Jamaican Potato Salad Recipe


[text_justify] This Jamaican Potato Salad recipe is delicious and easy to make. Like the Jamaican Coleslaw, it makes a great accompaniment to anything and everything (except soup!) and is the perfect dish for a barbecue too.[text_justify]

[text_justify]Potato Salad in Jamaica has a few unusual ingredients that you don’t normally find used in the UK. But, these new additions makes for a dreamy combination that tastes so delicious I have never looked back…. Enjoy![/text_justify]


Jamaican Potato Salad Ingredients
Jamaican Potato Salad Ingredients


[icon icon_name=”star”] You will need:

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  • a large bowl to mix the ingredients (I use a smaller clean bowl to serve, once all the messy sauce has been stirred in)
  • Pots (saucepans) to boil potato, green garden peas and the eggs (I would recommend boiling the ingredients separately!)
  • a jug or deep sided dish to mix the sauce
  • a big spoon to mix



[text_justify]Throughly wash your hands and scrub underneath your nails if you can. Gather all your ingredients and cooking implements together and put them on the counter top so you have everything within reach and you will also save time and make it easier for yourself.[text_justify]


[icon icon_name=”star”] Ingredients

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  • 4 large (Irish) Potatoes
  • 1 cup of green garden Peas (I used frozen)
  • 2 large Eggs
  • 2 stalks of Escallion (spring onion)
  •  2 large tablespoons of Mayonnaise
  • 2 large tablespoons of Salad Cream (can be omitted if preferred or unavailable)
  • 1 teaspoon of Mustard (I used English Mustard)
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste
  • Salt for boiling vegetables


[text_center]Makes about 6 cups of Jamaican Potato Salad – Takes about 30 minutes to prepare; if you want to make more,  just increase the amount of the ingredients to enjoy this delicious Jamaican food.[/text_center]


Add all Ingredients to a Dish
Add all Ingredients to a Dish


[icon icon_name=”star”] Method

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  • Set on a large pot (saucepan) half filled with water, to boil – add salt and pot cover (saucepan lid).
  • Peel the Potato and cut into bite sized cubes, rinse in clean water and add to boiling water.
  • Add garden peas to a smaller pot (saucepan), cover and set to simmer.
  • Add eggs to smaller pot (saucepan), cover and set to simmer.
  • Once potato, garden peas and eggs are cooked (test potato with a knife – it should go through the potato easily) drain hot water and replace with cool water.
  • Drain cold water from potato and put pot (saucepan) back on the hob, for about 1 minute, to dry out potato; continually ‘swirl’ potato to stop it from sticking or burning. Once it has a fluffy texture on the outside, remove and place in bowl and leave to cool.
  • Drain garden peas and allow to dry and cool, before adding to potato.
  • Peel eggs – knock shells on countertop all over the egg as it is easier to peel skin off. Once cooled slice into small pieces and add to potato and peas.
  • Cut off the roots and raggedy tips of the escallion (spring onion), rinse well in clean water and chop, add to potato mix.
  • In a separate jug mix all the other ingredients together, taste with a clean and separate spoon, to make sure it is tangy enough for your palate!
  • Pour ‘sauce’ onto prepared potato mix and stir until it is evenly distributed throughout the Potato Salad.
  • Either serve immediately with your meal, or cover and leave in a cool place (especially if you are in the tropical heat of Jamaica!)
  • If kept in the fridge, this Potato Salad can last about 3 days… If it doesn’t all get eaten on the day.
  • Enjoy!




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