Pleasure Cove – Saint Mary

Pleasure Cove Saint Mary

Although the whole point of a blog is to share, I kind of want to keep this little gem to myself! Pleasure Cove is a privately managed beach just outside of Ocho Rios, that is beautifully maintained and to my surprise, FREE to enter.

Nestled on the western side of the White River Bay’, it boasts white sand, calm water and a bar and restaurant with delicious food and excellent customer service. If you want a beach to while away the hours in semi-seclusion but with all the conveniences, give Pleasure Cove at try.

Pleasure Cove Facilities

Aside from the pristine white sand beach, there is a bar and restaurant, washrooms, sun loungers (to rent for JA$500 / US$5), a Volleyball net and cool shady Sea Grape and Almond Trees with a rope swing.

The beach wasn’t overcrowded, but was being enjoyed by a fair amount of locals and visitors to the island. We had no problem finding a spot near the water where we made ourselves at home after buying some drinks from the bar.

The only ‘drawback’ to Pleasure Cove is that it shares the beach (White River Bay) with Couples San Souci Hotel guests, who dominate about 80% of the beach. However there is a screen running down the sand to give privacy to persons on both sides and after a while of getting used to seeing it there, it didn’t impact on the enjoyment of the beach.

Eating at Pleasure Cove Restaurant

Later in the afternoon we were hungry and went into the restaurant to check out the menu. The service was excellent, with the staff going out of their way to make the experience memorable by bringing a table down to the waterfront (when we realised we jumped up and grabbed some chairs), so we could eat our food looking out at the sea.

There was quite a lot of choice on the menu and a good mixture of Jamaican mains and seafood. Although it was noted that the Jerk chicken seemed to be catered to tourists milder palate and the seafood was expensive.

Despite the Jerk chicken not being as spicy as anticipated, we all enjoyed the food at Pleasure Cove. As in we literally all finished everything on our plates!

TIP! We would all highly recommend the steamed bammy and fried plantain, if you can’t decide which side orders to have.

What’s on the plates? (clockwise from top centre)

  • Fried (ripe) Plantain
  • Steamed Bammy
  • Stir Fry Vegetables
  • Fried Chicken and Fries
Meal at Pleasure Cove
Pleasure Cove Delicious Food

What’s on the plates? (from left to right)

  • Jerk Chicken
  • Steamed Bammy
Food at Pleasure Cove
Food at Pleasure Cove

The Important Bits about Pleasure Cove

  • COST: Entry is FREE!
  • PARKING: FREE parking in an unpaved car park
  • FOOD: Restaurant serving delicious food with excellent customer service. Seafood was pricey, but those that ate it said it was delicious
  • PLANT BASED FRIENDLY: Limited choice, but tasty! You can order Stir Fried Vegetables and there are lots of side orders to choose from
  • DRINK: Drinks sold in the Bar
  • SHOPPING: None seen
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY: Yes. You may see persons smoking Marijuana
  • WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE: Yes, there is a ramp leading onto the beach, although the car park is unpaved and uneven in places
  • EASY TO FIND: Quite Easy! It’s on the A3 Main Road, but the entrance can be easily missed – follow the directions below!
  • BEACH AMENITIES: Sun loungers to rent for approx US$5 / JA$500. Free seating for dining and drinking at the restaurant / bar
  • BEACH SAFETY: NO Lifeguard on duty – Swim at your own risk! There may be a Lifeguard manning the neighbouring property, who I am sure would help if the need arose!
  • ADDED EXTRAS: Eat fresh Almonds and Seagrapes straight off the tree, when in season. There is a volleyball net
  • GOOD TO KNOW: The beach is shared with a large all-inclusive hotel, so there is a screen running the length of the beach
  • CROWD INDEX: There was people about, but plenty of room
  • TOP TIP: Request that a table is brought to the shoreline, or sit on the sand and eat your meal looking out to sea
Sea Grapes Pleasure Cove
Sea Grapes Pleasure Cove

Directions to Pleasure Cove – Saint Mary

ADDRESS: Pleasure Cove, White River Bay, A3 Main Road, White River, Saint Mary

WALKING: Unless you are up for a 4.3km hike literally along the side of the busy A3 Main Road from Ocho Rios Town Centre (Clock Tower), I would take a ride to reach this beach. Please be aware if you do want to walk, there is NO pavement / sidewalk for much of the journey – so always walk facing the direction of the traffic!

TAXI: From Ocho Rios you will need to get a taxi going in the direction of Oracabessa. It won’t cost you any more than JA$130 if you use a route taxi from the Ocho Rios Bus Park, or stand on the side of the road in the direction of the beach and flag down a taxi going to Oracabessa / Port Maria. Tell the driver you are going to Pleasure Cove and they will let you off at the security gate; you will need to walk down the slip road to the beach entrance – approximately a 10 minute walk. Private Taxi’s will cost considerably more!

DRIVING: From Ocho Rios, follow the A3 out of the town centre, towards Oracabessa. You will pass over a bridge spanning the ‘White River’, directly after you cross the bridge look out on the left-hand side for a large sign marked ‘Pleasure Cove’. Drive through the security gate and follow the road to your right. You will see another sign directing you to the Pleasure Cove car park a few more minutes down the slip road.

From Oracabessa: Follow the A3 towards Ocho Rios. You will pass through ‘Prospect’, where you will see the sign for ‘YaaMan Adventures’ and the Police Station on your left-hand side. Couples San Souci Hotel will be on your right-hand side. Keep looking on the right-hand side for a large sign marked ‘Pleasure Cove’, just before the bridge spanning the White River. Drive through the security gate and follow the road to your right. You will see another sign directing you to the Pleasure Cove car park a few more minutes down the slip road.

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