Coconut Milk Recipe

Coconut Milk Recipe


Coconut Milk is used in many Jamaican recipes, such as ‘Rice and Peas’ and ‘Mackerel Rundown’ and with a little effort it is easy to make if you have a dry coconut available…

Coconuts are plentiful in Jamaica, but if you don’t have a tree near to where you live, they can be bought in markets and supermarkets instead. Fresh coconut milk tastes better than the processed varieties and can be fun to prepare, even if it is a bit time-consuming…. Enjoy!


You will need:

    • a large bowl to grate the coconut
    • a fine grater, or blender
    • a strainer and / or, muslin cloth
    • Jug to collect milk


Throughly wash your hands and scrub underneath your nails if you can. Gather all your ingredients and cooking implements together and put them on the counter top so you have everything within reach and you will also save time and make it easier for yourself.


Finely Grate the Coconut

Finely Grate the Coconut



    • 1 large dry coconut
    • Water

Makes about 2-3 cups of coconut milk, dependant on strength required – Takes about 30 minutes to prepare; if you want to make more,  just increase the amount of coconuts to enjoy this delicious Jamaican food…


    • Pierce one of the eyes of the coconut and drain out the water, set aside to drink later (chill in fridge)
    • Crack open the coconut and carefully extract the white coconut flesh, try to cut it out in large pieces, especially if you are using a grater as it is easier to hold (and to save your fingers!)
    • Grate the coconut and add 2 cups of water, or add the pieces of coconut to a blender, add the water and blend
    • Squeeze the mixture through a strainer, or place a piece of clean muslin cloth over a bowl, place mixture in the middle, gather up the edges to create a ball and squeeze the liquid through the muslin into a jug, repeat several times to extract the milk fully
    • Enjoy!


Fresh Coconut Milk

Fresh Coconut Milk


Why not try using this Coconut Milk Recipe for ‘Rice and Peas’? Click the button for the recipe:


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