My First Post!

Welcome to Sweet Jamaica!

This website is all about Sweet Sweet Jamaica. A collection of posts, pages, videos and photographs from my personal experiences of the island, with the twist that comes from it all being from a Londoners point of view.

I have travelled back and forth from London to Jamaica since 2006 and there is something about the country and it’s people that keeps drawing me back. So much is the pull that I am now working towards living there on a semi-permanent basis, with the idea that I will have regular trips back to London as opposed to the other way around.

My trips to Jamaica have become more frequent and with gradually increasing lengths of time spent on each visit. I am currently planning my 8th and longest trip to the island in September 2012.

After all this travelling back and forth, I am often asked for advice about life or holidays in Jamaica and have collated a fair bit of experience of the island from these trips.

Looking for a way to share my experiences of Jamaica this website not only aims to give you my my unique point of view and insight into all things Jamaican, but also to offer Jamaican Services and links to companies that I have found useful over the years, that can help you start or continue your own Jamaican adventure….

I hope you fulljoy the site!