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Top 5 Apps For a Vacation – Travel Hacks for Jamaica

Top 5 Apps For a Vacation – Travel Hacks for Jamaica

When you are going on vacation it helps to have some Travel Hacks up your sleeve to make things run smoothly. I use my phone to get through a range of tasks on the go and  have some trusty Travel Apps that I cannot do without. I love to get the most out of my time in Jamaica and there is no better way than to download some apps designed for a Caribbean vacation. Prior to my vacation I ‘spring clean’ my phone to make sure I have enough storage space for new photographs, videos and… of course Travel Apps! These are my favourite Top 5 Apps For a Vacation – Travel Hacks for Jamaica, you won’t get the best of your Jamaican vacation without them….


Top 5 Apps For A Vacation


Top Travel App – Hack #1: Download your Airline Carrier App

If your airline carrier has a phone app it is a good idea to make space and download it. You can book flights and they usually provide the ability to store an e-ticket (electronic copy of your flight ticket) and boarding pass, the option to check in online and to verify flight details and times and so on. They are also useful in case of emergency as they will have contact numbers listed too. You can even keep track of your air miles if you are registered.

My Favourite:

Virgin Atlantic. It lets you log in, check Air Miles, check -in online, change your seat, check flight details and more. Love, Love, Love!

Download on Google Play Store: VIRGIN ATLANTIC

Download on Apple App Store: VIRGIN ATLANTIC


Virgin Atlantic App


Hack #2: Download a Currency Converter App

I always use local currency when I come on vacation to Jamaica, as I prefer to get immersed in everything Jamaican! I also mostly frequent places that trade in the Jamaican dollar, however US dollars are widely accepted in all the ‘tourist outlets’. If you would like to give Jamaican dollars a try, but are worried about getting muddled up when converting on the fly, download a currency converter app.

My Favourite:

XE Currency Converter. It is really easy to use and has bundles of currency information on offer. The UI (user interface) is smooth and you can set your top 5 currencies for immediate simultaneous conversion. You can also track the rate over time, which is helpful when trying to get the best rate for your hard earned vacation cash.

Download on Google Play Store: XE CURRENCY CONVERTER 

Download on Apple App Store: XE CURRENCY CONVERTER


xe currency converter
xe currency converter

Hack #3: Download the TripAdvisor App

TripAdvisor is the go-to website for independent travel reviews on your Jamaican vacation. Whether you are looking for accommodation, or something to do once you get here, they will cover all the bases for your trip. The TripAdvisor App will give you mobile access to the main site and has a great ‘Near Me’ feature if you are looking for somewhere to go in your local part of the island.

Get more from this Hack:

As a keen TripAdvisor contributor I have reviewed nearly 30 Jamaican businesses and attractions and have two commissioned travel guides for Saint James, Jamaica published on the TripAdvisor website.  

Check out my Travel Guide to ‘3 Days in Saint James Parish’ for ideas on how to spend your time in and around Montego Bay. 

If you are feeling adventurous, or you love the great outdoors, check out my Travel Guide  ‘Saint James Parish Outdoors’ .

Download on Google Play Store: TRIPADVISOR APP

Download on Apple App Store: TRIPADVISOR APP


TripAdvisor App
TripAdvisor App


Hack #4: Download a Phone Locator App

There is nothing worse than losing or misplacing your phone, but it can be especially upsetting when you are on vacation. In today’s digital age our phone serves many more functions than merely making calls and our whole life can be disrupted if it just left at home accidentally for a few hours, much less being lost on holiday! At the very least I would recommend putting a PIN or password lock on your phone to at least prevent unauthorised persons getting access to your personal information. If you want extra protection and are travelling with someone you trust you can enable GPS tracking Apps on each others phone to help find a misplaced handset. A lot of the apps also have remote setting so that it makes a noise, vibrates or the camera flashes to help you find the device when you say a password out loud; great if you are going on an adventure!

My Favourite:

I have an Android phone and my favourite app for App for Android: Where’s My Droid. I am unfamiliar with the best app for an iPhone, who can recommend their favourite?

Download on Google Play Store: Where’s My Droid App

Download on Apple App Store: Tell me your favourite App for iPhone….


Where's My Droid
Where’s My Droid


Hack #5: Download Digicel / Flow Phone Top Up App

If you are coming to Jamaica on vacation and are worried about running up a huge bill on your smart phone, there is a simple and cheap way around it. Use a local SIM card. I would highly recommend popping into your local Digicel or Flow Store on arrival and purchasing a SIM card. For a few hundred (Jamaican) dollars you can get a local Jamaican mobile / cell phone number and save a packet on charges. Digicel and Flow both have an online Top-Up App which I highly recommend. Download it for 24 hour easy top-ups charged to your home debit / credit card or PayPal account.

  • Ask about ‘International call plans’ to get minutes to call back home. USA, Canada and UK landlines are included (check website for full details). USA and Canada also get cell phone numbers included in the plan – the UK (unfortunately) does NOT
  • Put on a ‘Data Plan’ to tackle expensive rates on downloading emails, getting updates (on everything!), thumbing through social media accounts and so on
  • If everyone in your group gets a local SIM card you can call and text each other without incurring roaming charges when you are apart.

Hack Success Based On: If you are lucky enough to have an ‘unlocked phone’ you can replace your existing SIM card easily, if not you will have to get your phone unlocked before you leave.

Download on Google Play Store: FLOW TOP UP APP

Download on Apple App Store: FLOW TOP UP APP

Download on Google Play Store: DIGICEL TOP UP APP

Download on Apple App Store: DIGICEL TOP UP APP


Digicel App
Digicel App



There is nothing worse than reaching your destination to realise that the app you wanted to download is not available in that region, so be sure to download your favourite apps before you leave home!

Disclaimer: All Images copyright the respective App creators, Google Play Store, iPhone Store.

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