Fry dumplings in oil until golden brown

Cook Fried Dumplings

Easy to follow recipe to cook delicious Jamaican style Fried Dumplings. Concise instructions for fool-proof results with suggestions of what to serve them with.

Jamaican food - Red Herring and Hard Food

Jamaican Food – Red Herring and Hard Food Recipe

Jamaicans love to eat ‘cooked food’ at any time of the day and although this meal takes a little longer to prepare, it takes little time to eat… It makes a perfect breakfast recipe if you are really hungry! Wholesome, filling and delicious, you too can cook this meal by following the easy steps

Jamaican food - Salt fish fritters

Cook Saltfish Fritters – Stamp and Go

Stamp and Go or Saltfish Fritters are quick and easy to prepare and cook and are delicious to eat. They can be enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack or as an appetiser at an event, as they are prefect Caribbean finger food.

Eating Jamaican Spicy Pickle!

If chocolate tea (hot chocolate), real vanilla or spicy pickle are your thing, then you will love this Jamaican food manufacturer…