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Calling all Film Lovers! If you are a film buff or an aspiring short film-maker get involved with The Greater August Town Film Festival ‘GATFFEST’. Jamaica’s very own Film Festival is being held between the 24th and the 27th April 2014 in Kingston and is hotting up as a ‘Must See’ event in Jamaica. Now in its second year, GATFFEST invites attendees and participants to the event which showcases short films from both local and international film makers, in six categories. The four-day event, mainly being  held at The Courtleigh Auditorium includes an invitation only Red Carpet Premiere Screening, free Film Workshop and August Town Community Town Tour, as well as two $500 entry Film Nights culminating in an Awards Show. GATFFEST is affiliated with the Orlando ‘Love Your Shorts’ Film Festival a respected offering from America.

How did The Greater August Town Film Project Start?

The Centre for Tourism and Policy Research at the University of the West Indies (UWI) conceived the University Township initiative, out of which the Greater August Town Film Project a community tourism project was born. The idea was to find a way to reach out to the unemployed and under achieving youths of the joint communities that make up August Town, Kingston, just south of the UWI campus. After consultation with the community it was decided that introducing the youths to film would give them a way to be uplifted. Opening a creative medium to have their voice heard and stories documented in their own words. Just under 100 young residents have benefitted from being trained in aspects of film and video production through the project aiding their future employment prospects. The project also offers an internationally recognised platform to show off their work among their peers in the film industry and potentially be awarded at GATFFEST. The Film Festival is lauded to become a destination event for tourists interested in indie film making, furthering the reach of the project in the Greater August Town communities.



How Do I Participate it GATFFEST?

Submissions are welcomed from newcomers and experienced film-makers alike, from both local and international talent. The Application Deadline is midnight on the 4th April 2014. Short films must be between 5 and 30 minutes long and can be submitted in ONE of the following categories:

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Animation
  • Documentary
  • Musical and Dance
  • Science Fiction and Horror


Come on Jamaica! Get Involved in The GATFFEST…

Big Up Yourself Youths of Jamaica! There is creativity in the hands, hearts and minds of Jamaican’s and I would appeal to any young aspiring Jamaican film makers to submit your short films to GATFFEST and show off your talent!  It is a great way to gain some experience and exposure in the film industry and get your burgeoning talent recognised on the international film circuit.

How is the GATFFEST Awards Judged?

All films accepted by the Review Committee will be reviewed and judged by a panel prior to the start of the festival, with the official winners being announced on the last night.  The People’s Choice awards will be voted for by secret ballot. Each night the audience is asked to vote for their favourite film(s), with the winner being announced after the showing of each block.



Official Information from GATFFEST

This information has been copied from the GATFFEST website

Rules and Submission Guidelines to GATFFEST

  1. The spirit of GATFFEST is one of social and community upliftment, cooperation and human development. Therefore, we do not accept submissions that ridicule or demean people; incite hatred towards individual or groups; or promote violence.
  2. The Review Committee chooses and invites the films which will be presented in the festival and reserves the right to cancel any submission during the festival.
  3. Each film invited to be a part of the Official Selection by the Review Committee will receive a Certificate of Participation.
  4. Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn by the submitting party from the festival programme during the event without a valid reason.
  5. During the entire duration of GATFFEST, none of the films invited may be shown outside the Festival’s official theatres before its official screening.


How to submit your film to GATFFEST

  1. Persons submitting films to GATFFEST may not receive payment for their submissions.
  2. Films not presented in English or Jamaican Creole must have subtitles in English.
  3. Films may be submitted in the following genres: comedy, drama, animation, documentary, musical/dance and sci-fi/horror.
  4. Films submitted to GATFFEST should normally be between 5 and 30 minutes long.
  5. Films may be submitted through the official website: http://www.uwicommuntiyfilmproject.com or to mellissatulloch@yahoo.com.
  6. Films may also be submitted directly to the office on DVD or USB flash drive. Telephone: 1876 970 1467.
  7. Films may also be submitted via Dropbox or Vimeo.
  8. Submission deadline for all films is for April 4, 2014 at Midnight.
  9. Each film can only be submitted to one category.
  10. All films should have the relevant copyright approvals before submission.
  11. Films accepted by GATFFEST may be used in various promotions for the festival.
  12. Each night the audience will be invited to choose the best film/s by secret ballot. People’s Choice awards winners will be announced following the showing of each block.
  13. For the GATFFEST Official awards, a panel of judges will review all films accepted by the Review Committee and choose the winners before the festival and announce winners on the final night during the awards ceremony.
  14. On the final night GATFFEST Official awards will be presented for:
  • Best Directing (Franklyn St Juste Award )
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Local (Lennie Little-White Award)
  • Best International
  • Best Community
  • Best of the spirit of GATFFEST
  • Best of GATTFEST – “Archie” — (Archibald McDonald Award)



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