Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping to Jamaica

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping to Jamaica

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping to Jamaica

*Post updated 13th February 2019*

After writing a whole series of posts about Shipping to Jamaica, my lovely readers have totted up over 100,00 views of these posts to date (thank you!) on the Sweet Jamaica website.

In this post I address some of your most frequently asked questions about shipping to Jamaica to solve a few more queries for you…

Why do people ship barrels to Jamaica?

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about, but I can assure you there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of receiving a barrel from ‘foreign’ when living in Jamaica.

When you get the call from the Shipping Agent that the barrel is ‘ready for collection’ at the wharf, a little leap of happiness and anticipation crosses the receivers very being.

You too can send some love wrapped up in a barrel to someone (or even yourself) when you fill it to the brim with useful and preferably edible, or wearable items from overseas…

What should I pack in a Shipping Barrel?

First and foremost: It may sound obvious, (but I have been asked this question many times) you need to decide what you are going to pack in the barrel being shipped to Jamaica!

Electrical items, alcohol and bundles of new name brand shoes and clothes will attract the interest of the customs officials and invariably high taxes.

Whereas dry and canned food items, basic household goods, toiletries, used clothing / shoes and personal belongings, do not.

If you are sending the barrel to yourself, pack things you love and miss from home, so if that means a barrel half filled with tins of Fray Bentos pies and Ambrosia Custard (as my friend did) go for it!

How can I find a reputable Shipping Agent for Jamaica?

Before you start buying and packing up your items you will need to find a reputable local Shipping Company / Agent that offers a service to Jamaica.  

If you don’t know of any agents, ask your friends if they can recommend anyone, as the best recommendation is usually a referral.

You can also try searching online, and consider a browse through your local directory, such as, the Yellow Pages for some leads. The best thing is to compare the shipping prices, then search for reviews from previous customers to check the Shipping Agents service record.

Each Shipping company have a schedule of upcoming dates they will be shipping to Jamaica and will be able to tell you how long it should take for your goods to arrive at the wharf.

Top Tip! Make sure their shipping schedule suits your plans and travel itinerary, as the last thing you want is for your items to arrive at an inconvenient date for collection.

I would highly recommend checking these things prior to arranging shipping to avoid disappointment caused by a hasty decision.

Need more Help with Shipping Agents and Logistics in Jamaica?

If you don’t feel confident about arranging shipping yourself, you can always try our sister website ‘Live in Jamaica’. Where we offer shipping and logistics solutions to Jamaica, alongside many other relocation and construction services.

What Determines the Cost of Shipping to Jamaica?

The cost of shipping a crate or barrel to Jamaica varies from agent to agent and is dependent on a few different factors such as:

  1. The individual shipping agent fees
  2. The price they charge for the barrel or crate itself
  3. They may charge a collection fee, to collect the barrel from your home address
  4. Whether you plan to collect and clear the barrel at the Jamaican wharf in person (you or the recipient), or if you opt for home delivery from the shipping agent (if offered) which will impose additional costs
  5. Please remember to take into consideration that there will be fees to pay in Jamaica too; there is a landing fee from the shipping agent, a handling fee for the wharf and not forgetting the customs tax on the contents of the barrel. These fees are payable whether you collect the barrel yourself, or if you opt and arrange for home delivery
  6. You may also be charged storage fees by the wharf, if you don’t collect the barrel in good time once it has arrived…

Don’t let this you put you off though, as it isn’t as complex or expensive as it sounds.

How can I save money Shipping a Barrel to Jamaica?

TOP TIP! –  It works out much cheaper if you ship the barrel to yourself, i.e. you can save money shipping a barrel to Jamaica, if you are both the sender and receiver listed on the ‘Bill of Lading’.

  • Be pound smart and penny wise, when deciding what to pack in the barrel
  • Arrange to ship the barrel from your home country to yourself
  • Fly to Jamaica and request the C27 aka, the Yellow Form at the airport – which gives you a US$500.00 tax free allowance 
  • PLEASE NOTE! As this process is now computerised you will not be given a paper copy of the Yellow Form to carry to the wharf
  • The Customs official will check your accompanied luggage (suitcases and hand luggage) to assess the value of items deemed to taxable. Which include: ‘duty free’ items bought en-route (liquor, perfume, tobacco products etc) ‘gifts’, ‘resale items’, electrical items and items not for your personal use
  • This total will be deducted from your US$500.00 tax free allowance, i.e. if the goods in your accompanied luggage are valued at US$100, you will have a US$400.00 allowance to use at the wharf for the whatever you have shipped down as ‘unaccompanied baggage’ (barrels and crates and so on)
  • When you go to the wharf to clear your barrel, make SURE you join the line for the ‘yellow form’ / persons who have recently travelled. Otherwise the tax free allowance will not be allocated to your shipped goods
Kingston wharves
Kingston Wharves

Can I get a Home Delivery service from the wharf in Jamaica?

Home delivery is offered by many Shipping Agents, but you would have to check with the individual agent for full details of the service they offer. The price of home delivery will depend on what you want delivered and to which part of the island.

There are two ports in Jamaica, Kingston Wharf and Montego Bay Wharf. Arrange for your items to be shipped to the nearest wharf to where you want the home delivery, to save on inland delivery costs.

Please Note! If you arrange for Home Delivery in Jamaica with your overseas shipping agent, you will normally pay the fees for home delivery in the country of origin. Don’t forget YOU will also be responsible for the customs fees and taxes upon delivery to the home address in Jamaica, that the shipping agent has paid on your behalf to clear the items. So make sure you have cash to hand!

Top Tip! If you need further assistance with Shipping and Logistics in Jamaica our sister company ‘Live in Jamaica’ can help you. Make Contact to see how they can address your Shipping and Logistics needs in Jamaica.

Are there any ‘hidden costs’ when using a Shipping Company for Home Delivery?

When a Shipping Company offers home delivery, they are responsible for clearing the items at the wharf and pre-paying all the fees on your behalf.

These fees include taxes, customs duties, storage and handling fees and so on. All of which you will have to reimburse the Shipping Agent for once they deliver the items to you in Jamaica.

These fees may be considered ‘hidden costs’, as they are not paid up-front in the country that the items were originally shipped from.

Firstly, the Shipping Agent will charge you Landing Fees in Jamaica. You can usually request the amount payable before you ship, as they should know the associated landing costs for the the items you are shiping with them.

After that, all the other associated fees will not be known by the Shipping Agent, as they governed and determined by the Jamaican Wharf and Customs.

Please note! You will be not be notified of the final price payable until the goods are delivered to the home address provided in Jamaica. The paperwork for the taxes and customs fees associated with clearing the items will be handed over for immediate payment.

If you are sending a barrel to someone else and are arranging home delivery for them in Jamaica, please ensure they have enough money to pay the final fees, as the items will not be released without full payment.

Barrel Contents
Contents of a Barrel Sent to Jamaica

How much does it cost to ship a barrel to Jamaica from where I live?

AThere is no exact answer to this question, as the price to ship a barrel depends on many factors.

However, I can tell you that finding a reputable local agent should be your first port of call, if you will excuse the pun!

I would initially suggest checking out local directories, such as, the Yellow Pages, which lists Shipping Companies based in your local area. Whether this be online or in good old traditional paper format!

Browse through the list and check out the services offered by each shipping agent, including the cost of the empty barrel, the shipping companies fees (both in the home country and Jamaica) and the shipping time.

I would then highly recommend that you ‘Google’ the company to find reviews about them before you agree to send off your possessions with them.

But to give an example of the last time (December 2018) I shipped a barrel to Jamaica, a London based Shipping Agent charged me:

  • £32.00 to buy the empty barrel
  • £50.00 per barrel, (or £120.00 for three barrels) to collect the barrel from my address in London and ship it to Kingston Wharf, Jamaica
  • JA$3,700.00 Landing Fees for one barrel; payable to the Shipping Agent Office based at the Wharf in Jamaica
  • Remember there are additional fees to pay directly to Kingston Wharf for storage, handling, customs fees, duties, taxes etc on top of the charges payable to the Shipping Agent!…

Read more about Shipping a barrel to Jamaica and Clearing a Barrel in Jamaica; which cover my own experience of shipping a barrel from the UK and visiting Kingston Wharf to clear it.

How do I Clear Charitable Donations shipped to Jamaica? Do I pay Taxes?

The following information has been copied from the Jamaican Customs website:

The receiver of the charitable donation can get a concession on the tax payable in Jamaica to clear the goods if you / they follow a certain procedure.

The beneficiary must be registered with the Department of Cooperative and Friendly Societies (DCFS) and obtain a Certificate of Registration.

Shipment must be sent only in the name and address of the registered charitable organization N.B.: All organizations wishing to receive benefits under the Charities Act must be registered with the DCFS.

Benefits to Organizations Registered Under the Charities Act

  • No import duty will be charged for charitable goods
  • No General Consumption Tax (GCT) will be applied for charitable items
  • Only fifty percent (50%) of applicable Customs Administration Fee (CAF)
  • All other applicable fees will be charged

How to Proceed when Clearing Charitable Items

When clearing shipments for charitable organizations the representative should proceed to the port of clearance with the following documents:

  • A copy of the Certificate of Registration
  • Signed Special Declaration
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Packing List
  • Invoice
  • Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)
  • Permit/licence, if applicable
  • Identification issued by the charitable organization – where clearance is being undertaken by an officer of the organization.

Please Note! Letter of authorization must be on the company’s letter head – where clearance is being undertaken by an individual other than an officer of the organisation. Shipment with a Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value that is above US$5,000.00 must be cleared by a licensed Customs Broker. Entities also have the option to utilise the services of licenced Customs Broker to clear charitable items below this amount.

Importation of Motor Vehicle by an Approved Charity

  • Import Duty and General Consumption Tax are applicable
  • No Special Consumption Tax (SCT) and 50% of applicable CAF

PLEASE NOTE! Jamaica Customs and Tax Administration Jamaica will be executing post audit operations with regards to goods being imported by Charitable Organizations. If any such organizations are deemed to have been in contravention of their approved status, the appropriate penalties will be applied.

Jamaica Customs – Charitable Donations Procedure

Ministry of Education ~Adopting a Jamaican School 

Barrels shipping to Jamaica
Shipping Barrels to Jamaica

Who can use the C27 or ‘ Yellow Form’ when shipping items to Jamaica?

Anyone who travels to Jamaica, no matter what nationality they are, are entitled to ship ‘unaccompanied luggage’ (i.e. a barrel or crate) to Jamaica. This gives you a tax free allowance of US$500.00.

To get this entitlement you have to follow a few easy steps:

  1. If you travel to Jamaica on a foreign national passport (i.e. NOT a Jamaican passport) you will be given an ‘Immigration Form’ to fill in, remember to fill in the back of the form where it asks you to declare dutiable items as you will need this later when you get the C27 Form, which is known as the ‘Yellow Form’. I would NOT recommend getting too ‘creative’ with the figures as the customs officers have seen it all before and won’t be smiling along with you, as you try to deceive them!
  2. Approach the ‘to declare’ line at the Airport in Jamaica, and show them the Immigration Form (if you have one) and ask for a C27 or yellow form. Mark down any dutiable items that you have in your luggage which are clearly listed on the forms; be warned if you grossly underestimate the value the customs officer won’t be very sympathetic with you and you may end up having to pay tax at the airport! The customs officer will look through your accompanied luggage, i.e. your suitcases and hand luggage to check the value of any items deemed not to be of a personal nature and will judge the value of duty-free items purchased. If you feel the value marked down is too high and you have receipts for any of the items you can show them to the Customs Officer and they may give a further concession. Therefore, if the customs officer marks down a value of US$150.00 on the C27 form, that means you have a tax-free allowance of US$350.00 to use against the unaccompanied luggage you are clearing at the wharf.
  3. The C27 Form is now computerised and you will NOT be handed a paper copy of the form to carry to the wharf when you clear your items. Once you get to the wharf, don’t forget to join the line for the Yellow Form / Recently travelled persons and make them aware you have a tax-free allowance. This will be set against the tax payable on unaccompanied items that you have shipped to Jamaica. If you have shipped anything else that is arriving within a reasonable time (3 months) you can ask for any remaining allowance to be transferred to a new C27 form.

What Allowances do Returning Residents get when Shipping items to Jamaica?

AThere is a difference between a ‘returning resident’ bringing back personal belongings and a visitor to Jamaica bringing back ‘unaccompanied baggage’.

A returning resident, which includes deportees,  are permitted to bring back a set amount of household and personal items tax-free.

A returning resident is defined as:

  1. Be a Jamaican national who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years; Has been resident overseas for not less than three 3 consecutive years and Returning to Jamaica to reside permanently.
  2. Non-Jamaican whose spouse is a Jamaican Returning Resident
  3. Jamaican student who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years and who has studied abroad for more than one year but less than three consecutive years.
  4. Jamaican who gave up his/her citizenship (and can provide proof of that previous status) and wishes to return home.

Further information for Returning Residents can be found on the Jamaican Government Customs Website.

Returning Residents Allowance

Click the black Download Button below to view a copy of the List of Entitlements for Returning Residents to Jamaica.

Further Information About Shipping to Jamaica

We have plenty of guides about shipping to Jamaica. Check out our other posts to read the whole series on Shipping to Jamaica

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Want Shipping and Logistics Solutions in Jamaica?

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  1. cecilyjones2014

    Great post, very helpful. Just landed a job at UWI Mona and in a tizz about packing up and shipping my personal effects so thank you. One question. How many weeks did it take for your barrels to travel between UK and Kingston? I have to be in JA by late August so need to plan shipping carefully so that I don’t have to wait ages and ages for my pits and pans and bed linen and food etc.!
    How did you manage without your household stuff while waiting for barrels to arrive?
    I live close to Croydon so may use Shipleys!
    Hope you don’t mind if I pick your brain now and again

    1. Post author

      Hey Cecily

      Welcome to the site and thank you for taking the time to comment. I am glad that you found the information useful and would be happy to help with anything else you need clarification on!

      Firstly congratulations on securing a position at UWI (University of the West Indies) Mona, you must be very proud. UWI is a fantastic and well respected educational establishment in Jamaica and I am sure you will be fulfilled for your time there. I would love to hear more about your role there and how long you plan to stay in Jamaica, it is an exciting time! I was in Kingston the other day and had a fantastic time, so much so that I am thinking about moving to ‘Town’ (as they call it over here).

      To answer your question about shipping: It normally takes around 3 weeks to sail from the UK to Kingston, all being well, and another 2-3 days to unload the ship and move all the goods into the warehouses ready for collection and inspection.

      Once this has happened the shipping agent usually calls you to let you know the goods are ‘ready for collection’. I would recommend collecting the goods within 1-2 days of this notification, as the storage fees will be charged at a higher rate after this timescale.

      Please bear in mind that the shipping agent will not ship items on the same day they collect them from you in the UK, as they have to prepare all the goods and get them to the UK wharf ready to load onto the ship. This may take an additional 7-10 days depending on the shipping agents schedule.

      Therefore as a rough guide I would have your things ready to be collected at the beginning of August, loaded and departed by the end of the first week in August, arrives in Kingston around the end of August, is unpacked and ready for collection sometime in the first week of September.

      They say that you should leave plenty of time for things to arrive (especially) at Easter and Christmas, however I wouldn’t be too over cautious as you don’t want your goods lying around in Kingston for days, or weeks on end waiting for collection as this is counter-productive too.

      I would highly recommend calling the shipping agent you are intending to use as soon as possible. Ask them what is the ‘latest date’ they can collect the goods from you, to arrive in Kingston (for example) around the first week in September. They will guide you as to their personal collection dates for your local area and the shipping dates that would suit your schedule, as each agent offers different timetables.

      Kingsley Shipping has always provided me with an excellent service. They sell barrels at around £32.00 each and can make up ply-wood crates to suit any size loose items, they collect on time and are polite, professional and friendly. I have never had any damages or had any items going astray when I have shipped with them.

      In order to survive before your things arrive, you need to get into ‘minimalistic mode!’ That means thinking about what items you are definitely going to need immediately and which items you cannot live without, or things you would class as your ‘luxury’ items if stranded on a desert island and bring them with you on the flight.

      You can stash one bed sheet set, a couple of towels, mosquito net, shower curtain, small amount of cutlery and utensils (remember food prep knives), washing up cloths and tea towels, washing line and pegs, your favourite mug / teacup and of course the all important comfort foods, like teabags, a sauce, seasoning, biscuits or whatever else will make you feel at home in your luggage. If need be you can buy a shiny new dutch pot and some plastic plates (can be re-used for picnics) and cups to use until the rest of your things arrive.

      In the mean time you can check out these other posts to glean some more information about shipping, which I hope will also help you.

      Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from again soon!

      Bless Up Jules

    2. Cecily Jones

      Hi Jules, so much food for thought! I’ve been in touch with Kingsley as fortunately they are just a few miles away from me and as you said, I agree they are very knowledgeable and helpful. I mentioned your recommendation on the blog and they were pleased to know I’d come via you. I has thought about the kind of items I’d need to take in my luggage but certainly hadn’t thought about a clothes line and pegs! I am, as you say going to have to go deep into minimalist mode as there will be about 6 weeks between my despatch ing the barrels and my departure so I will be living without most of my household effects!

      Just one query. You stated that I should keep receipts for electrical items that I ship but most of these will be used rather than new. Will I be charged duty on them as if they are new?
      Thanks for your help.

    3. Post author

      Hey Cecily

      Glad to be of help, it can get a bit hectic when you are planning a move abroad!

      You will find that you can manage for a short while without the bulk of your things and it is really exciting when they all arrive and you start unpacking them all again! I have been known to bring 3 bags when I fly down to JA especially when I was first coming for an extended trip, as it gave me the space to carry all my essentials with me!

      I would recommend keeping the receipts, even if they are for ‘used’ items as they can be used as a reference point if the Customs get carried away with their valuation. If the items are used then take them in a state that makes it obvious that they are used; I am not saying to make things look old or dirty, but now is not the time to be highly scouring pots and pans and cleaning things to within an inch of their life (if you know what I mean!).

      Remember that the electrical current is different over here to the UK, it is 110v instead of 240v. In my experience only the least greedy power consumers will work with an ‘adapter’ (white plug adapter from 3 pin to 2 pin), a laptop, camera charger, mobile (cell) phone charger are all fine. But, I have not been able to get enough power to work any of the following with a normal adapter: hairdryer, flat-iron (straightners), laptop speaker set, electric razor, iron (pressing clothes).

      Hope this helps!

      Bless up Jules

  2. Laurel Houghton

    Hello – I quickly read your very informative information. I do have one question that I may have missed, Do you have to pay a shipping cost based on the weight of a packed barrel? I know you purchased a barrel at UK 30, did you pay weight per barrel in addition to a cost per barrel? thanks

    1. Post author

      Hey Laurel

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and welcome to the site.

      In answer to your question, I have never paid based on the weight of the barrel (and it’s probably just as well!) as the shipping company has a set price to purchase the empty barrel and a set price to ship the full barrel, no matter the weight of the contents. I imagine if you wanted to fill it with lead or something super heavy they would say something, but as long as it can be moved into the van and loaded onto the ship by 1-2 people you’re good to go.

      Hope this helps, best of luck

  3. chal

    I shipped a laptop and a phone in the barrel I had no other way to get it to my sister who is attending university there,I am really worried I have that people steal stuff at wharf especially items like those please assure me that she will get it is there a way I can pay to keep them safe when they arrive in jamaica? I don’t want them to stolen I have no more money and my sister just started university.thank you

    1. Post author

      Hey Chal

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Although I cannot guarantee that the items will get to your sister safely, you can take some measures to ensure they have the best chance. If you have shipped with a reputable shipping agent they will secure your barrel with a special lock and pack it safely within a container for transit. So opportunities for tampering here are minimal.

      Once it reaches Jamaica it will be held at the wharf until someone comes to clear it. Until the barrel has been cleared, it won’t be opened and the lock should be intact.

      By far the safest way to get all your items to your sister is to ask her to go to the wharf to clear and collect the barrel herself. If she is unable to go herself then make sure that the person you ask to clear the barrel is trustworthy and honest.

      Many items go missing from barrels because the friends, or family member (etc) that clears the barrel starts taking items out for themselves, that were not intended for them – whilst implying that it was the wharf staff or shipping company that took it….

      If you have paid for ‘home delivery’ through your shipping agent, then it will be the responsibility of the shipping agent to be present when the barrel is opened and searched to be valued. There are CCTV cameras everywhere in the wharf now. The barrel will be repacked back in their presence and will be delivered to your home address.

      It would be very foolhardy for the shipping agents to steal from the barrels as it would impede their customer service record and reputation. If you do opt for home delivery make sure that your sister is the ‘receiver’ and personally is present when the barrel is delivered to the address to take out the items intended for her.

      I wish you good luck and hope it all goes well.

      Bless up Jules

  4. Carmen

    This is great information, I have a question. I am moving to Jamaica soon and have never shipped anything. I want to know how to go about shipping my household goods to Falmouth Jamaica. do I pack the items myself or does the shipping company I choose does it. also my things are in storage at this time and I don’t remember what is in some of the boxes. do I have to go through them and list all the items.

    1. Post author

      Hi Carmen

      Welcome to the site. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I am glad you found the post useful.

      Firstly I would like to say congratulations on your move, it must be an exciting and overwhelming time for you.

      But you can make things easier for yourself if you plan and have a reliable shipping company. You have ship to either Montego Bay, or Kingston and from there the shipping company can arrange for delivery to Falmouth.

      I would highly recommend researching local shipping agents to find one that has experience of shipping personal effects to Jamaica and that has an impeccable reputation. These two posts, give further information about shipping to Jamaica:

      You may be eligible for a ‘returning residents allowance’ if you meet certain types of status and criteria, namely that you are Jamaican, or the spouse of a Jamaican that has been overseas for at least 3 years and is returning to live in Jamaica.

      If you are eligible I would highly recommend looking into this as it will save you masses in terms of taxes and duties that are payable when you ship anything to Jamaica.

      There is a list of items that can be shipped, tax free, which is worth pursuing. There is a PDF in the post above which lists them.

      You do not have to list every individual item that you have packed and it would be unnecessary to unpack barrels that are in storage. When the shipping agents and customs ask you what type of goods you have it is Ok to list them as ‘household effects’, ‘food’, ‘personal items’, ‘toiletries’ and so on.

      If you are going to use the returning residents allowance you will need to be mark off the items you have within the allowance and any additional items will be eligible for the normal taxes and duties.

      I hope this information helps and I wish you the best of luck with everything.

      Bless up Jules

      Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from again soon!

  5. Lisa

    Are there any limitations on quantity? My son will be having an art show and i will be sending some flat stools and art frames plus household items (ie soaps lotions etc) maybe a few food items too. the cost of everything will be less than $500 but I’m worried if quantity will be an issue. i want to send 20 stools and 20 frames, Yes they all fit in a barrel! 🙂 Thanks for helping me figure this out! great post by the way!

    1. Post author

      Hey Lisa

      Welcome to the site and thanks for your kind words about the post!

      Not knowing the ins and outs of your situation, I would give this advice…

      If the person that is going to clear the barrel has just travelled from overseas, they can request a ‘yellow form’ from the customs officials in the airport (right at the end, where you pick up your bags). As a visitor to Jamaica you are allowed to bring US$500 of goods into Jamaica, as gifts or to give away as donations etc.

      Regardless of whether this be carried by you in your luggage, or sent as ‘unaccompanied luggage’ through a shipping agent. When you request the yellow form the customs officials will search your luggage and make a note on the yellow form of how much to deduct out of the US$500 allowance.

      For example, if the officials deem you have US$200 worth of goods in your luggage, you will have the remaining US$300 to use at the wharf to clear the barrel. Therefore, if you are just sending the barrel from the UK to your son in Jamaica, and neither of you will be travelling the $500 dollar allowance will not be given.

      In this case the person clearing the barrel will need to pay the taxes and customs duties for the value of the goods as laid out in the Jamaica customs tariff. I would therefore give this advice.

      Firstly, when you pack the barrel, put the receipts for the items enclosed in an envelope at the top of the barrel and tell your son to look out for it. This will prove the value of the items to customs officials if they ask for it, or if they are being flagrant with the applicable amount of taxes due on it, he can show the receipts to get an appeal on the value.

      Secondly, pack the frames and stools in the barrel first, like with like, as they will travel more soundly. Then add the other food, toiletries and so on, nearer the top; as long as the items are not heavy and will damage the items below!

      The customs officials are looking out for barrels that come down as ‘personal goods’ but that contain an amount of goods that can be re-sold commercially. If necessary your son can explain that he enjoys painting, or that he an art student etc (if applicable), putting on a show. If the items are being sent down are genuinely for personal use then the quantity should be o.k.

      I hope this helps! Best of luck Jules

  6. Lisa

    Hi how are you? wondering Where in Colorado, can I find a shipper that ships Barrels to kingston or Montego bay Jamaica?

    1. Post author

      Hey Lisa
      Welcome to the site! I would recommend searching online, or looking in the local business directory for a shipper for your area. Once you have found one that agrees to ship to Jamaica, google them to see if there are any reviews from others who have used their service before committing.

      Hope this helps and Good Luck.

      Bless up Jules

  7. PRK

    Do you have any info or comments from anyone shipping to Montego Bay from the Dallas Texas area.

    Thanks for all the info. Everything has been very helpful so far.

    1. Post author

      Welcome to the site

      I would recommend looking in the local business directory for a shipping agent that serves Jamaica.

      Our sister company Live in Jamaica currently offers assistance to persons living in the UK with shipping to Jamaica.

      Bless up Jules

    2. Tiffany Bartley

      Hi! Thanks for all the info! I have a question that I didn’t see posted. How do you go about shipping furniture and appliances and televisions from The U. S to Jamaica? I’m moving there with my husband spring 2018 and just trying to get everything in order.

    3. Post author

      Hi Tiffany

      Welcome to the site and thanks for sending some love!

      I would recommend checking out the Jamaica Customs website, as they have all the official information about shipping personal and household items to Jamaica.

      It also depends on your circumstances. You may qualify for concession if you and your partner are classed as ‘Returning Residents’. There is a list of eligible items that can be shipped down tax free that can found on their website.

      Your shipping agent will be able to assist you with packing and packing materials, if you don’t want to take care of all that yourself.

      All the links are in the post above.

      Hope this helps!

      Bless up Jules

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  10. Carmen Rozier

    Hay guys this is Carmen, this is a warning for anyone shipping to Jamaica. Especially returning residents. Make sure to take pictures of important items and keep records and receipt of new purchases and expensive items you ship. Also make sure your items are insured and is written on your shipping receipt. I used Quickship Carribean Service in Orlando to ship my household items to Jamaica. I choose them because the seam nice. I was ok with my first two shipment but the shipment my husband did, poor darling being American did not understand trusted them and I my pots, fireplace electric log, baking ware etc. Never made it. When I got in touch with them I got the runaround. I am still waiting for my household items. I would not recommend them to anyone. There customer service is non existent and I will never use them again. Just saying.

    1. Post author

      Hey Carmen

      Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your story. Unfortunately there are times when we cross paths with unscrupulous people who will make your move back home an unsavoury experience. I hope that you have had some disclosure on this matter.

      Thanks and best wishes Jules

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