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      To try and help answer your question, Breadfruit can be cooked in many ways so when selecting a Breadfruit you have to look out for the best one for the job!

      Boiling / Soup Breadfruit: Look out for a young or nearly young Breadfruit. That is a light bright green colour, it may feel more bumpy and sticky to the touch and will feel light in weight. Quite often it will have ‘beads of perspiration’ on the skin that look white or milky in colour. Be sure to run your hands over the skin and squeeze gently to check for imperfections in the way of cuts and bruises before selecting your Breadfruit.

      You can make the Breadfruit easier and less messy to prepare for boiling with this little trick, cut an ‘X’ in the bottom of the Breadfruit and place it in a strainer or funnel, stem side up and prop it up over a bowl; leave for up to 8 hours to allow the gooey, sticky sap to drain out. When preparing the Breadfruit for boiling be sure to remove and discard all of the ‘heart’ / ‘core’ and seeds of the Breadfruit, as this is what is considered to make the Breadfruit taste bitter when cooked and eaten.

      Roasting / Frying Breadfruit: Look out for a ripe Breadfruit. It will feel ‘full’ and firm to the touch and will have in a little weight when picked up. The skin will be dark green in colour, with a more prominent look to the ‘scales’ which can be yellowish in colour, but the skin will be smooth when you rub your hands over it. You may also notice it has brown spots on the skin, which can make it look dirty or rusty. Ripe Breadfruit can also have ‘beads of perspiration’ on the skin that look white or milky in colour. Be careful not to select a fruit that is too soft, when you lightly squeeze it, otherwise it will be more suited to using for a cake or dessert recipe.

      Hope this helps, Jules

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