tourism project was born. The idea was to find a way to reach out to the unemployed and under achieving youths of the joint communities that make up August Town, Kingston, just south of the UWI campus. After consultation with the community it was decided that introducing the youths to film would give them a way to be uplifted. Opening a creative medium to have their voice heard and stories documented in their own words. Just under 100 young residents have benefitted from being trained in aspects of film and video production through the project aiding their future employment prospects. The project also offers an internationally recognised platform to show off their work among their peers in the film industry and potentially be awarded at GATFFEST. The Film Festival is lauded to become a destination event for tourists interested in indie film making, furthering the reach of the project in the Greater August Town communities.



How Do I Participate it GATFFEST?

Submissions are welcomed from newcomers and experienced film-makers alike, from both local and international talent. The Application Deadline is midnight on the 4th April 2014. Short films must be between 5 and 30 minutes long and can be submitted in ONE of the following categories:

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Animation
  • Documentary
  • Musical and Dance
  • Science Fiction and Horror


Come on Jamaica! Get Involved in The GATFFEST…

Big Up Yourself Youths of Jamaica! There is creativity in the hands, hearts and minds of Jamaican’s and I would appeal to any young aspiring Jamaican film makers to submit your short films to GATFFEST and show off your talent!  It is a great way to gain some experience and exposure in the film industry and get your burgeoning talent recognised on the international film circuit.

How is the GATFFEST Awards Judged?

All films accepted by the Review Committee will be reviewed and judged by a panel prior to the start of the festival, with the official winners being announced on the last night.  The People’s Choice awards will be voted for by secret ballot. Each night the audience is asked to vote for their favourite film(s), with the winner being announced after the showing of each block.



Official Information from GATFFEST

This information has been copied from the GATFFEST website

Rules and Submission Guidelines to GATFFEST

  1. The spirit of GATFFEST is one of social and community upliftment, cooperation and human development. Therefore, we do not accept submissions that ridicule or demean people; incite hatred towards individual or groups; or promote violence.
  2. The Review Committee chooses and invites the films which will be presented in the festival and reserves the right to cancel any submission during the festival.
  3. Each film invited to be a part of the Official Selection by the Review Committee will receive a Certificate of Participation.
  4. Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn by the submitting party from the festival programme during the event without a valid reason.
  5. During the entire duration of GATFFEST, none of the films invited may be shown outside the Festival’s official theatres before its official screening.


How to submit your film to GATFFEST

  1. Persons submitting films to GATFFEST may not receive payment for their submissions.
  2. Films not presented in English or Jamaican Creole must have subtitles in English.
  3. Films may be submitted in the following genres: comedy, drama, animation, documentary, musical/dance and sci-fi/horror.
  4. Films submitted to GATFFEST should normally be between 5 and 30 minutes long.
  5. Films may be submitted through the official website: or to
  6. Films may also be submitted directly to the office on DVD or USB flash drive. Telephone: 1876 970 1467.
  7. Films may also be submitted via Dropbox or Vimeo.
  8. Submission deadline for all films is for April 4, 2014 at Midnight.
  9. Each film can only be submitted to one category.
  10. All films should have the relevant copyright approvals before submission.
  11. Films accepted by GATFFEST may be used in various promotions for the festival.
  12. Each night the audience will be invited to choose the best film/s by secret ballot. People’s Choice awards winners will be announced following the showing of each block.
  13. For the GATFFEST Official awards, a panel of judges will review all films accepted by the Review Committee and choose the winners before the festival and announce winners on the final night during the awards ceremony.
  14. On the final night GATFFEST Official awards will be presented for:
  • Best Directing (Franklyn St Juste Award )
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Local (Lennie Little-White Award)
  • Best International
  • Best Community
  • Best of the spirit of GATFFEST
  • Best of GATTFEST – “Archie” — (Archibald McDonald Award)



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Two Jamaican Breadfruit Recipes

How to Cook a Breadfruit

Some Jamaican’s believe that eating Breadfruit makes you ‘fraid, or plainly put a coward. However, whether this ‘ol time saying is true or not, I simply love cooking and eating Breadfruit. I have included two Jamaican recipes for roasted and fried breadfruit, that I am sure will keep you coming back for more. Breadfruit can be roasted in the oven, or better still on a fire or barbecue for the real smoky flavour. Afterwards you can remove the heart and slice it into segments, rubbing on a little seasoning before frying it. Trust me, this is so good your belly will buss before you can stop eating it!


You Will Need:

  • A long sharp knife
  • An oven, fire pit or barbecue


  • A good roasting Breadfruit

How to Make Sure the Breadfruit is Good for Roasting…

  1. It should be firm to the touch with a little give when squeezed
  2. Look out for a yellowish colour between the green ‘scales’ of the skin
  3. There are white deposits on the skin


  • Take a long sharp knife to cut out the stalk of the breadfruit
  • Cut a ‘square’ around the stalk, digging in the knife at an angle to release around two inches into the heart in a ‘v’ shape
  • Cut a cross in the bottom of the breadfruit around 1″ deep to help release steam inside
  • Place on a grill over a fire, in an oven or barbecue
  • Turn the Breadfruit until all sides are blackened and the breadfruit lets out a clean knife when pierced in either end (in the holes)
  • Remove from the fire
  • Wait until it cools and wearing gloves to prevent the hands getting all sooty, use a long knife to cut off the blackened skin
  • Don’t cut too deep to waste the Breadfruit, just enough to remove the blackened outer skin
  • Cut in quarters along the length of the Breadfruit (like an Orange segment) and cut out the heart and the little seeds, discard
  • Eat the roasted Breadfruit as it is… Yummy!


Jamaican Fried Breadfruit Recipe

You Will Need:

  • A long sharp knife
  • A frying pan or dutch pot
  • A chopping board
  • A dish to season the Breadfruit


  • A roasted Breadfruit
  • Dried seasoning; Salt, Black Pepper and Paprika
  • Cooking Oil




  • Cut the Breadfruit in quarters along the length, cut out the heart and discard it
  • Using a long knife, cut the quarters into segments around 1″ thick
  • Sprinkle a little of the mixed seasoning in a dish
  • Lightly rub the seasoning on both sides of the Breadfruit slices and drop them into the hot oil
  • Fry on both sides until golden, remove draining on a sheet of paper towelling
  • Serve… So, so, so delicious and a great alternative to fries

WARNING! This recipe for Fried Breadfruit is highly addictive!

You can eat this fried Breadfruit on its own, it is so delicious. Or, if you feeling a little more hungry why not try it with my Jamaican Recipes for:


Roasted and Fried Breadfruit Slices
Roasted and Fried Breadfruit Slices

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Jamaica Featured in Trip Advisor Awards

Jamaica is becoming a more affordable ‘bucket list’ holiday destination, with the news in the UK Budget about the price of flights reducing next year. All you will need now is somewhere fabulous to stay to suit your needs. Jamaican hotspots have been featured in many of the categories for both the 2013 and 2014 ‘Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards’, which could give you a head start in choosing from the huge amount of choice on the island. In case you’re wondering, Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel website that helps people book trips based on millions of travellers unbiased reviews of the places they have travelled to, including accommodation, food and places to visit.

‘Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards’

TripAdvisor collated all the opinions and reviews that travellers have given about each destination and the amenities offered there, which puts them in order of ranking based on points. Each year the highest ranking entries are compiled into Top 10 and Top 25 Award Winners Lists which are published on their site. It is no surprise to me that Jamaican resorts featured favourably throughout the winners, with some resorts and areas being placed in multiple categories.

Here are the Travellers’ Choice Award Winners in Jamaica


Top 25 Hotels in the Caribbean 2014

 Jamaica has really put its stamp on this category with four (4) winners placed in the 25 Top Hotels in the Caribbean, all of which are along the north coast.


Top 25 Hotels in the Caribbean 2014
Top 25 Hotels in the Caribbean 2014




Best 25 Beaches in the Caribbean 2014

The Caribbean has been blessed with a plethora of beautiful beaches, with powder white sand and turquoise water. Negril, on Jamaica’s most western coast has a famous stretch of sand that pleases the senses and was ranked in again, at 10 out of 25 entries.

Best 25 Beaches in the Caribbean 2014



Update as of 11th April 2014. Another category has been collated and the 2014 Winners announced…

Top 10 Destinations in the Caribbean 2014

Both Ocho Rios and Negril have been voted for by travellers and have even beaten their ranking from last year’s results. Well Done!

Top 10 Destinations in the Caribbean 2014
Top 10 Destinations in the Caribbean 2014



Top 10 World Hotels for Families 2013

If you are taking advantage of the cost savings on flights for families visiting Jamaica, family friendly accommodation is in order. Negril comes up trumps again for Jamaica, with this resort making it into the Top 10 Hotels in the World.

Top 10 World Hotels for Families 2013


Top 25 Bargain Hotels in the Caribbean 2013

Budget travellers will be pleased to know they haven’t been left out, as a hotel in Negril has been awarded in the Top Bargain Hotels category.

Top 25 Bargain Hotels in the Caribbean 2013



Top 25 Small Hotels in the Caribbean 2013

Small boutique hotels are becoming popular as they tend to offer a more intimate setting, with elegant surroundings and are quieter than the mass appeal of the big hotel groups. Jamaica boasts a number of these establishments and has been awarded with four winners in this category. Negril on Jamaica’s West coast is once again featured, alongside Port Antonio which is on Jamaica’s East coast.

Top 25 Small Hotels in the Caribbean 2013
Top 25 Small Hotels in the Caribbean 2013


Top 25 All-Inclusive Hotels in the Caribbean 2013

When many people think of visiting paradise, it has to include staying in an all-Inclusive resort. These resorts feature heavily in Jamaica and although they are more pricey, the experience can make for an ‘all out’, or ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to be remembered for ever. Three resorts where featured in the Top 25 All-Inclusive Hotels in the Caribbean, spread along the west and north coasts of Jamaica.

Top 25 All-Inclusive Hotels in the Caribbean


Top 10 Destinations in the Caribbean 2013

With all the destinations in the Caribbean to choose from, it pleases me to announce that Jamaica has been featured twice in the Top 10 destinations in the Caribbean category. My home town of Ocho Rios and the top rated Negril  are on the list.

Top 10 Destinations in the Caribbean


Top 25 Beaches in the Caribbean 2013

Seven Mile Beach in Negril is a clear favourite in the Caribbean as it is featured in both the 2013 and 2014 Top Beach category.

Top 25 Beaches in the Caribbean 2013
Top 25 Beaches in the Caribbean 2013




Top 10 Landmarks in the Caribbean 2013

With all the Landmarks to visit in the Caribbean, Jamaica’s famous Rose Hall Great House came up in the Top 10 list last year.


Rose Hall Great House
Rose Hall Great House

Top 10 Landmarks in the Caribbean


Sweet Jamaica Jules Contributes on TripAdvisor…

If you would like to read my reviews and opinions about places I have visited then check out the SweetJamaicaJules members page on TripAdvisor here…



All images used in this post have been copied from TripAdvisor and their partner websites. These images remain the property of this parties and have been used for demonstration purposes only. The link for TripAdvisor website can be found here.


Trip Advisor Travellers Awards 2014


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Ocho Rios Bay Beach

The main beach in Ocho Rios, situated on Jamaica’s north coast, is the wide white sand arch of Ocho Rios Bay Beach; which is also known as ‘Turtle Beach’. As many of the hotels along Main Street back onto the sand, it is a heavily used tourist beach and it’s popular with locals too. When the cruise ships are in town the beach also fills up with the passengers that flock to shore from the towering cruise ships that dock on the far side of the beach.

Cruise Ship Pier
Cruise Ship Pier

Directions to Ocho Rios Bay Beach and Entrance Fees

When driving down Main Street you will see Sandcastles Hotel on your left-hand side and then a couple of shopping plazas. Drive past and turn into the first car park on your LEFT, which has a barrier and a guard. The entrance to the beach is via the back of the car park through another gate. There is a fee for parking in the car park.

If you do not have a wrist band from your hotel there is a charge to enter the Ocho Rios Bay Beach (see below for full details of entrance fees). On paying the entrance fee the guard will stamp your wrist which allows you to leave and re-enter the beach later in the day if you choose the take a break and want to wander around the town. If the stamp is rubbing off ask them to re-stamp it before you leave the beach if you intend to return, as suntan lotion and sweaty skin will make it rub off quickly.

Hotels on Ocho Rios Bay Beach
Hotels on Ocho Rios Bay Beach

Ocho Rios Bay Beach Facilities

There are toilets and changing rooms, plus a restaurant and bar serving the beach goers. There are also seats and deck chairs available, where you can lounge or picnic in the shade of an Almond Tree. You will also see vendors plying their trade along the sand, which is convenient if you don’t want to leave your things to walk to the bar or craft market. If you don’t want anything a smile and a polite ‘I’m not shopping today’ or ‘I’m good thanks’, will see them walking on to the next punter.

The sand is regularly raked and is a pristine white colour. The sea has designated swimming areas and is shallow enough near the shoreline for children to play.  If you are into water-sports you will be spoilt for choice and jet ski’s are popular and readily available for rental.

There are two craft markets nearby to the Ocho Rios Bay Beach which can be found if walking along main street. Plus there is the sprawling Island Village complex, which has a huge choice of shops, supermarkets, banks, doctors, dentists, opticians, a post office and so on. Across the street there is also Burger King and KFC if you are wanting a break from Jamaican food.

Hotels on Ocho Rios Bay Beach
Hotels on Ocho Rios Bay Beach

Ocho Rios Bay Beach Entrance Fees and Opening Hours

Opening Hours:

Daily: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Entry Fee:

Adult J$200
Child (2-11 years old) J$100


Adult US$3 (or equivalent)
Child (2-11 years old) US$1

Contact Details:

(876) 656-8031 Telefax: (876) 974-2731


Contact Details:

(876) 656-8031 Telefax: (876) 974-2731



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Post Updated: January 2016