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This blog is dedicated to bringing a fresh insight from a Londoner into the land of wood and water, Sweet Jamaica!

You will find regular blogs on Jamaican topics, such as, news, entertainment, music, fashion, social issues, my experiences,  information about the country, travel tips and insights into everything else Jamaican I have come across.

Whether you are Jamaican, interested in Jamaica, are planning a holiday there, or you are considering taking the plunge and moving there on a temporary or full-time basis, I hope you find something to interest, excite or help you on this blog.

My Nationality

I am British and have lived in South-East London for the best part of my life. The content is based on my travels and experiences of Jamaica since my first visit in 2006, with references specifically on travelling back and forth from London, UK. However, you will find much of the information is universal no matter where you have left from and we welcome our readers from the rest of the world.


As this website is about Jamaica all monetary values mentioned using the ‘$’ sign as a pre-fix refer to the Jamaican National Currency of Jamaican Dollars. This also serves to provide a uniform pricing model due to fluctuating currency conversion rates and the wide demographics of the readers of the website. Please Note: You may find Jamaican currency abbreviated elsewhere, as JMD$ or J$ to distinguish it from American Dollars; if you see US$ you know I am referring to American currency.


Where not mentioned, prices and references will be the most recently experienced, known or found at that time, so please refer to the date on each post. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on this site, as it is often the opinion, experience or knowledge of one person.


We are not responsible for content on any of the websites / literature that we have provided links to (in any way), Or any recommendations for websites / companies, linking from this site.

We do not take credit for any media files, such as video, pictures or other written content not created by Sweet Jamaica, and all such content remains the property of the owner. We just like sharing great content. If we have used something and you would prefer we didn’t, get in touch through email.

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