Health Minister The Hon. Dr Fenton Ferguson

Dengue Fever in Jamaica Continued….

Dengue Fever is still posing a risk to Jamaicans and visitors to the island as the recorded cases of the illness are continuing to rise, with 5 suspected deaths to date.

Dengue Fever - Aedes Aegypti Mosquito

Dengue Fever in Jamaica!

Don’t get caught out Dengue Fever is a serious disease that can make you feel terrible for weeks, take precautions to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos when travelling.

Oyster Seller - Jamaican Food

Jamaican Cook Shops

Cook Shops are establishments that usually serve hot food and cold snacks, as an alternative to a fast food takeaway / eateries, although the food is rarely fast and is invariably much more healthy and tasty than the local burger or pizza joint! Each has their own specialities and popular dishes they like to offer, but you can often find them open from early in the morning until late at night serving delicious cheap food.

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Outlawz Game Shop, St.Ann Jamaica

Jamaican Local Shops

If you are out and about in Jamaica check out one of the locally owned shops and bars if you are feeling thirsty or want a snack. The prices are slightly higher than the supermarket, but they are no where near as expensive as the tourist places and you will get to mingle with the locals.

Jamaican Marijuana

Yardies, Rent-a-Dreads and Marijuana in Jamaica

The most amusing assumptions that I heard was that rasta’s were walking around everywhere either selling and smoking copious amounts of Marijuana on a daily basis, or offering themselves in the rent-a-dread fashion on the beach. Woyeee!

Pharmacy Bus Shelter Jamaica

The Basics Before You Go….Bugs, Medicines and Travel Insurance

Whenever I travel to Jamaica I make sure I buy travel insurance and a basic supply of medicines before I leave, so I have them readily available if I need them. If you need Private Health Care whilst in Jamaica, you will have to pay for it and even basic medicine, such as Hay Fever tablets, are expensive in Jamaica.

My First Post!

Welcome to Sweet Jamaica!

This website is all about Sweet Sweet Jamaica. A collection of posts, pages, videos and photographs from my personal experiences of the island, with the twist that comes from it all being from a Londoners point of view.

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