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Jamaica Recycles Rubber Tyres!

I was excited to read that an existing Jamaican company based in Discovery Bay, St Ann is going to spread its wings into the recycling of tyres. This is brilliant news for Jamaica as an epidemic of discarded tyres, which mainly end up languishing at the Riverton Landfill site in Kingston are overtaking our Land of Wood and Water! This huge pile of tyres has been disposed of ‘responsibly’  and is estimated to cover some 5 acres of land. But, tyres take decades to breakdown and it has often been the source of air clogging fires. By recycling the tyres it will free up Jamaica’s landfill space and hopefully end the illegal disposal of tyres into the rivers, gulleys, beaches and other areas of natural beauty which create greater environmental hazards. Therefore may I present another brilliant Jamaican company that deserves to be highlighted in the SUPPORT JAMAICA BUY JAMAICAN! campaign for environmental goodness all round!

Who is behind the Tyre Recycling in Jamaica?

SKDP Haulage and Distribution Limited have set up Jamaica Rubber Products, or JRP to tackle tyre recycling in Jamaica. They not taken this initiative lightly as they have researched waste tyre disposal for two years and have come up with a solution that is viable in terms of the ‘way’ the tyres are recycled and it  is an innovative use of an otherwise unwanted commodity. JRP are now ready and in the process of  sourcing tyres, installing manufacturing equipment and they plan to start production in mid-July. They hope to of disposed of 40% to 60% of Jamaica’s waste tyres in the next 10 years.

How will the Tyres be Recycled?

The tyres will be separated from their rims in a process known as ‘de-beading’, then they are ground into a rubber powder, which is commonly known as ‘rubber crumb’. This can be made in an assortment of sizes and is planned for use in Jamaica, with the excess expected to be exported overseas.

The rubber crumb can be used in a number of applications, such as the repair of roadways. When the rubber crumb is added to an asphalt mix it not only means that less asphalt is needed, it also increases the elasticity of the road surface, making it more durable and  less brittle, which lengthens the lifespan of the road. Other benefits include that the road is made stronger, safer, is quieter to drive over, it can greater strains and lasts up to twice as long as asphalt without the rubber crumb added.

Copyright Bryan Cummings
Copyright Bryan Cummings


Why is the Recycling of Tyres a Good Idea?

Many old tyres are left lying around creating an eyesore and providing an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos when stagnant water collects inside, creating a risk of Malaria and Dengue Fever. The vast majority of the rest are burnt as a means of disposal. This method causes noxious (poisonous) gases to be leached into the air which can be a leading component in respiratory disease like Asthma and Cancer. As each tyre contains lead and about a gallon of oil the fire can burn uncontrollably and the fire is hard to put out. All these chemicals are bad for the air we breathe and the environment.

What is there not to love about this initiative?!

How can I Get my old Tyres Recycled in Jamaica?

If you have any old tyres or work in the automotive industry you can contact JRP on the details below:

S.K.D.P. Haulage & Distribution Ltd 

P.O. Box 160

Discovery Bay

St. Ann

Mr. Sherold Philbert

Managing Director

Tel:       (876) 973-9346/9345

Fax:      (876) 973-9346





Come on Jamaica! Get involved in Recycling Today!





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2 thoughts on “Jamaica Recycles Rubber Tyres!”

  1. I like the idea, it’s great. I also have to say that I sometimes just don’t understand how things work here in Jamaica. we trying since some time to get hold of old car tyres to use them for the foundation for our house/hut. Also a good way to recycle them and much cheaper than concrete blocks and cement. i’d even love to build a earthship outof old tyres. The idea was to get them for free and only pay for the delivery. This way the company could get rid of their old tyres too. but I couldn’t find any up to now.
    If anyone knows where to ask I am more than happy. We are located in St. Elizabeth.

    1. Hey Birgit

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. That sounds like an interesting plan and an innovative use for old tyres (tires) as a foundation. I am not quite sure what an ‘earthship’ is and I would love to hear more about this part of the plan!

      Have you tried contacting any tyre (tire) dealers in the local area? I know that there is a huge amount of old tyres at Riverton Dump, which has been in the headlines due to its sheer magnitude of scale. However I am not sure if it is possible to collect from there, as part of the controversy was to do with how the tyres where to be recycled and by whom. But, you could maybe give them a try?

      Let me know how you get on and I’d love to hear more about the plan to construct a ‘earthship’.

      Bless up Jules

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