1. Gletta Lee

    This is a wonderful idea,well done guys,I know how hard JA is.
    I come down twice a year,living as a local,staying with friends ….we look after each other and I do my very best,I always think what more can I do to help,their are times I wish I could win some money and stay,open up a place for parent/children to get help.
    20years of teaching low achieves in school…I now long for something different to do..
    I will share this idea on my page and when am down again in summer I will visit

    1. Post author

      Hi Gletta

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for the big up!

      I totally understand the feeling of thinking that there is more we can do to help others and feeling at a loss of where to start. This is why the principles behind The Bus Stop Mission’s Time Exchange program really resonate with me. Not everyone is blessed with a bounty of money to offer to others, but what we don’t realise is that our time is the most valuable and precious gift that can be offered to others and that giving money doesn’t generally solve the root of the problem anyway. Teaching others a new skill, sharing our experiences, fostering self-belief and mentoring and guiding others to gainful employment, better awareness of health and well-being and education is a gift that keeps on giving long after the initial financial aid has been depleted. I am sure there is somewhere (if not The Bus Stop Mission), where you can offer your time and experience to help others, especially in your gifted field of teaching low achievers.

      The Bus Stop Mission is a fantastic organisation and I am really proud to be showcasing the beautiful and unique products that are made by the artisans in Jamaica. The sales of which help stock the Mission’s Discount Shop, replenish craft materials and ensure the employment scheme can continue running. I really appreciate you offering to share the information on your page, it is great way to help spread the word. If anyone would like to buy a ‘Sunchime’ please get in touch with me!

      When are you coming back and which part of the island are you based in? It would be great to meet up with my visitors in the future!

      Take care for now. Bless up Jules

  2. Anonymous

    Thankyou so much for your comment Jules ,I really appreciate the uplifting words.
    I will be in JA from the 22 of July,in Ochio St Ann’s,I would love to meet up and see what
    a great job ur doing

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