Privacy Statement

The following Privacy Statement relates to the policies we use on the website, which concerns information gathered about our visitors. We may update this Privacy Statement from time to time, so we would like to invite you to come back and read it again in the future.

Personal Information

If you choose to become a subscriber we will store the information you have supplied on our secure server, which includes your name and email address. We do not collect, share, trade, give, sell or ‘drill / mine’ your personal information, nor do we put it to any other form of ill-gotten gain. We respect your privacy and are committed to safeguarding your privacy while you are visiting the Sweet Jamaica website.

Visitor Data and Log Files

Like most websites we have our site statistics analysed to get to know more about visitor trends. The information collected never includes any personal data, but can include other things, such as, IP (Internet Protocol) address, pages visited, time frames, how the website was found and some other basic demographic data, such as what country you are browsing from.


This is the name given to the pieces of personal data stored on your computer, that among other things help you when you return to a website, such as, by generating your log-in name. We do not use cookies on our website, but some of our advertisers do and we have no access or control to, or over this information. We do respect your privacy and so do our advertisers, cookies enable the adverts to work effectively, and as part of our agreement with the advertisers we have to allow them to use cookies on our website. Please remember you can always disable cookies through your personal browser if you prefer.

Updating Your Personal Information

You are welcome to update, remove, change or otherwise, the data you have supplied to Sweet Jamaica and you are free to unsubscribe (if you really want to!) at anytime.

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